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Meditation 101: A Simple Technique

Updated on December 14, 2019
Nani Saiko Spirituality profile image

Nani has been researching and practicing spirituality since mid-2018. She has learned a lot and wishes to share that with the world.


First and foremost, I'd like to apologize for my lack of photos to illustrate my explanations, as I am currently visiting my partner, and I do not have my tealights or crystals. Once I get back to my house, I will update this with photos of my meditation set-up. Second, I want to point out that for my way of meditating, you will need tealights (or whatever kind of candles you prefer), as well as crystals, but I will add a section at the end for how you could meditate without them if you do not own any or do not want to buy any. My technique could potentially be used without crystals, but they truly do enhance the effects that meditation give you, and I would highly recommend using them.

Items You Need

For my method of meditation, you will need crystals, candles or tea lights, and incense (optional but recommended).

Setting Intentions for Meditation

Before you start, decide what it is you are meditating on. Are you trying to find more inner peace? Do you want to open up your mind to be able to communicate with loved ones or the Divine? Are you wanting to attract something, such as money or love? Or do you want to meditate solely to relax your body, mind, and spirit?

Choosing Crystals

Once you figure out your intentions for meditating, then start picking which crystals you will use. When I am trying to meditate on specific things, such as manifesting something or finding peace, I choose crystals with effects that coincide with what I want. For example, when I want to meditate on inner peace and not overreacting to other people trying to rile me up (as I often do), I use my rose quartz because it's a calming crystal and amethyst because it helps relieve stress and anger. I also use clear quartz in every meditation session I do because it generally protects against negativity and enhances the effects of other crystals in the vicinity. Another crystal I use every time is kyanite because it repels negative energy and doesn't retain negative energy, so it never needs to be cleansed. If you're not sure what effects a crystal has, or you don't know what crystal to use for what energies you want to attract, look up "[name of crystal] effects" or "crystals for [effect or energy]". There are many websites dedicated solely to talk about all things crystals, and they're incredibly helpful. It is possible to meditate without crystals, but I definitely think you should try it because it truly does help. Having a solid selection of crystals is best because you'll always have the right crystal for the right occasion!


The reason why I love to use candles in meditation will make more sense once I walk through the actual technique, but for now I will explain how to choose your candles.

Firstly, the color of the candles does make a difference. Every color has corresponding effects and energies, so using colored candles that match what you want to attract (green for money or harmony, blue for loyalty or peace, purple for creativity, pink for love, etc) will make it even stronger. The combination of crystals and candles creates a huge potential for energy to attract into your life! If you don't have colored candles or don't want to buy any, white candles will always work because despite having its own energy (cleansing, healing, protection, peace, clarity, and more), white is pure and can be used for anything.

Next you want to consider the different types of candles. You could use pillar candles, which are the long, sturdy candles, or perhaps taper candles, which are the long skinny candles that generally need stands. Tea lights are also a great option, as you can get a lot of them for one low price and the whole pack lasts quite awhile, depending on how often you use them. I personally prefer to use regular unscented white tea lights because I can use them for whatever intentions I have, and I can quickly light them up and set them on the floor to meditate, then put them away right after. However, if you wanted to use longer candles, they're great for leaving in a designated spot for meditating, or for burning all day to continue attracting that good energy.

Another important thing to consider when selecting candles is the scent. If you do prefer scented candles, consider what effect that scent has on the mind and body. For example, some great scents for peace are patchouli, lavender, and lemon. To strengthen the effects of your meditation even more, select candles with scents that bring in that energy you're searching for!

The very last thing to pay attention to with candles is their materials. Many cheaply made candles release toxins into your home, and it's never a good idea to bring in any kind of negative or toxic energy because energy attracts the same energy. Instead, opt for candles free of paraffin and lead (which is often found in the wick), such as beeswax or soy-based. Beeswax is a really good choice because it actually cleans indoor air! It's also best to use candles with pure essential oils instead of unnatural perfumes because you can never really know what they put in it.

Once you decide what candles you want to use, grab the same number as how many crystals you're using.


You can really use any incense you want or have, but some classics are patchouli, sage, frankincense, and sandalwood. This part, however, is completely optional, but recommended because incense is great for cleansing.

Setting Up

To get started, you'll want to set everything up in a very specific way. Whether you're going to be sitting on the floor or on a chair, get comfortable. Relax your muscles for a moment. Once you feel relaxed and ready to go, grab your candles and set them down fanned out in front of you. Then set each crystal in front of a candle (which is why you want the same number of both). Next you'll want to take your incense, if you're using it, and cleanse the area. Cleanse your crystals, your candles, and yourself. Remember that spinning incense counterclockwise repels energies, while clockwise attracts energies. Knowing this, first cleanse counterclockwise to rid everything of the negative, the cleanse clockwise to attract the positive and set intentions. When you're finished cleansing, light your candles and start taking long, slow, deep breaths.

