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My Cane. My Fabulous Medical Accessory!

Updated on June 28, 2014

Living Life to the Fullest With My Medical Accessory

When people see I have a cane they either look at me with pity or try to ask me in a way they think will not be offensive. When i first started using one, I was so happy it was not a wheelchair I could care less what they asked me. Since those first days I have only felt upset one time about my cane. My boyfriend and I took a winery tour and part of it was on a special trolley. I got on and the filled space went dead quiet. I took my seat and the whispers and 'I'm not looking but I am' glances made the whole tour uncomfortable. Next time it happens again, I'm just going to tell everyone, "Yes everyone. I have a cane. Now stop being a child and get over it!"

Anyway, I am pleased to say that was a one time thing. Most people might be depressed about the cane or feel pity about me using one. For me, a cane is a major success and I loath when I need a walker or being in a wheelchair. The cane is here to stay so I have decided to view it more as an accessory than a medical device. Medical device says I am chronically ill and won't get better. Accessory says it's clearly a medical style statement and does not mean I'm hopeless for getting better.

So how do I live life to the fullest with my cane? By adding its creative spice to my life of course! Confused? I would be. To help clarify what I mean, I will give you a look into the cane-styling life style. So if you have a cane, do not ever feel ashamed. Realize it's there for you and stop worrying about what other people think. Actually, it turns out to be a great conversation starter. Really weird way to approach a girl but hey! if it works.

Ez2care Adjustable Folding Cane (with Carrying Case)

Ez2care Adjustable Folding Cane with Carrying Case, Black
Ez2care Adjustable Folding Cane with Carrying Case, Black

This cane is almost identical to my own. I love how it folds away and is adjustable. The cane is not expensive and extremely durable. If you or someone you know needs, than consider my favorite pick.


The Cane and I Pose in Las Vegas

For those of you who read my chronically ill or wheelchair fabulous, you know why I should really not have been in Las Vegas with my cane or otherwise. Still, I was in Vegas and wanted a picture before my night out. Do I leave out the cane? Nope. We are looking fabulous posing together in the Luxor. My cane was extra loved during those nights we went out because it ensured no high heel crisis would happen. Before being ill, I could run in seven-inch heels. Now, I need my supportive canes in even four-inch ones. The wonderful job it did to make sure I lived my Vegas time to the fullest made it a necessary for this picture.

Las Vegas Rental Packages

Check out some of Ebay's fabulous choices when it comes to the city which never sleeps. Also, consider taking a trip there. The flight and hotel prices are very low just avoid any time share offers like the plague (trust me it's not worth it).

Fabulous Cane Photo-Op

A statue with a cane? I am all about the photo cane opportunity. What a pair we make! The old man bronze statue with his cane and my bright colors holding up my own cane. If I did not have a cane, this picture would just look silly Instead, it is an awesome moment to look at my cane as a positive picture accessory. No need to be ashamed! If he can work it, so can I.

Digital Camera Choices on Ebay

How can you take a fabulous picture without a fabulous camera? Ebay has some awesome choices for you to get the digital camera you have always been dreaming about. Get one and get started on your photo collection today.

The Cane and I in Egypt

I spent most of my tour (check out wheelchair fabulous) in my wheelchair. So luckily, I got a chance to get a picture in front of the second largest sphynx all thanks to the support of my cane. I looked way cooler having the sphynx not covered up by half my wheelchair and you can actually see what I look like. Supporting me so I could take the pictures I wanted and get the most out of my trip. What an awesome medical device!

DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Egypt

I never travel without first investing in an Eyewitness guide to the country of choice. They give information ranging from places to see, local customs, and transportation possibilities. They cover every aspect so you don't have to worry!

DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Egypt
DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Egypt

Egypt is one of the most amazing places you could ever hope to visit. If you cannot go then at least consider picking up more information on this fascinating place. Think about it. The ancient Egyptians were performing eye surgery thousands of years ago. Now that is one amazing civilization.


My Cane and Self-Defense

While I do not recommend it, the cane can be also be used in self-defense. Or in the picture's case, to aid in slaying a dragon. Either way, having a cane means do not mess with me whether you are in your twenties or 70s. You do not want to get hit by an angry lady with a cane. That would probably hurt not to mention you look like a complete jerk for trying to rob a handicap person. So respect those with a cane and let them live life to the fullest in peace.

Protect Yourself with Self-Dense Knowledge, Pepper Spray, and Maybe a Stun Gun

The basics of self-defense is something everyone should learn. Before getting sick, I was required to take a workshop on self-defense as part of my job. Even if it definitely was not my favorite part of the job, I am still glad I learned what I did.

Self Defense Shocklight Stun Gun Flashlight with Sheath! 1-million-volt Charge That Will Knock Down Any Attacker!
Self Defense Shocklight Stun Gun Flashlight with Sheath! 1-million-volt Charge That Will Knock Down Any Attacker!

Use with caution! I only advise such a strong self-defense choice if you are capable of handling/knowing when and how to use it.


Keeping Me Tall and Smiling

So I am far from tall but my cane allows me to stand straight even after a five hour bus trip to the Jordan River. Plus, it actually blends in a bit with my outfit. Totally unplanned but I think it gives it a little extra unique touch. With my cane there, I am standing tall and happy (all by myself). I'm on vacation, it's warm, I feel fabulous. What more in life could you want?

DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Israel

I love the DK Eyewitness Travel Guides. They make understanding where you are going wonderfully simply and all in color as well. Even if you aren't making plans for a trip anytime soon check out Eyewitness Travel Guide to Israel and you may understand just why it should be a must on your travel plans.

Need Something to Write On?

Thank Goodness for My Cane!

This summer my friend insisted we arrive four hours early to meet this actor from the show Tru Blood. I only made it through one season so when I met him I realized everyone had brought something to get signed and I didn't. Unsure of what to say (how awkward to admit you didn't come as a fan so you were not prepared) I asked him to sign my cane. So he signed it. Two weeks later it had completely disappeared but whatever. I was just glad I had something for him to sign instead of being like cool. Nice to meet you. Waited for four hours to shake your hand. Thanks.

Celebrity Autographs & Signed Posters on eBay

Ebay has celebrity autographs for your choosing. You do not need a cane to get one but I am not sure how many signed canes are available for purchase. Sorry, my autograph is all gone.

The Cane Helping to Discern Fake From Real Grass

While in Vegas, I went on the grass with my cane and made an odd discovery. The cane wasn't sinking in at all and neither were my heeled boots. Why? All the grass was completely fake! So being from a place which would never consider fake over real grass, I had to take a photo-op (cane included) of this important discovery. Also, the confusion of such a thing is captured in my expression.

Artificial Grass & Grass Turf for Humans & Dogs

There is nothing more annoying than wasting water on watering lawns in the desert. Let the desert be. If you want grass then go with faux grass. Our hotel in Vegas had lovely grass. They didn't even need to water it. Make the water-friendly choice and switch to faux grass. Or get a discrete place for your pet to urination.

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      • anonymous 4 years ago

        There's a bright side to everything. Youre so beautiful and so is your lens!

      • Bobski606 4 years ago

        I'm covering mine in stickers!