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Top 5 Martial Arts DVDs

Updated on July 10, 2009

Martial Arts Training DVDs

If you want to learn martial arts without leaving your home or incurring the large expense of weekly classes, take a close look at the best martial arts dvds available. There are programs designed for all levels and many disciplines. These dvds provide detailed instruction in defense techniques. In most cases, you will not need to recruit a workout partner.

Finding a local class should be easy, but learning at home is less expensive and more convenient. It will also provide you with plenty of time to practice and master the skills at your own pace without the outside pressure to “perform” in front of a class. You can get in great shape and learn various types or martial arts that may not be available as a class in your geographic area. Even if you already take classes locally, adding a home workout to practice and expand your skills will help you reach your training goals faster.

A top rated martial arts DVD - Phil Ross / Ultimate Self Defense
A top rated martial arts DVD - Phil Ross / Ultimate Self Defense

Top 5 Martial Arts DVDs

Phil Ross’ Street Combat Mixed Martial Arts: The Complete Collection 4 DVD Set: Combining several levels of expertise into one collection, this martial arts DVD set will take you from the beginners S.A.V.E. course through high level combinations and defense tactics. Includes a high impact workout DVD with 60 minutes worth of intense routines to strengthen your muscle, improve cardiovascular health and increase flexibility. The set also includes an audio CD to enhance your training experience through mental imagery and relaxation.

The Kung Fu Kickboxing Workout

Designed and led by champion fighters Tiffany and Max Chen, this is a pure martial arts workout designed to get you in top shape. The workout utilizes kicking and wrestling moves to build the students reflexes, strength and agility. You get control the level of intensity for your workout by choosing from the options provided.

Martial Arts DVD / Self Defense for women with Tayah Kansik

Every woman should know the basics of self defense. Although there are classes offered in almost every geographic area, they may not provide the depth of training you are looking for. Learning new techniques and practicing at home will solidify your skills and provide you with a great workout.

This beginner’s program will teach you proven self-defense tactics through a mix of martial arts and boxing. It’s a fast paced, high energy workout that is easy to follow. It does not require you to work with a partner. This martial arts DVD also covers defense scenarios to train you to respond in an attack situation, including ground fighting, grabs and takedowns. Tayah Kansik created and stars in this DVD. She is a personal trainer and martial arts expert based in the UK.

Cameron Shayne's Budokon Beginning Practice

Are you looking to make your workout a little more interesting? Is stress relief a main priority? Referred to as "the reunion of martial arts, yoga, and meditation," this program combines these disciplines into an effective, refreshing workout that teaches traditional yoga for strengthening and flexibility, powerful martial arts techniques and ends with a short meditation. Budokon is an invigorating system that is ideal for stress relief. This excellent instructional program is just under 40 minutes in length. It also includes a version that is 10 minutes shorter, so you can fit it into a busy schedule.

Osamu Inoes TaeKwonDo Basic Training

Basic Training is the first step in this top rated martial arts DVD training series. It is designed for new students and provides 100+ minutes of detailed instructions. This is an excellent choice for studying TaeKwonDo at home. Additional DVDs are available as you develop and succeed in your training and skills.

Why learn Martial Arts?

Learning self defense at home using martial arts DVDs will give you all of the same benefits you could expect from taking a class. The dvd’s are designed to help you learn skills while getting a thorough workout.

Some of the benefits to expect from consistent practice using martial arts dvds:

  • Knowing self-defense techniques can increase your self confidence and will help you defend yourself if you find your self in a dangerous situation.
  • Done regularly, martial arts can improve cardiovascular health, increase muscle tone and strength the body.
  • Martial arts practice requires you to move in a way that uses your entire range of motion, which will increase your overall flexibility.
  • Consistent practice can improve mental focus, self control and self discipline.
  • Through training, students learn to manage and channel their anger and fear providing effective stress management.


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