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Finding the Best Massage Table Covers for Your Home or Salon

Updated on March 4, 2016

What is the Purpose of Massage Table Covers?

Naturally comfort is one of the first reasons that come to mind when considering which type of massage table cover to use But there are other reasons why it is important when making that choice, so lets explore what some of those are.

One is for hygiene for your client and also to help protect the massage table from body oils and fluids used during the massage. The other reason is for your clients privacy, they will be more comfortable and relaxed making their massage more enjoyable.

There are a variety of styles and materials of covers and if you have a salon, you may want to consider having a variety. This will give you and your clients the best experience possible in relaxation.

One of the most popular covers is the memory foam covers. They really just make you melt as soon as you lay down on the table. This can really add to the overall experience of the massage.

Realizing there are a variety of materials to chose from and when to use each type will make your decision easier before you make a purchase.

As I said there are many choices when it comes to the fabric of the table covers. I will try to cover the choices so you can decide which one best suits your needs. Some of the most popular materials are:

  • Flannel Pads
  • Fleece Pads
  • Wool Pads
  • Memory Foam Pads

An informed decision is a good decision! Your choices might vary depending on if it is for home use or for use in a salon.

Flannel Table Covers by Master Massage

A very popular material is flannel, which is both comfy and durable! Some of the most popular covers are made by Master Massage. They are high quality, high thread count and go through a process called double brushed. They are a luxurious 100% cotton, machine washable and hypo-allergenic. Each set includes:

  • Fitted sheet
  • Flat sheet
  • Universal-sized pillow cover

The flat sheet is over-sized offering coverage for client privacy. Again if you are choosing for a salon, having more than one set is almost a necessity. You could always consider starting out with one of each type of material and take customer preference surveys.

Master Massage 3-Piece Flannel Sheet Set, Off White
Master Massage 3-Piece Flannel Sheet Set, Off White

Our soft 100% cotton flannel sheets feel so good because they have the highest thread count on the market and go through a double brushed process! This is what provides the rich luxurious feel that meets our standards for comfort and durability. Each set includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and a universal-sized pillow cover. The generously sized flat sheet offers plenty of coverage for client privacy.


Getting Started with Massage Therapy-Setting Up Massage Table Sheets

Fleece Covers

Another popular material is Fleece. It's great for all seasons, in the winter it keeps you warm and in the summer it keeps you cool and it provides a very comfortable surface for a relaxing massage. It is also a great alternative to wool for those who might be allergic to wool.

There are really some great choices in the fleece line. Some of the most popular table covers are offered by Master massage and Earthlite. They are both machine washable for easy care and durability. They are guaranteed to offer your clients a luxurious massage experience every time!

Wool Covers

Covers made of wool or woolen material is one of the most popular choices by professional massage therapists. It is such the ultimate in plush comfort. Wool has other benefits besides just being "comfy". It has the ability to absorb moisture yet still feel dry which makes it a great choice for summer (let's be honest, summer means sweating). Then it also works as insulation in the winter helping keep the body temperature consistent.

Those covers made of wool have also been said to help those clients who are suffering with conditions like: chronic fatigue,arthritis and fibromyalgia.They can be a little more costly than other materials but you must consider the benefits it will offer for your clients over the long term.

EARTHLITE Massage Table Fleece Pad Set DELUXE - 1" Soft Thick Fleece incl. Fitted Pad & Face Cradle Cover (2pc)
EARTHLITE Massage Table Fleece Pad Set DELUXE - 1" Soft Thick Fleece incl. Fitted Pad & Face Cradle Cover (2pc)

Want to give your clients a luxurious massage experience every time? Turn to this Earthlite Basics deluxe fleece pad set, which includes a fleece pad that fits snugly on most massage tables and a fitted crescent head cover. The pad is soft and comfortable, with a 1-inch fleece surface and twice the pile of standard fleece products. The fitted corners, meanwhile, offer a tight fit all the way around, so you needn't worry about the pad slipping off the table during your massage. Finally, the fleece crescent cover makes your client's head feel just as good as his or her body. Machine-washable and dryable, the fleece pad set fits most massage table brands and carries a one-year warranty.


Memory Foam

There are not as many choices when it comes to memory form but ther are a couple of popular designs. One is a more universal, budget friendly and the other is a more deluxe memory foam package. It will really just depend on the wants and needs of you or your clients.

The memory foam pads provide more of an additional support and anti-slip surface. Memory foam also conforms to each individual body shape, which helps in relieving pressure points, giving a more deep level comfort and relief. So although they might be harder to find, your clients will love you for it!

Cloud Comfort Memory Foam Pad Package
Cloud Comfort Memory Foam Pad Package

Package includes Cloud Comfort Table Pad and Face Rest Pad

Table Pad measures 2" x 73" x 30". Face Rest Pad fits standard face cradle bases-Variable Pressure Foam provides consistency, quality, and comfort-No Risk 30 day return policy-10 year manufacturers' warranty on foam


Organic Alternatives

Okay, I am going to wrap up my discussion about massage table covers with one more choice that I feel is really important if you need an alternative for clients with allergies. This table cover is also the more environmentally friendly choice.

This table cover is referred to as Eco-Soft and is made of a high quality polyester fiber made from 100% certified recycled plastic bottles. The fibers are almost identical to those made from non recycled materials. The Eco-Soft cover is machine washable, making it easy to care for.

So as you can see there are many choices when it comes to the type of materials that are available. There is really no wrong choice, just the one that suits your unique needs. I hope you found this information helpful. If you need more information about massage tables, you may want to read about the Top 5 Lightweight Portable Massage Tables.


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