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Easy Lifestyle Changes To Improve Your Health

Updated on July 21, 2011

Have you ever wonder if your lifestyle is sound or unhealthy. Making a few changes could either improve or damage your health condition. Take a look at these simple lifestyle changes to have a better understanding on how to enhance your daily habits.

  • Take a 30 minutes walk daily. Ask a friend to keep you company. You will lose 20 pounds in a year, at the same time, you will cut risk of diabetes by 58% and heart disease by 45%.
  • Try to replace a glass of soda or juice with water. Ten pounds will be gone in a year.
  • If you believe in the old saying, "Drink 8 glasses of water per day", then another 10 pounds will gone as well.

Avoid these food (but don't abstain from them completely) to get an effective dieting guideline:

  • Beef and Veal
  • Bacon, Ham, and Sausage
  • White Flour
  • Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil
  • Sour Cream, Cream, and Whole Fat Milk
  • Pork
  • Full Fat Cheese
  • White Rice
  • Sugar
  • Lamb
  • Butter and Margarine
  • Potatoes

For better skin, eat five or more fruits and vegetables each day. Fish contains oils that nourish skin, adding softness and luster to your skin color. Orange contains Vitamin C, which helps fight skin infections.

Your nails will stay much stronger if you snack on cornflakes or eggs to get iron, and oats contains plenty of minerals that is superb for your nails.

Hair is extremely important for most of us, both men and women. 98% of our hair is stuck up on protein. Lean meat, eggs, nuts, and yogurt are good sources for beautiful, strong hair. Apples also speed hair growth. Fish reduces dandruff. For super shiny tresses load up on carrots.

Exercise at least four hours per week will definitely drops the risk for breast cancer by a third. The reason behind this is because exercising boots up the immune system and keeps fat levels low.

What is osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is weakening of the bones. Women who are 35 and up, they start to lose bone mass every year. Once women reach 75, their bones could be very sensitive. Exercises prevent the bone to weaken so easily.


Avoid foods high in fat, sugar, and caffeine to prevent from getting fat and ill.

Cut down on caffeine and hydrate your skin with loads of water. Caffeine block your body of the nutrients it needs.

Remember that a healthy diet is a mixture of fruits, vegetables, and proteins.


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