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Minor Pregnancy Problems

Updated on June 17, 2016

21 Ways to Solve 8 Minor Problems During Pregnancy


Nausea or Vomiting : Nausea is stomach distress or upset; feeling like you need to vomit.

Vomiting is throwing up the contents out of the stomach through the mouth. Normally, this is worse in the morning, during the second or third month of pregnancy.

1. Avoid greasy food. Eat something dry, like crackers or dry bread before getting out of bed in the morning.

2. Do not eat large meals, but rather smaller amounts of food several times a day.

3. In severe cases, take an antihistamine when going and getting up from the bed.

Burning or pain in the pit of the stomach(acid indigestion and heartburn).

4.Eat only small amounts of food at one time.

5.Drink milk if possible.

6.Sucking hard candy helps.

7.Try to sleep with the chest and head lifted up .

Swelling of the feet

8.Rest at different times during the day with the feet up.

9.Eat less salt and avoid salty food.

10.Take tea made from corn silk.

Low back pain.

11. Exercise and taking care to stand and sit with the back straight.

Anemia and malnutrition.

12. To make a healthy baby, a woman need foods rich in protein and iron

13. Take iron pills with some folic acid and vitamin C

14. Eat beans, groundnuts, chicken, milk, cheese,eggs, meat , fish, and dark green leafy vegetables.

Swollen veins ( varicose veins). These are common in pregnancy due to the weight of the baby pressing on the veins that come from the legs.

15. Put your feet up often as high as possible.

16. Wrap them with an elastic bandage if they get very big or hurt.

Piles( hemorrhoids). These are varicose veins in the anus, as a result of the weight of the baby

17. kneel with the buttocks in the air.


18. Drink plenty of water

19. Eat fruits and food with a lot of fiber like cassava or bran

20. Get plenty of exercise

21. Do not take strong laxatives

22. chew raw onions.




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