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Important Facts That You Should Know About MESOTHELIOMA Cancer.

Updated on January 23, 2014

Both attacking the lungs which is a worst type of cancer?

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All the information that you wanted to know about mesothelioma cancer can be found on this page. You will learn all that you need to know about this dreaded type of cancer.

When you are exposed to very high levels of asbestos this is the cause of this type of cancer. It has been a proven fact that asbestos exposure is the cause of this fatal type of cancer. The cancer attacks the lining of the lungs, then it spreads it tentacles to other organs in the body.

People are learning more about this dreaded and deadly type of cancer or world wide. Countries are starting to protest the use of asbestos. When the government found out that asbestos causes this cancer it has been banned in many places. Workplaces are limiting the use of asbestos because of this knowledge.

Countries have formed laws to control the use of asbestos. The government has set up accounts that compensates people who worked with asbestos in the workplace and now have this type of cancer.

If caught early enough then it can be treated. When treated in the early stages then this cancer can be treated successfully. There is no known cure available for this form of cancer, but with medications and treatments a person can live a fairly normal and comfortable life. When caught in the early stages there have been some cases that was cured of the cancer.

Breathing is done with great difficulty, tumors that are cancerous, and coughing up blood are all symptoms of the deadly cancer mesothelioma that a patient suffers from. Compensation for this type of cancer is awarded when a patient has been diagnosed with mesothelioma and was exposed to asbestos. When a person has proof of this form of cancer then he is allowed compensation.

If a person knows that he has mesothelioma and is suffering from this deadly cancer seek a lawyer whom can handle and fight for the compensation that is due. Even though filling a lawsuit is about the same as an other case, be sure that you hire a lawyer that is experienced in handling and understanding mesothelioma cases. When you are diagnosed by a qualified oncologist with mesothelioma, then you need to find a lawyer who handles and is experienced in this certain field.

Nine Typical Warning Signs of Mesothelioma

When the human body has absorbed abnormal levels of asbestos, a cancerous condition can develop called Mesothelioma. This disease involves the outer covering of the bodily organ referred to as the mesothelium to become tumorous and which will in time expand to the rest of the body. The survival rate for Mesothelioma is not very good as this is a highly fatal illness. It is critical, however, for individuals to be aware whether or not they are suffering from this ailment. Even if their chances for survival are minimal, at least their remaining days can be lived out as comfortably as possible with proper medical care. If you find yourself suffering from any of these typical warning signs, see a physician immediately. To educate yourself on ten of the most likely signs of Mesothelioma, study the following items.

1. Pleural Effusion

The beginning item to be explored is called pleural effusion. When the outer covering of the lungs accumulates excessive amounts of liquid this is called pleural effusion. Some symptoms of this condition can be pain in the chest area or finding it hard to breath which is also referred to as dyspenea.

2. Expelling Blood After Coughing

Finding evidence of blood after a bout of coughing is the most frightening of all ten warning signs of Mesothelioma. This symptom may also include the inability to swallow or raspiness of the voice.

3. Horner's Syndrome.

The signs of Horner's Syndrome includes conditions affecting the eye such as sunken eyeballs, eyelids that droop, unusual dilation of the pupil as well as insufficient perspiration or anhidrosis. A deadening of the nerves is the cause of these symptoms.

4. Loss of Weight

You would not think that a loss of weight would be a warning sign for Mesothelioma but this is the case for a large number of individuals. If a person finds that he is losing weight for no apparent reason and he shows signs of any other common Mesothelioma symptoms, he should consult a physician immediately.

5.Abnormal masses

Abnormal masses found in the chest cavity or stomach is another warning signal found in the ten typical warning signs of Mesothelioma. While these limps typically can not be observed by the naked eye, they can be felt while bathing or showering.

6. Non Productive Cough

Someone who has Mesothelioma will have a non productive cough and will produce no mucous secretions with

it. Right away this should cause one to deduce that this not common cold and cough symptoms.

7. Swelling of the Stomach

For those sufferers who have Mesothelioma affecting the stomach or Peritoneal Mesothelioma, you may experience so much expanding of the stomach, you could mistake it for weight gain. This condition is caused by an excess amount of liquids retained in the stomach.

8. Difficulty with Bowel Movements

You may experience difficulty moving your bowels such as feeling constipated or the opposite extreme that of diarrhea if you are suffering from Peritoneal Mesothelioma.

9.General Body Aches

Mesothelioma patients will also begin to experience other bodily complaints as the disease spreads to the rest of the body. Pain is the most typical of symptoms found with this disease.

An All-New Mesothelioma Remedy

Currently in development are a couple of all-new mesothelioma remedies. As a rule, research has been centered on making traditional treatments better and coming up with new, alternative remedies. While new, more effective chemotherapy elements are being introduced into modern medicine, people's hopes and anticipations are rising.

The newest mesothelioma treatment method is founded upon the theory that a single-celled life form expires after being subjected to specific light frequencies; this method is called PDT (photodynamic therapy). There is a requirement that these medications be taken by injection through the vein when it comes to various photosensitive drugs. This treatment will focus on and eradicate a malignant cell in a matter of days. Some common side effects include throwing up, an upset stomach and sensitive skin.

An additional treatment option for mesothelioma is biological therapy, otherwise known as "immunotherapy". The body's immune system is employed in administering to this illness through this technique. However, there are some factors that may come into play and impede your body's capacity for self-healing. The immune system is jump-started with immunotherapy, thus bolstering the body's defense capability and making it the most efficient method for fighting illness. In turn, this treatment attempts the repair of dysfunctional immune systems. The components found in immunotherapy are BRMs, aka "biological response modifiers". The immune system releases these natural biological response modifiers into the bloodstream routinely, but now they can be created within a laboratory setting and have the same effect as naturally released ones.

An all-new approach to healing and controlling the outbreak of mesothelioma incorporates the usage of IMRT, which is otherwise known as "intensity modulated radiation therapy". A malignant growth can be safely treated through this form of therapy while abstaining from any injury to the surrounding cells. Treating diseases at the cellular level has been heralded as a major achievement in scientific studies. Any anomalous genes will undergo treatment through what is called "gene therapy". The two forms of treatment being used today are called knockout gene therapy and replacement gene therapy. The malignant gene that leads to creating the mesothelioma condition is treated in replacement gene therapy. The gene that invokes tumor growths is totally done away with in the knockout gene therapy procedure. Gene therapy treatment of mesothelioma will be developing and expanding more in the future since there is a constant unfolding of information surfacing in the study of genetics.

Some of the therapeutic techniques being studied incorporate the utilization of chemotherapy, surgery, radiation treatment and multimodality therapy. A pemetrexed medication called Alimata that is used in conjunction with heated intraoperative intraperitonal chemotherapy is one of many new ventures in the field of medicine being pursued in the fight against mesothelioma.


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