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Masks to Get Rid of Blackheads

Updated on May 28, 2010

Get Rid of Your Blackheads with a Clay Face Mask

The term Blackhead refers to those black solid particles that appear in the pores of the skin, most often in the face. The cause for blackheads may vary, but most commonly it can be attributed to the dirt and oil that gets trapped into the duct of the sebaceous gland.

There are some tools that are made to remove the blackheads by sucking them right out of the skin, but you can also treat them with topical measures such as facial masks. Try to avoid over scrubbing and drying of the skin because contrary to popular beliefs, doing this causes more harm than good. When there is too much sebum within the pores more blackheads may be formed and the scrubbing may raise its production.

Photo Credit: SharonaGott

Clay Masks for Blackheads

There are several types of masks to get rid of blackheads, but the use of clay masks seems to be most effective for many people and they are one of the most popular treatments that persons use at home.

You may have noticed those expensive cleansing sticky strips that are seen on TV or in movies, the same ones that are placed onto the face and then peeled off bringing the blackheads with them. It is very similar to the waxing of hair, without the wax and the hair.

Well in this same way a clay mask removes blackheads, but it does a much better job. You do not even need to use the mask that often, you may do it three times a week or less and still completely eliminate the recurrence of blackheads and even improve the entire look and feel of your face.

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Each of these clay facial masks is designed to completely clean your pores and remove all impurities, including blackheads. And clay is very soothing on problem skin. So shop for your favorite clay mask and get rid of those blackheads.

Kaolin Helps Remove Blackheads

Some dermatologists recommend that you use clay facial masks that contain Kaolin. It is a substance that has always been used for skin care and is said to make your clay mask more effective and beneficial to your skin. The fact is that the Kaolin itself is a clay extract from a type of clay that is mainly found in New Zealand and that same extract is now being used in many skin care products, especially those that are created for the treatment and prevention of acne and blackheads.

The reason it is so effective is that it is very absorbent of facial oils and draws out dirt very easily. It will do all of this without over drying the skin and its natural antibacterial properties also allows it make the clay mask a great product for reducing inflammation from blackheads and acne and thus minimize the chance of blemishes. By using your clay mask, you will not only treat current blackheads, but also minimize the onset of new ones.

How to Apply a Face Mask

Once you have selected the right mask to use, you will follow the directions on the package carefully. These directions generally include you applying the mask evenly over the face while avoiding facial hair such as eyebrows and lashes etc. then waiting on the mask to dry. But before you do that, it is a good idea to apply some warm compresses to your face to open up the pores. A warm face cloth or towel would do the trick.

There are going to be two types of masks, either a cream mask or a peel off mask. These blackhead peel off masks are no mess, because you do not need to wash them off. When it dries all you need to do is to slowly peel it off and it will come off bringing the dirt, grime and blackheads with it.

How to Apply French Green Clay Mask

In this video you will learn how to mix your own Green Clay Mask and then apply it.

French Green Clay Powder

I've included a French Green Clay Mask that's already made here, but most of these are just the powder, which is quite cheap and really all you need to make your own blackhead removal mask. Just follow the instructions in the video above. I've included the lavender oil that you can add to the mask as well .You'll need to supply your own water ;)

Keep in mind, masks should be mixed in plastic or glass only, not metal.


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