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Life’s More than Rote, Mote, and Drill An Esoteric Psychological Journey

Updated on November 8, 2011

Esoteric Psychology: Making the Descent into the Magical Kingdom of Self

The All-Seeing Eye
The All-Seeing Eye | Source

When you really look into the heart of the matter...

MODE of Cosmic Therapy: “What’s it all about, Alfie?”

Life is a continuous series of organizing (shifting around) various precepts which are administered and applied. Some of them are more relevant than others. Others are totally insignificant and meaningless.

More often then not, most of them are indelibly ingrained habitual teachings which have been thoroughly monotonously learned over the course of a lifetime. These conditioned responses govern and direct our automatic responses without thought or recall.

We are so accustomed to thinking and behaving in a certain way, the perpetual idea that another realm of molecular activity is taking place in and around us seems ludicrous.

We have become so familiar with the people in our relationships, the homes in which we inhabit, the jobs in which we show up for and the perceptions we have established for ourselves, we wouldn’t know our real selves if were properly introduced .

We live our lives on what may be referred to as ‘automatic pilot’. Very little effort, inclination, impetus, or imperative purpose generate our basic actions. We ‘kind of’ move along with the rest of the satiated cattle in the fenced capacity of secure domain.

“No need to rock the boat; don’t fix something when it isn’t broken, right” Most assuedly Wrong! We are curious creatures, inbred to continually seek knowledge! “Above all else, get thee wisdom…” Our restless natures cry out for penetrative excellence. Unless we are acted upon from some outside force, we will continue on the path of ‘rote and drill’ until they plant daisies over us.

And, as Peggy Lee, the beautiful Blue-Eyed Singer so poignantly asked, “Is That All There Is, My Friend?”

Most certainly not! We have barely begun to scratch the surface of what truly motivates us. We are inherently driven to uncover 'what lies beneath.' We must know. We breathe in oxygen because we want to live to see the next undiscovered moment. It's what consitutes our walk each day. It's the primary reason we get out of bed.

We, as divine human beings, exercise our sacred right to inhabit this planet, and because we do, we must demand of ourselves to discover ‘what it all means’, really. Don’t take my word for it or anyone else’s. Find out for yourself.

Through sheer unadulterated experience! Though it is quite easy to become distracted and unfocused, (simply going through the motions without disturbance of the accepted flow), should you be so interested, inclined and involved enough, now is the time to pull together the various scattered parts of your sanctified self to construct a unified blissful whole. It will require of you, an unrequited plunge into the depths of your unconscious motivations.

How to bring this about may be the next obvious question. A self-determined decision of inherent Obedient WILL opens the door. “Open Says-a Me” does the trick.

On this incalculable descent, you will immediately be consciously aware of the two opposing forces operating. The ‘magic’ gift lies in reconciling these energies, blending their opposing forces for added inquisitive dimension. First, encountered, is the power of strength; then, the power of docility.

These two imminent forces are magnified by the power of silence while observing your reactions. When conducting the preparatory stages of the self-revealing inventory project, you must be exceedingly careful not to disperse the unstable electricity too soon.

We do what we do because we do...

The continuous jurney began before you got here and will continue after you depart.

Is it not written, “Cast not thy pearl before swine?”

In other words, do not seek validation, support, or understanding from others on your sacred secret tumbling journey into the deepest part of your revered self. Only time and experience will show you the unspeakable way into the realm of superlative glory.

The process of anxious forgetful dilution tempers the resistance to speak too soon and too often. In astrological terms, the planet Mercury, capricious and guileful, can be your best friend in delivering the necessary ‘omens’ of radical evolvement.

The Hebrew letter Zayin, (some texts ascertain) affiliated with the astrological sign Gemini will suffrice. Since Gemini rules the sublime energy of music, it too, can offer you indisputable clues. (Just friendly suggestions)

Gemini, a preparedly stable sign, completely aware of all things at all times. (No exceptions) will, no doubt, be a predominant force on your spiraling journey. (People, places, things with unending indomitable conversation) Though the new and unfamiliar circumstances may appear as if you are unaware of exactly what is taking place, nothing could be further from the truth.

You are more than ready for the illustrious trip of rambunctious plummeting into the ineffable joyous wisdom of your soul. You too, are to make yourself ready by placing the appropriate ‘oil’ in the lamps.

What does this mean, exactly? Pay attention to your thoughts, as if they were objectifications of your innermost desires. (Unbeknown to you, [which they, in fact, are]).

In effect, you will be dealing with the two opposing sides of your instinctive nature. The male and the female aspects of your personality; one needing to lunge ahead while the other cautiously restrains for the appropriate time to act in purposeful manifestation.

Noting the obvious scented cues can be exercised by acute listening and paying careful attention the signs, symbols and musical omens. Be exceedingly attuned to your dreams in this particular dispensation of time, as well, for the information given will be highly advantageous. .

Life offers us the necessary tools to build what we will. But, we must “put our hands to the ploughshares.” As gloriously mysterious as we want to make the journey home, we can with added enthusiasm and increased imagination. It’s at our discretion to choose the various components preparing, arranging, categorizing, prioritizing, and selecting needed elements of desired appetite.

The zigged zagged puzzle will reveal its savory contents to “those who seek diligently.” Much is to be done in the preparatory stages. No jumping ahead in the game. You must first get your house in order. It is the time to clean, disperse the clutter and dispense the excess of needless pointless destructive gossip.

Be watchful of the tone n your voice and the gauge the amount of negativity associated. You are always solely responsible for the cutting, biting, sarcastic remarks made.

You will be continually readjusting, aligning, and straightening out various sundry complicated matters in the process of growth of the new venture to be undertaken. Do not get fixed. Be flexible, pliable and malleable enough to ‘turn on a dime’ when the unexpected occasion calls for it.

Then and only then, will you know for certain “What it’s all about.”

Delving down deep requires a big shovel and a steady hand.


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    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      Well written and down-to-earth ponts of view. A lot of ideas to think about it. Thank you.

    • msorensson profile image

      msorensson 7 years ago

      Oh, my God I was singing that song Alfie in my head and here you are mentioning it in this hub!

      I love the hub. It speaks very clearly..thank you for sharing.