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Maternity Scrub Tops

Updated on June 12, 2014

Maternity Scrub Top

It can be a challenge to find cute maternity scrub tops. Who has time to go from store to store looking for a uniform top for work?

You are busy, but you still need to look nice for work. I know how it is! So I have done your shopping for you!

Here are all the nice-looking and professional maternity scrub tops that will make you look attractive and well put together on the job!

No need to be on your feet going from one store to another, when you can buy your work wardrobe right here! So put your feet up and get ready to find a great maternity scrub top!

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The Best Maternity Scrub Tops

This is a great maternity scrub top that will serve you well throughout your pregnancy! It is a nice top that will grow along with you. It looks very crisp and professional.

Print Maternity Scrub Tops

This top is a great choice for anyone looking for a nice print in their work uniform. There are two prints to choose from.

Maternity Scrub Top in Navy or White

Feel comfortable all shift in this attractive uniform top from Landau. This pretty top has room for expansion and will not restrict your freedom of movement.

Not Just Maternity Scrub Tops - Room to Grow

You might also like to try these scrubs, perhaps in a slightly larger size than you normally wear. Some of these are also available in plus sizes.

Maternity Scrub Tops on eBay

For a nice selection of maternity scrub tops, check eBay!

Make a Scrub Top

If you cannot find a top that suits your style, why not try making one. They aren't that hard to make! If you have basic sewing skills, you can manage it. Here is an instructional video to help you out! Just start with a big t-shirt to serve as a pattern!

This how-to video is easy to follow.

Occupational Hazards for Pregnant Nurses

You may be interested in this AJN article concerning hazards pregnant nurses may face which may pose a threat to their unborn children. Stay safe by listening while shopping!

Important information to keep your baby safe while you are on the job.

What do you wear to work during your pregnancy? - Have you tried these maternity scrub tops? What did you think?

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    • andreaberrios lm profile image

      andreaberrios lm 5 years ago

      Very cute!! I used to worked in health care and I used to wear the scrubs, these are very cute for pregnant woman.

    • shreeve21 profile image

      shreeve21 5 years ago

      wow, i didn't even know they made maternity scrubs. I give huge props to anybody who wears those!