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Liquid Diet -- How to Lose Pounds Thru Body Cleansing with Artichoke

Updated on March 6, 2020
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After living in the city for 30 years, EC moved to the countryside. He writes about life in the mountains, dogs, plants, and cooking.

Lemonade Drink (Photo courtesy by jamieanne from Flickr)
Lemonade Drink (Photo courtesy by jamieanne from Flickr)


Undergoing liquid diets are the popular way to lose weight these days, especially with celebrities who wanted to land a coveted role in movies. But how healthy are these liquid diets? Are there risks involved?

Liquid diets are also nicknamed as 'detox diets' or the 'lemonade diet.' In fact, several diet programs are developed thru use of liquids and fluids. One program is well known for its efficiency. Some of its users claim that they lost about 20 pounds in just 10 days!

Liquid diet is really just another form of a crash diet. You are required to consume only on liquid drinks only. You are strictyly forbidden to eat any kinds of solid foods. Not even a sliver of steak, or a thin slice of fruit, or a piece of biscuit. Only imaginary foods are allowed. This is no laughing matter. People who used liquid diet before have experienced hallucinations due to strong cravings to eat.

The Lemonade diet usually lasts for 10 days. Within this period, you shall endure and suffer so many physical and mental discomforts.

Along with the required amount of Lemonade special concoction, you may also drink several glasses of fresh fruit and veggie juices. It is important to drink only fresh juices so prepare what you can consume at once.

Just toss in cubed fruits or vegetables in the blender and pulse blend until smooth. Pour into fancy-shaped glasses to make the drink attractive and appetizing. If you must deprive yourself for several days, you can still satisfy your appetite through delicious presentation of your drinks. Remember not to let the garnishings get inside your mouth as well.

Citrus fruit juices aremuch easier to prepare. You just cut the fruit in half, squeeze, and mix with a glass of water.

How to Make Vegetable Smoothie

Rhubarb tea with ice (Photo courtesy by Lara Ferroni from Flickr)
Rhubarb tea with ice (Photo courtesy by Lara Ferroni from Flickr)

Herbal teas are made from all-natural ingredients like some medicinal herbs. Herbal teas are also known as detox teas. Because the body is being fed with liquids and no solid foods, it will experience stress caused by side effects such as: headache, fatigue, and irritation.

The herbal teas will help the body gain back lost energy and strengthen particular internal body organs such as: lungs, liver, kidneys, intestines, and colon.

Here are some the herbs commonly used to make in herbal/detox teas:

  • ginger
  • fenugreek
  • echinacea
  • rhubarb
  • cascara
  • psyllium
  • yellow dock
  • dandelion
  • artichoke
  • birch tea
  • parsley
  • chamomile
  • milk thistle
  • silymarin
  • yarrow
  • red clover
  • cleaver
  • uva ursi
  • juniper
  • rosemary

How to Make Lemonade Beverage

Fresh lemon (Photo courtesy by Martjusha from Flickr)
Fresh lemon (Photo courtesy by Martjusha from Flickr)
Prepare the juice drinks that you will consume for the whole day. (Photo courtesy by calvina: from Flickr)
Prepare the juice drinks that you will consume for the whole day. (Photo courtesy by calvina: from Flickr)

The lemonade drink concoction was originally created as a colon cleanser. After several decades, the program is still around and oftentimes called as the Master Cleanse detox method. You can find many recipes for the lemonade drink but only a few resembles the authentic one. To be sure that you're making the original lemonade formula, you must use all-natural and all-organic ingredients.

  • 1 half fresh lemon juice - squeezed
  • 2 tablespoon of maple syrup - Grade B
  • A dash of powdered cayenne pepper
  • 8 to 10 ounces water - purified or distilled or filtered

Do not forget to pour the lemon juice through a sieve to remove the pulp. Stir with a spoon until well-blended. Put the glass inside the refrigerator if you prefer to drink your lemonade cold. Use hot water (not boiled), if you want a hot drink.

Whole lemon (Photo courtesy by Sesselja Maria from Flickr)
Whole lemon (Photo courtesy by Sesselja Maria from Flickr)

It is important that you use these particular ingredients because you are also undergoing a body cleansing program. Check the bottle labels of maple syrup for nutrient information. Organic maple syrup is an excellent tonic and a good source of zinc, mineral manganese, electrolytes, and other minerals.It also contains fatty acids, other traces of vitamins, carbohydrates, maple sugar, sodium, amino acids, and fibers (both soluble and insoluble).

Most important: Before using any liquid diet, you must see your doctor first. People with underlying health problems should not undergo any body cleansing program without close supervision from qualified medical professional. Children, young adults, pregnant women, and breast-feeding mothers are strictly prohibited from using this type weight loss diet.


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