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Medicinal Benefits of Hibiscus – Where to buy Hibiscus Extract Online

Updated on April 26, 2013

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The scientific name of Hibiscus natural herb is Hibiscus esculentus and synonym Abelmoschus esculentus. Hibiscus is also known as okra and ladyfinger. There are many medicinal benefits of hibiscus extract for skin, for hair, and during pregnancy to cut obesity in newborn child. Also according to some recent studies by an ingredient firm BioActives, hibiscus extract has been launched for heart health and can be used as a dietary supplement for heart. In this study, it has been proved that hibiscus extract inhibits LDL oxidation and helps in reduction of atherosclerosis, which is a build up of plaque in the arteries. Hibiscus tea is a popular natural remedy for weight loss. Also, it is interesting to note that nowadays hibiscus is called as a Botox Plant, a plant which helps to reduce wrinkle naturally by evenly smoothing the fine lines and strengthening the skin cells. Hibiscus is an annual herbaceous plant, which belongs to Malvaceae family of herbs, shrubs, and trees. Hibiscus can measure up to 3 meters high with a somewhat woody stem at its base. The leaves of hibiscus are alternate and serrate. The flowers of hibiscus are solitary and large, sulfur-yellow in color with a scarlet and are dark at the base. The edible fruit of hibiscus looks like a long pepper and is called poor man’s asparagus by the inhabitants of the Antilles. This long fruit is harvested before its full maturity and is used as a prominent vegetable in Indian recipes (known as lady finger outside US).

Hibiscus esculentus plant - sulfur yellow flowers and lady finger vegetable
Hibiscus esculentus plant - sulfur yellow flowers and lady finger vegetable

History and Symbolism of Hibiscus

Other popular names of hibiscus are Okra, Gumbo, Turkey Chili, civet, and Angelonia. Etymology of hibiscus is from the African Okra Kingombe, Abelmoschus from Arabic halb (seed) and mosk (Musk) due to the musky odor of its seeds. The hibiscus herb is known since ancient times. In year 1216, the Seville botanist, Abul Abbas al-Nabati, described that among the ancient Egyptians, the immature fruit of hibiscus was used to mix with meat and was used as a herbal remedy for some types of ailments. Since 100s of years in India, hibiscus fruit has been used in making delicious recipes known as lady finger vegetable recipe. Indians also use as hibiscus because of its mild diuretic effect and to lower their blood pressure. People of Arabian countries use to mix hibiscus seeds with coffee and other drinks for musky flavor. Origin of hibiscus has been associated with tropical Africa. Generally, hibiscus can be grown well in any good garden soil. Hibiscus is mostly grown in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Hibiscus seeds are used by naturopathics because they consist of oligopeptides derived from proteins.

Hibiscus extract is good for beautiful skin that is lovely and adorable.
Hibiscus extract is good for beautiful skin that is lovely and adorable.

Medicinal Benefits of Hibiscus

  • Hibiscus natural herb has been regarded since ancient times as a stomach stimulant.
  • Hibiscus extract has antispasmodic effects.
  • Hibiscus tea helps in natural weight loss.
  • Hibiscus extract is a natural nerve tonic.
  • Extract of hibiscus is also used by the cosmetic industry due to its natural Botox like effect.
  • Hibiscus extract is good for skin softening as it works like an emollient.
  • Hibiscus is a good antioxidant.
  • Hibiscus extract firms and tones the skin.
  • The hibiscus extract known as "botox plant" is also a powerful firming agent with a proven calming effect that instantly smoothens the wrinkles giving a person youthful and healthy skin.
  • Hibiscus has been considered as a noninvasive alternative to intensive skin lifting and skin firming procedures like Botox injections and artificial dermal fillers. Unlike from these costly Botox procedures with side effects, hibiscus reduces the need or extends the time between procedures by providing an anti-wrinkle effect on fine lines.
  • According to natural medicine’s advice, hibiscus is rich in mucilage and some sugar components that hydrate and protect the skin.
  • Application of hibiscus extract is helpful in treatment of dry, old, dull, and wrinkled skin.
  • Also hibiscus extract is a natural treatment for expression lines.

Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup / Perfect Champagne Cocktai


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