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Self Hypnosis - Learn How To Relax

Updated on July 7, 2014

Learn How To Relax with Self Hypnosis Easily

We all need to find moments to relax. Sleep by itself is not enough. It is generally considered that we need times of work, rest and play in order to enjoy a balanced iife.

Many people enjoy gym memberships or are active sport participants. This is a great way of bringing balance and harmony to your life. Physical exercise does have a corresponding and positive effect on the mind but it should not be the only action we take to help our minds.

Some people use meditation and some people use self hypnosis to help relax the mind and release tension from the body.

The aim of lens is to highlight the use of self hypnosis as a means of enjoying relaxation and harmony and also o emphasise how self hypnosis can help us in our ambitions too.

Self Hypnosis Set Up Tips

To get the best from your self hypnosis practice use these tips to make it as effective and relaxing as possible:-

1) Make sure all the telephones are switched off or have someone else willing to deal with them

2) Find a place to do your self hypnosis where you know you can relax and feel comfortable

3) Make sure you feel safe

4) Decide to sit in a nice chair or lie down

5) Be fussy about the position your body is in and use cushions or pillows to make sure your body is well-supported

6) If you want to have relaxing background music or if you prefer silence

7) Take your time and do not rush anything

8) Menatlly tell yourself how much time you will spend in self hypnosis

9) If necessary have a watch or clock at eye-view that you can look at

10) Decide if you want to work on some issue or just to relax.

Self Hypnosis - An Effective Life Coping Skill

In today's high-pressurised society exercise such as attending a gym, playing tennis, going for a 20 minute jog, or using some of the numerous home exercise equipment such as a stepper, can play a vital role in a healthy lifestyle.

Although exercise is mainly about physical health, it does have a positive knock-on effect on your state of mind. Through exercise the heart rate increases, the feel-good hormones, endorphins, are released and you generally feel good and motivated after exercise because of all this.

You might say that physical exercise has a useful side-effect of helping us to mentally feel better too.

Similarly, a mindful exercise such as self-hypnosis can assist us by dealing with matters from the opposite direction. Self-hypnosis helps to soothe the mind which in turn leads to physical relaxation. We already know that sleep provides the body with an opportunity for effective healing. Self-hypnosis can also provide an ideal healing occasion too. Of course, whether you have a physical illness or not, the body is constantly replacing old cells. It is said that over 90% of the body is renewed approximately every 6 months.

Self-hypnosis is an easy art which anyone can be proficient at. Once learnt it can be a life-long skill and used to help you with virtually any issue. Indeed some of the issues typically eased or resolved by self-hypnosis are :-

Depression, low self confidence, stress, anxiety, nerves, lack of motivation, numerous phobias including arachnophobia - fear of spiders, aviaphobia - fear of flying, public speaking, fear of heights, claustrophobia - fear of enclosed spaces, agoraphobia - fear of open spaces, and social phobia - anxiety around other people and general blocks to living your life to its full potential.

Some informed mothers-to-be when opting for a natural childbirth experience, may use self-hypnosis to reduce and even eliminate any labour discomfort.

You can practise self-hypnosis with the aid of a hypnosis cd or hypnosis mp3 download. You can also enjoy an original experience each time by using the power of your imagination. Self-hypnosis can be simple process or, depending on the individual's taste and experience, quite intricate and multi-faceted.

Regular practice of self-hypnosis brings with it a welcome calmer state of existence and seemingly, the knack to handle those sometimes awkward and unexpected life events.

Once you have honed your self-hypnosis skills, and this does not take long, you can use this amazing form of self help anywhere you choose to within reason. Some enlightened individuals practice self-hypnosis for 5 to 10 minutes on their train journey to work morning. Others may take 5 minutes out of their busy day to regain a sense of balance and harmony.

Usually it is recommended, at least initially, to spend 20 minutes each day on your self-hypnosis and to start off with, in the comfort of your home. After a few weeks this time duration of 20 minutes can be shortened or increased according to taste, time available and your needs.

So now you can look after your physical body and mind too. Just imagine how empowering it will feel to be fit, healthy and mentally strong and able. There is no doubt that those who are prone to nervous disorders such as ulcers and hypertension will benefit from regular use of self-hypnosis.

It only takes 60 minutes with the guidance of an experienced hypnotherapist for you to learn self-hypnosis. How would you like to find out more about self hypnosis?

What Can You Use Self Hypnosis for?

Regular practice over self hypnosis can help with many issues. Self hypnosis usually takes 20 minutes a day although you can shorten the duration as you become more adept at experiencing deeper trance. The most popular issue that self hypnosis is used for is relaxation but others include:-

1) Confidence

2) Stress management

3) Public speaking nerves

4) Phobias

5) Weight control

6)Goal achievement

7) Pain Management

What have been your experiences of using self hypnosis?

Self Hypnosis Feedback

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