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Lose Five Pounds Fast

Updated on November 10, 2011

Lose Five Pounds Fast

Literally millions of people are losing weight safely with a hand picked healthy diet plan that they find works well for them. Check out a few of the popular magazines on the newsstands and it is impossible to ignore the number of articles concerning ways to peel off the pounds and look or feel better. The key to taking off weight fast and losing weight is picking the right weight loss plan. It is estimated that the Average person in America goes on a diet at least once per year. This is usually the take off five or ten pounds before bikini weather crowds. Or lose a few pounds before the wedding, anniversary, or vacation folks.

Perhaps you are like many people who have probably packed on five or ten pounds within the last year. I know that I have. Those pounds really sneak up on you. And before you know it, you're carrying around a spare tire on your waist. Most of us develop a weight loss pattern to cope with the extra pounds. We gain pounds over the winter and try to lose those pounds before spring with the same old diet that is prepared more for those who want to lose a lot more weight. Not merely five to ten pounds.

The lose five pounds fast diet included here is one that has worked for several people including myself. If you are looking to take off five pounds for a special occasion or in order to fit into those tight jeans or for whatever reason, then this is the diet for you to test run. This diet is only recommended for a short length of time. See your doctor for a checkup before starting this type of diet to make sure you are in tip top shape. Remember, that weight that you lose very fast on a restrictive diet has a tendency to creep right back if you are not careful. Consequently, it is important to gradually go back to your normal eating habits. Continue eating light meals for at least a month after losing the five pounds.

Breakfast Plan
Fresh Fruit
6 oz. Nonfat Milk
Coffee or tea with low-cal sweetener

Lunch Plan
One cup bouillon soup
One scrambled egg
One serving fresh fruit

Dinner Plan
6 oz. Tomato Juice
Two eggs scrambled
One cup lettuce and sliced cucumbers. Add vinegar dressing.
One serving fresh fruit

Drink plenty of water to curb the appetite and control overeating. It is also okay to drink black coffee or tea with low calorie sweeteners. Limit the amount of coffee and tea that is consumed. They have the tendency to make some people jittery. The foods consumed are basically the same every day. Stick to the weight loss plan exactly to lose five pounds fast. If you have not exercised in a long time, this is no the time to start. Those who wish to get more exercise might try starting an exercise program after completing this weight loss plan.

Lose Weight Fast Plan
Lose Weight Fast Plan


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