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Life as a Perfectionist

Updated on August 24, 2017

Being a Perfectionist Greeting Cards


Definition of Perfectionism

Being a perfectionist means striving to be the best. To do everything in a meticulous manner, analyzing each project thoroughly right down to microscopic details before even starting the project, is a sickness of the perfectionist. .

A perfectionist will set high standards for themselves. She or he will experience great pain or guilt for not achieving those standards. Many times the goal is unachievable, because there is no such thing as perfect. At least in the perfectionist's viewpoint!

Some may consider it as a neurotic behavior trait of this person.

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The Perfectionist Greeting Card Information and More

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Normal versus Neurotic Perfectionist - Are You Either of These?

According to professionals who have studied perfectionism, there are at least two types. The neurotic perfectionist and normal perfectionist. Both strive to be the best but one is healthier.

A normal perfectionist gets a real sense of pleasure for their achievements. She or he will beam at being applauded at by others for the wonderful work done on the project, no matter what it is. This person has a more balanced life.

As a neurotic perfectionist, there will never be real satisfaction for his or her work. Even when appraised by others. This perfectionist will think, it could have been better. They will see the flaws that most people will never see.

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Traits of a Perfectionist - Mainly the Neurotic Type

  1. Often are overachievers.
  2. Are critical of themselves.
  3. Spot tiny mistakes and imperfections.
  4. Perfectionists are more judgmental and hard on themselves.
  5. Push toward their goals by a fear of not reaching them.
  6. Anything less than a perfectly met goal is failure.
  7. Expectations are set too high and often goals are set out of reach.
  8. Perfectionists see the goal and nothing else.
  9. Tend to dwell on negative emotions when their high expectations go unmet.
  10. Many perfectionists are self-critical and suffer from low self-esteem.

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Medical professionals consider neurotic perfectionism

a form OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder).

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I Am a Perfectionist - Bet You Didn't Know That

As long as I can remember everything needed to be perfect. I only thought there was one kind of perfectionist and never considered myself as neurotic. Hell, I'm not crazy! Okay, maybe a little!

I have a hard time with compliments and sometimes I take criticism a little bit personal (but only sometimes...).

Everything is flawed and imperfect. I am a detailed individual and look for the smallest of details. Neurotically taking apart things a normal person would not. I mean a non-perfectionist. I AM NORMAL!!! I am! Really, I am!

Being a perfectionist does not mean everything is in its place. Too much time is place on any given project. Often not knowing when enough is enough (as in some of my very long lenses). Keeping it simple is not in my vocabulary.

While time ticks away on one project, other projects suffer. Often perfectionists like me will neglect our health and not take time out for ourselves.

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Truth About Being a Perfectionist - Clearing Up Some Misconceptions

  1. We are not snobs. Many of us are introverted.
  2. Perfectionists don't think they are better than you. We just don't want you to see our flaws.
  3. We do have a sense of humor, you just don't get it!
  4. Tend to work harder and rework things until it is near perfect.

Is It Annoying To Be Around A Perfectionist?

Sometimes We Can Not Stand Being Around Ourselves

I am far from being conceded. But I do know things that I am good at. When I allow someone to do something that I know I am better at, I have to sit back and accept it for what it is.

Something else about me

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I will accept you if you accept me

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I Don't Mind Imperfect People

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Naturally Born as a Perfectionist - Or Not

Neither of my parents were perfectionist. Despite that they did have a couple of traits with things that needed to be perfect. My mom did have this obsession to be perfect in her looks, with her hair and makeup being just so and her clothes perfect. And my dad was a perfectionist when it came to the outside bushes. He would keep trimming and trimming until they were symmetrical. Since he had a hard time getting them perfect, these large bushes always ended up as small bushes.

As long as I can remember, I have had this trait of perfectionism. The same goes for my daughter. Both of us have worked at shedding this problem and taking things as they are. Not always the easiest thing to do.

Do you believe this is a trait we are born with?

Do you live with a perfectionist?

Do you feel like you live with someone who has to lower their standards to be with you? Because they are so damn perfect!

Are Near Prefect?


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Is Perfectionism More of a Gender Thing? - Do You Live With a Person Who Has This Trait?

Do you feel like you live with someone who has to lower their standards to be with you? Because they are so damn perfect!

Do you think there are more male or female perfectionist?

See results

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