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Lavender Essential Oils and Pregnancy

Updated on December 22, 2015

About Lavender Oil

Lavender has been known throughout history for its healing capacity. Even before the concept of aromatherapy and use of essential oils as healing agents, it has been used as natural antiseptic, sedative, antibiotic, anti-depressant, and de-toxifier. So when it was introduced into modern medicine practice as a healing component, it garnered lots of attention from patients and health practitioners alike.

Lavender essential oil is produced by using steam distillation on lavender flowers. You begin by taking out the stems of the lavender flower and putting them into a grid. From the grid, the plant materials are steamed until the flower's essence have turned into vapor. Those vapor are then stored into tanks and is left to cool down. The cooled down vapor then makes up the lavender essential oil.

Among the common varieties of lavender used to produce lavender essential oils are Lavender officinalis, Lavender angustifolia, and Lavendula vera. There is another variety known as Lavendula stoechas but it not advised to use for extraction of essential oils because it has a different composition from the ones already mentioned above.

Using Young Living Lavender Essential Oil

Beneficial Properties

The most powerful source of benefits that can be derived from lavender is through its fragrance. Lavender as a plant has its balancing properties. If you've tried aromatherapy before, then you should be familiar with its floral, sweet, and herbaceous aroma that has been widely used in the practice. This aroma is very effective in producing a calming and soothing effect. One of its most famous usage is therefore relaxation right before bedtime, to soothe one's nerves and muscles after an exhausting day.

Most types of essential oils require dilution before you can use them. However, lavender essential oil is among those few that need not be diluted. The method of using it is quite simple but the benefits are compelling and it has been proven over the years. For example, you can drop a few amounts of essential oil into your pillow and it can dramatically improve your sleeping habits or avoid skin infection. Inhaling its fragrance and aroma also helps calm your body and soothe your muscles off any tension. Lastly, massaging is the most common application for essential oils and it effectively relieves one of any form of muscle or bodily pains.

Aromatherapy in pregnancy

Benefits of Lavender Essential Oils For Pregnant Women

Aromatherapy has become so widely accepted that health experts believe it is beneficial for pregnant women. In fact, essential oils help to complement the changes in a woman's body during pregnancy to help her cope with the situation. The benefits experienced are not only limited to pregnancy itself but also includes childbirth, breastfeeding, and health of the baby.

Morning sickness is a condition commonly experienced by women during the early part of her pregnancy. The rejuvenating and soothing effect of lavender oil is effective in providing relief from feeling of nausea. Suggested application of the essential oil would be in the outer rim of the ear, on the bone behind the ear, or on your navel.

Lavender essential oil can also be utilized during body massage or bathing to provide relief or reduce any form of muscle pain and tension. In fact, its effects are so gentle that lavender oil is used for children or toddlers who suffer from skin infection.

Rejuvenation and Revitalization

Carrying around additional weight on their tummy can indeed take its toll on some women. Hence, they often feel stressed out or drained off energy by the end of the day. You can use lavender essential oil to rejuvenate and relax your body and mind by scenting the air, which is very simple to do. Simply add a few drops of the oil into a mister and spray an adequate amount in your room. If you do not have a spray bottle, you can simply apply a few drops behind your ear and you will be able to inhale the scent.

If you have chosen a quality lavender essential oil, then you can attain the rejuvenation you need.

Using Essential Oils During Pregnancy

Most women who have tried using lavender essential oils before becoming pregnant will often think of using it during their pregnancy. The same also goes with those who have never tried using it before but want to experience its healing and soothing benefits. Even though lavender oil has been known to be safe and suitable for pregnant women, you need to know how to properly use this essential oil for added safety and to maximize its benefits.

Here are some directions and tips on how you can utilize lavender essential oil at any point during your pregnancy:

  • During pregnancy, most women often feel muscle pain. You can use lavender essential oil to massage your entire body or areas of the body affected with muscle pain. You can combine lavender oil with vegetable oil for more effective relief off any muscle tension.
  • Another common experience that women encounter during pregnancy is having swollen feet or ankle. Using lavender essential oil to massage the area can help reduce swelling.
  • Cramping of the legs can also be eased with using essential oils during massage. You have to be careful when performing the massage though so as not to activate the pressure points that can induce labor.
  • You can also mix lavender essential oils with vegetable oil to use as inhalation. Another application would be to rub it on her solar plexus. Doing so can help energize her and also prevent skin eruptions common during pregnancy.
  • Stretch marks and itchy skin are also inevitable among pregnant women. You can reduce the itchy sensation or soother the stretched skin by applying lavender essential oils, or in combination with other essential oils for better results. Make sure to consult your gynecologist and aromatherapists to ensure that it is safe for you to use.

Ease During Labor

After nine months of pregnancy and using lavender essential oil, you can experience its utmost benefit during your delivery. Aromatherapy has been recognized as a helpful tool in making your delivery more efficient, safe, and provides ease if problems were to occur during labor. For one, it relieves your breathing passage such that your breathing pattern are more consistent and enables you to relax more often.

Oftentimes, delivery can extend for long hours that it starts to become tiring. The use of aromatherapy can help stimulate you mentally from exhaustion. The oil can also produce a relaxing effect to relieve one from the emotional trauma of delivering a baby. Probably the biggest benefit that can be derived with using lavender essential oils come in the form of more efficient uterine contractions for a safer and effective delivery.

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