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Kids at Baby Shower

Updated on August 31, 2017

Do kids belong at a baby shower celebration?

As a baby shower hostess or baby shower guest of honor, you are probably trying to decide whether to allow kids at baby shower. It may be an easy decision for some, but if you are on the borderline of asking Moms to leave kids at home and inviting children to join the celebration, you probably need to weigh the pros and cons and explore your options. When my friend and I started planning a baby shower for a good friend of ours, banning kids from the shower didn't even cross my mind. After all, just about every baby shower I recently attended was very family-friendly - not only were the kids allowed but welcome, and the husbands were invited as well. But my friend had a few good points. Our list of invitees was already pretty extensive, and with kids and husbands at the party, the number of baby shower attendees could easily double or even triple. Also, young kids can be pretty distracting, and that can take attention away from the guest of honor.

Before we go any further, what do you think, should kids be allowed at baby showers?

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The dilemma: kids or no kids at baby shower

Traditionally, a baby shower was a women-only event, a time to share parenting tips and childbirth experiences, celebrate new life, and shower Mom-to-be and the unborn child with gifts. But it is becoming more and more common to include kids and men in the celebration. Some traditionalists argue that stepping away from the traditional way of celebration defeats the whole purpose of baby shower. But many will agree that traditions evolve over years to reflect changes in the society. 50 years ago, it was common for the men to be the primary breadwinners. Today, career-oriented women, single parents, and involved Dads are accepted norms. It is no wonder that baby showers are becoming more family oriented as well.

I think the decision to allow kids at baby shower or ask parents to leave them at home should be based on your personal opinion. If adhering to traditions is extremely important to you, it's OK to ask for an "Adult only" baby shower. Otherwise, I suggest that you consider all the pros and cons of inviting kids to come along and decide what works best in your situation. And if you are hosting a baby shower, it may be a good idea to consider the preferences of Mom to be, along with your own.

Kids or no kids at baby shower

If you decide to host an adult only baby shower, do make it clear on the invitation to avoid any confusion and unexpected "surprises." "Adults only, please" at the bottom of invitation will do.

Kids at Baby Shower

Although I don't have anything against "Adult Only" baby showers, I prefer the kid friendly version. Moms don't have to worry about babysitting arrangements for their children, so they are more likely to attend. At every baby shower I ever attended (I can recall at least a dozen), kids were always welcome. They were well-behaved, and parents had them completely under control.

If you invite kids to a baby shower, you don't have to worry about the nieces that might otherwise feel left out or other kids the guest of honor is close with - everyone feels welcome and included. Baby showers with children are generally more casual and relaxed, with no need for ice breakers.

And if you are worried about keeping the kids occupied, consider arranging for a babysitter to watch the kids in another room. On invitation, you can add "Babysitting available, if needed. Please RSVP."

Good Event planning guides

Planning the perfect baby shower is not an easy task, and you will appreciate advice from experienced party planners. Need a baby shower checklist, game ideas, creative recipes for appetizers and desserts? There is a book for that!

Pros of asking parents to leave children at home

There are a few reasons why you might ask parents to keep children at home. You may want the guest of honor to get all the attention, without any interruptions. You may also be concerned that mothers will not be able to fully participate in games if they have to keep a close eye on children or will simply choose to let them run wild, instead. Kids may want to participate in games and help with opening gifts - and that will take away from the guest of honor. If you do invite children, you may feel obligated to entertain them - and that will translate into additional planning and expenses.

How do you ask parents not to bring their children to a baby shower without sounding rude? Choose an adult-only location for the baby shower celebration (like a spa, a fine dining restaurant, or an adult only cafe). Schedule the baby shower for late evening - so it's easier to make babysitting arrangements and it's more clear that children are not expected to attend.

So, kids or no kids at a baby shower?

I don't think there is a right or wrong answer - the choice is yours, and it's completely up to you to celebrate as you wish. Before you make the decision, you may want to consider your budget, the site/ location and time chosen for the event, and how your circle of friends and family might react if you request that they leave children at home. If you think baby shower should be a family event, invite the whole family. If you prefer to follow traditions and enjoy "women only" time at baby showers, do make it clear on the baby shower invitations. Some Moms may be completely clueless and don't know that it might be improper to bring their young children to a baby shower.

Kids vs No Kids at baby shower

Which side are you on and why?

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Kids at baby shower - Do you think kids belong at a baby shower or is it a woman only celebration?

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