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How to look at the Positive in Life

Updated on October 28, 2010

Draw What You Want to You by Your Attitude

Have you ever noticed a certain type of person that almost nothing seems to phase them? During supposed difficult economic and social times this type of person always seems to keep a float and more often than not become more successful. They may read the news about how the world economy and how it is deflating but they don't let it run their whole life. In fact they look for ways to profit from the lean times.

What is so different about these people? Why do they seem to always come up smelling like a rose? Well, my grandfather was one of those people. He could always catch fish, as children we would sit right next to him in the boat and he could still catch more fish than us. He always told us that the fish could tell if you were happy, he said it all depended on how you held your mouth. Attitude certainly can play a huge factor in any ones success in all aspects of life. A positive attitude and positive outlook on life can sure go along way in this world. We never know what is going to happen in our life, one of the best things we can do for ourselves is develop a positive attitude.

Try to look at the positive aspects of something rather than pointing out everything that is negative about a situation. It's pretty easy to pick apart someone or something that you disagree with. Sometimes is is very difficult to find the silver lining so to speak, but it is most certainly always there. Some people choose to struggle in life, while others are devoid from responsibility and are whisked away in the tide of life. You can hear them say that they are not choosing their fates. It is time to choose your own fate if you are ready. Cultivate a positive outlook on life no matter how grim you think the situation is, try to look beyond. Stay unattached from the results and you will most certainly reap the rewards of your diligence.

While it isn't necessary to tell anyone that you are trying to be more positive in your life, people will start to notice and comment. Even small changes of becoming detached and focusing on becoming more positive in life will have a amazing effect on your health and family.


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  • Cheri Schultz profile image

    Cheri Schultz 8 years ago from Midwest

    Thank you for your postive insight... Enjoyed reading your Hub

  • profile image

    lela 8 years ago

    I believe we have a lot of abusing type personalities around us, and in their acquaintance or company, the ones who do not are naiive to see through the behaviour. The abuse takes away the spirit and positivity. It causes depression. We get 50% who support the abuser against one, and 50% who go against the abuser, so the abused often is mislead to stay. Once you see through them, you wont judge your own behaviour harshly, fall to believe in them, and feel the winner because you are not them, though suffer loss.

  • salt profile image

    salt 8 years ago from australia

    thanks, just what i need to read.

  • Lgali profile image

    Lgali 8 years ago

    very nice hub

  • profile image

    ESAHS 8 years ago

    "Sweet hub that captures your interest!"

    "Two thumbs up!"

    CEO E.S.A.H.S. Association