The Technique

For this section, I will be writing the way I speak to myself while I meditate and walking you through each step. Since this is an example of sorts (this is exactly what I do every time, but my intentions change depending on what I feel that I need in the moment), I will be using my previous example of meditating on peace. Remember that every step is important and with intention.

Begin by closing your eyes, relaxing your body, and taking slow deep breaths: in through your nose, out through your mouth, nice and slow. Clear your mind of everything outside of your direct surroundings. Focus on your intentions. Refrain from thinking of your troubles, as that energy will only throw you off. Imagine being in a peaceful, happy place.

Keep your eyes closed throughout meditating. Once you are calmed, continue to take slow deep breaths, but imagine yourself, wherever you are. Imagine the crystals and the candles. Imagine yourself sitting in front of them.

The light of the candles begins to grow, containing all of the energy within the crystals. It's a pure white light. This light is peaceful, kind, and gentle. This light doesn't let the negative energies surrounding other people affect it. This light doesn't get upset or angry because of other people's words or actions. This light doesn't hold on to anger, frustration, or jealousy.

The light grows more and more as you think of all that it is. The light grows until it fills up the room. Take a deep breath, and as you do, you breathe in the light until there is no difference between you and the light. You are the light, and the light is you. You are peaceful, kind, and gentle. You do not let other people's negative energy affect you. You do not get upset or angry because of other people. You do not hold on to anger, frustration, or jealousy. You emit positive energy, and you do not contribute to any negativity. You are at peace. You are grateful for all you have.

Take one last deep breath, and slowly open your eyes with the understanding that you now contain all the energies you meditated on.

More Information on the Technique

In this technique, you are essentially creating a light, a ball of energy if you will, and setting the intentions for this light. The part where I said "This light is _____" is where you would add your own intentions. This technique works because you're channeling the energy of the crystals and the candles, and your own energy as well, and you're changing it. You're deciding what kind of energy that light is, and then you are breathing it in, you are becoming those energies. I have found this technique to be really effective, even days after meditating. Do this at least a couple times a week for the best results!

Meditating without Crystals or Candles

If you want to meditate but you don't have any crystals, you still can! Using candles will still help, but you can definitely do it without them. To meditate using my technique without using my suggested materials, you'll pretty much do the same thing. Sit in a quiet, maybe even dark, room, and start by closing your eyes, taking deep breaths, and clearing your mind. Next, just imagine yourself sitting in your room when a bright white light appears. Then simply set the intentions and imagine yourself absorbing that energy. It's very simple, but still effective!

After Meditation

After you finish meditating, don't dwell on whatever it is you meditated on. Know that those energies are now inside you, and you will attract what you want. You don't want to constantly think about whether or not those things are coming your way because you might start to push it further away. Instead, continue to meditate. If you're meditating on growing as a person, and not necessarily manifesting anything, then keep it mind when you're put in bad situations. For example, after I meditate on being peaceful and not reacting to everything, I often get put in situations where I normally would get upset, but instead I remind myself that I'm trying not to do it anymore. If you can keep that mindset even when it seems hard to, it will become habit and a part of who you are. Don't give up!

Feel free to look below at a small list of intentions you can use to attract money, love, weight loss, and more!

Thank you so much for reading! I really hope you'll follow me and come back for more.. Have a wonderful day!

Peace and Love Always,

Nani Saiko

Suggestions for Other Intentions

Below is a list of things you could think about as you're setting intentions on the white light.


This light is abundant. This light attracts money easily. This light constantly finds new opportunities for making money. This light does not stress about money. This light has good self-control when it comes to spending money.


This light is open to finding love. This light is open to meeting new people. This light knows its self-worth and has respect for self. This light sets standards and doesn't break them. This light loves self first and others second. This light accepts nothing but healthy love. This light doesn't attach to toxic people.

Weight Loss

This light has an abundance of energy. This light loses weight quickly and effortlessly. This light has motivation to work out the body. This light has self-control around food. This light only consumes food that makes it feel good inside. This light only eats what is needed, nothing more and nothing less. This light is confident. This light knows self-love.


This light accepts others for who they are. This light tolerates people with different lifestyles and opinions. This light understands that it cannot control others. This light understands that one's morals is a formula for one's own life, not a reason to tell others how to live theirs. This light is patient and kind to others.


This light is creative. This light comes up with fresh, new ideas easily and effortlessly. This light is consumed with art and beauty. This light always thinks outside of the box.


This light is authentically itself. This light does not base its opinions on those of others. This light marches to the beat of its own drum. This light does not change itself to be accepted by others. This light is unique. This light is not a follower. This light loves itself.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Nani Saiko


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