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Latex Allergy: How to Protect Yourself in Case of Latex Allergy

Updated on July 30, 2020

The problems of those who are allergic to latex condoms

Condoms are necessary to avoid sexually transmitted diseases, and to avoid any contagions. But what if you are allergic to latex? When you have a latex allergy it is not possible to buy normal condoms as these are mainly made with this material.

Latex allergy manifests itself in this case with a skin reaction that not only can cause problems during intercourse but that in severe cases can give long-term effects.

Latex is a component to which several men are allergic, but then what to do to give up the condom? Of course not! If you are allergic to latex, or even to some specific aromas or substances present in models with lubricant, then the advice is to use hypoallergenic products.

But I want to show you in detail what the symptoms that allergy to condoms can entail and above all how to remedy them with products designed for those who have a latex allergy.

What are the symptoms of someone who is allergic to condoms?

Sometimes latex allergy is not expressed all at once, so it is possible that you suddenly become allergic to condoms and their components. But what are the main symptoms to recognize this allergy?

The first reaction that is usually found is a very strong itching in the area of ​​the penis, which can later result in pustules or in a very intense dermatitis. Not only that, in extreme cases the allergic reaction could be so strong that it suddenly started and also caused bronchial asthma.

In addition, other symptoms that can be traced back to condom allergy are the appearance of eczema not only on the penis but also in other areas of the body. This occurs when the condom is used and it is very sensitive to rubber but also to the additives that are used to create it.

However, the allergic reaction does not only affect men. In fact, even women can be affected by this problem. A woman who is allergic to latex during sexual intercourse, or while using the female condom, may experience a reaction.

Also, in this case, it is possible that urticaria occurs, or very strong dermatitis. Finally, even in this case, there may be more serious reactions such as asthma and breathing difficulties.

What to do when you are allergic to condoms? The hypoallergenic models!

When you are allergic to condoms it is necessary to use hypoallergenic models both in the case in which it occurs on a woman or on a man. Condoms are the best way to avoid communicable diseases or unwanted pregnancies. So it is not possible to renounce it, as compared to other contraceptives the condom always remains the safest and most valid.

Those who are allergic to latex and those who suffer from intolerance to other specific components as mentioned can choose to use hypoallergenic condoms. These are made of neoprene, propylene or polyurethane. All these alternative materials have the same and identical characteristics as classic condoms and therefore do not involve a lesser degree of safety.

Over the years, more and more, companies that have tried to keep up with allergies and that have started to produce hypoallergenic condoms of various shapes and sizes ideal for any man have become more and more.

Condoms without nickel? Exist?

Although latex is a substance with very low nickel content, some hypersensitive people may experience disturbances from their use due to the presence of this element, in these cases, you could look for condoms with the nickel tested label, or hypoallergenic. If the disorder does not disappear, for this reason, all that remains is to look for other protective or contraceptive methods.

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