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Here's Why You Should Turn Vegan

Updated on July 26, 2017

A Vegetarian diet is closely linked with higher life expectancy and delayed aging. Proteins found in non- vegetarian diet is known to result in premature aging and early death. A Vegan Diet coupled with a healthy regimen is known to delay the aging process and increase life expectancy too.

Slow Down the Onslaught of Aging

Vegan Diet and Research

Researchers state that the consumption of a particular kind of protein which is found in meat and fish has been associated with amplification and speeding up of the aging process and consequently results in lowering the life expectancy.

The research study recommends a Vegan diet to enhance the length and quality of life. A vegan diet promises to delay the aging process and keep you looking younger for longer.

Being Vegan Helps Battle Aging

Methionine is an essential amino acid (i.e. not produced in the body) and is supplied from the food that we consume. Methionine is an amino acid which is required for synthesis of proteins and contains the element sulphur.

Methionine is found in high levels in fish and meat along with some nuts like the Brazil nut. Methionine content in fruits, legumes, pulses and vegetables is fairly low.

In clinical trials conducted on fruit flies, British Researchers, at the Institute of Healthy Ageing at University College London, observed that this amino acid affected the life span of the fly.

Considering that humans and fruit flies share comparable genes, Dr Matthew Piper said that though the study was conducted on fruit flies, similar results would be expected in mice. He stressed that if a human clinical trial showed similar results, it would be prudent to reduce the levels of Methionine in humans. This research would have a great implication on individuals who are on a high protein diet especially body builders and athletes.

Halt the Ravages of Aging

What we eat plays a crucial role and impacts the quality of life and also our life expectancy. A healthy balanced diet is the basis of a healthy life. Here are some simple dietary recommendations,

  • Vitamins are known to beneficial in slowing down the process of aging and enhancing immunity which in turn protects an individual against a host of chronic conditions like cancers and cardiac disorders. Biotin supplements are also considered beneficial in enhancing life span.
  • Regular intake of fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, legumes, diary products, whole grain, etc, contributes significantly to enhancing life expectancy. Avoid refined, tinned or canned food products. These foods are high in preservative and may contribute to hormonal imbalance and result in metabolic disorders.
  • Avoid oily, fatty, spicy foods. Avoid animal meat, fish and poultry. Alternatively consumption of lean meat can be beneficial
  • Steer clear of cheese, butter or saturated oils. These are unhealthy fats and should be avoided. Alternatively use olive oil for cooking food. These foods increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disorders and diabetes, which in turn may result in poor quality of life


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      Allan Dunlap 

      6 years ago

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    • fucsia profile image


      7 years ago

      I am agree with your informative and well written Hub!

    • Andrew Gubb profile image

      Andrew Gubb 

      7 years ago from Barcelona, Spain

      So true - have you read "The China Study"? Even more powerful evidence to give up eating animal foods :)


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