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Foods to eat for an effective low carb diet plan

Updated on May 31, 2011

What should you eat on a low carb diet plan

Dr. Robert Atkins’ “Atkins diet” is among the most popular diets in the world. A high-fat, high-protein, and low carb diet plan; the Atkins diet at its peak had forty million believers and followers. The high-fats diet plan promises long-acting, speedy, and fast weight loss which appeared to work on most people who practise it. Whenever you’re on a 14-day diet plan, try the Atkins diet altogether with arduous exercises to see if it has any positive effects on your body. I've listed below a good diet plan if you’re planning to go Atkins or a low carb diet plan. Of course, although all of these are healthy diet foods, do not forget to eat moderately.

Olive oil for your low carb diet plan

Yes, there is such a thing as healthy fats
Yes, there is such a thing as healthy fats

Eating fats for a low carb diet plan?

Fats and Oils – Just because Atkins comprises a high fat and low carb diet plan, this does not mean you could eat bacon and processed-high fatty food all day. What the Atkins diet wants you to consume are healthy fats; fats that come from olive oil (monounsaturated fats), fresh water fishes (omega-3 fatty acid), and foods which does not contain polyunsaturated fat. Consuming the said foods will greatly reduce your triglyceride or bad cholesterol levels in your bloodstream impressively.

Proteins to eat for a low carb diet plan

Protein – protein foods such as seafood, eggs, and meat does not have much or no carbohydrates in them. So whenever you are on a low carb diet, the protein foods you have to keep distance from are red meats, processed meat, and egg yolks which are high in bad cholesterol. Pick out only the leaner cuts of meat.

More foods for your low carb diet plan

Vegetables - the most vegetables you want to eat if you’re on the Atkins diet are leafy greens and those belonging to the bean family. Remember that the less starchier your vegetables are, the lesser carbohydrates it has.

Sugar – Processed sugars are a no-no in the Atkins diet. Good substitutes which you may use are artificial sweeteners such as sucralose which is the main ingredient of Splenda® and very small amounts of saccharine which is found in Sweet N Low®

Leafy Greens

Don't forget to include leafy greens to your low carb diet plan
Don't forget to include leafy greens to your low carb diet plan


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    • Allan D profile image

      Allan D 7 years ago from The Internets

      Thank you. i'm very fond of eating any type of whole-grain or wheat bread sandwich with lettuce in em. nice tip, will choose the darker leafy greens next time :)

    • bayoulady profile image

      bayoulady 7 years ago from Northern Louisiana,USA

      Good hub. Nice work.

      AS for green leafy vegetables, you can't beat the taste of leaf lettuce versus iceberg in my opinion.Too,since the darker color the better, it is better for you.

    • Allan D profile image

      Allan D 7 years ago from The Internets

      yes, it's true. i have done this before and lost a lot of weight in the process. I stick away from eating high-carb foods such as rice, white bread, and anything that is high in simple sugars.

    • Tricandy profile image

      Tricandy 7 years ago

      Good information, lo carb is the way to go for losing weight