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Updated on July 16, 2014


From Michigan to Israel, Malaysia, Russia & China



Michigan, U.S.A
Michigan, U.S.A

Dear Members in the name of Jesus Christ,

Shalom and grace in the name of the Lord God! Hallelujah!

I was very touched to read in The Chosen People newsletter about the "Diary of a Miracle" which describes an obedient believer, Cyndi, a pastor's wife, mother of six children living in Michigan, U.S who sacrificed her kidney to save a gifted young Israeli, Neriyah from kidney failure by donating one of her kidneys. She was "strangely drawn to the plight of this young Uzbeki Jew who lay gravely ill halfway around the globe... Neriyah's kidneys had stopped functioning. He was on dialysis nine to ten hours a day, every single day." "Neriyah, who was raised in a traditional Bukharan Jewish family in the former Soviet Union, had immigrated to Israel as a child and fell in love with his new country. " He was the father of two small children both under the age of three.



"This whole experience has taught me so much. ... Everyone who in any way was involved in this transplant has heard Cyndi's amazing story. People in the bureacracy, in taxicabs, in chance, in churches and Messianic congregations - in all these and other places that we don't even know about - the story of Cyndi's love for God and her willingness to answer his call has become known. How can people deny that God is real when He has moved a complete stranger, an American woman who didn't even know me to sacrifice a part of herself so that I might have life? She was truly a follower of the Messiah, who said, "Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for his friends" (John 15:13)."

Cyndi: A Long Road and a Lasting Impression


"I would like also like to say thank you to all those in Israel who helped take care of me, and to all of Neriyah's family. More than just my kidney remains there in Israel, for my heart will never be the same again. I love you all so very much. I am most grateful though, that I was allowed to be a small part of God's plan. It is only because of the love of Yeshua that any of this could have happened at all."





The second miracle shifted from Michigan and Israel to Malaysia. A grandmother who had strong faith in God called for the support of some Indian members to pray for her sick grandson of 11 months who was dying of diphtheria. The doctor could not do anything more at that time probably due to medical technology not so advanced. God listened to the prayers of the faithful grandmother and the Indian members, the child became well and many members and relatives of the family became Christians. Now the little boy lives in Houston and is a minister. The faithful grandmother has grandchildren living in Canada, U.S, Malaysia and Australia.

Please go to:

Testimonies that glorify our Lord Jesus Christ

Woman of Faith




In Russia ( former Soviet Union ), some years ago, a group of Under Ground Saints of God were meeting in a home for church---as no church buildings, nor services were allowed nor "legal" under the oppression of Communism. As these Christians were worshipping the Lord Jesus in Spirit and in Truth, all of a sudden a MESSAGE IN OTHER TONGUES came forth from one of them. Then, through another, came the INTERPRETATION---- "The SECRET POLICE ( KGB ) are on their way. You have just enough time to disperse now and get away." ----Then the HOLY SPIRIT of the LIVING GOD told them, through this interpretation of tongues, exactly from which direction the police were coming and in which direction that the saints should flee. The saints began immediately to disperse one by one, so as not to draw attention to themselves, as per this message from the Holy Ghost, and just as the last person had left, and disappeared into the distance, there came a LOUD KNOCK on the door of this home. Then when nobody answered the police forced their way in and low and behold and surprise surprise---NOBODY HOME !!!



Over in Red China, some years ago, there existed a church of some 350 people (three hundred fifty). Although there is a POWERFUL Under Ground Church, of millions, all throughout China, this particular church did not believe in going "underground" neither were they ashamed in any way of the Lord Jesus and His Holy Word. In fact, when they met at church, they did NOT keep the worship in hushed tones. They DID open all the windows so that the whole world around them could here their LOUD worshipping, praising, singing, preaching etc. This same church went into the entire community and into all of China---BOLDLY PREACHING CHRIST JESUS ! Although the "Secret Police" knew about this church (everybody did) they could not enter into the village where this church was---they were AFRAID to. You see, this group of Christians were so honored by their God, for their BOLDNESS, that THE FEAR OF GOD was on the entire village AND upon The Secret Police. They were scared silly to mess with these people. The chief of Police could not force any of his police officers to go to this church and close it down and arrest all the members. They all were AFRAID and they all refused orders from the highest command posts that told them to go to this church and close it down. "Nothin' doin' pardner ! We ain't messin'' with those folk !!! " (I Texanized this quote.)

So, one day the CHIEF of police and his second in command got up enough nerve to plan and execute an attack on this particular church. Sure enough, as this two man army approached this church on Sunday morning, from a good distance away they could here the SHOUTS & PRAISES of the saints inside. You see, as usual, they had all the windows open and as the two police officers arrived there was no need to kick down any doors to get in---they were all opened wide! The chief and his assistant took a deep breath and jumped over the threshold, into church, as the chief SHOUTED---- "YOU ARE ALL UNDER ARREST!!!". Now, the SPIRIT of THE LIVING GOD did not "cotton kindly" to this rude, and crude, entry into HIS church service; so at the moment the chief shouted---his BIG MOUTH was LITERALLY moved from where it was to the SIDE OF HIS HEAD!!! That's right. God removed this man's mouth from where it should be and placed it on the side of his head. When the Lord did this, he did not take the power of speech away, and now from the side of his head the "CHIEF" was SHOUTING----" Help me !!! Help Me!!! Somebody PLEASE Help me!!!!!! "

The Pastor then left the pulpit and walked to the back of the church and stood before the "CHIEF" and "ASSISTANT CHIEF". They both cried out---"PLEASE, PRAY FOR US PASTOR!!!" Pastor laid a hand on each of their heads and asked the Lord to have mercy on these two and to heal and restore them---IMMEDIATELY--- the Chiefs mouth was back in the right place and the Assistant chief's right hand was normal once again. Then, the pastor lead these two to the front of the church and asked his church to gather around them. These two REPENTANT police officers fell to their knees and began weeping and calling upon the Lord Jesus as the entire church helped them pray through to --VICTORY IN JESUS!

Get ready to shout and weep as I tell you the end result of this Holy Ghost Meetin'----The Chief and Assistant Chief got up from their knees went back to the Police station and told ALL that had happened to them at church. One result was that the Police were now more AFRAID then ever to go near that church. The second and best result of that HOLY GHOST MEETING is that the Chief and Assistant chief immediately RESIGNED the Police force. What ever happened to them??? --- They joined together as a team, the two of them, the Chief and Assistant Chief, and today they are FLAMING EVANGELISTS AND THEY TRAVEL THE ENTIRE NATION OF CHINA PREACHING JESUS TO EVERYTHING THAT MOVES AND BREATHES !!!


Praise and thank God for the miracles that occurred across the globe from Michigan to Israel, from Malaysia to Canada and U.S., and from Russia to China. God is omnipotent and He cares for all people throughout the whole wide world.

NOTE: Some people may not believe in miracles. To those who believe and trust in God, we are thankful. To the unbelieving, it is their great loss.

Cruden's Complete Concordance

An event beyond the power of any known physical laws to produce; a supernaural occurrence produced by the power of God. a marvel, wonder.

2 Corinthians 12:12 >>

"Truly the signs of an apostle were wrought among you in all patience, in signs, and wonders, and mighty deeds."

New American Standard Bible (©1995)

The signs of a true apostle were performed among you with all perseverance, by signs and wonders and miracles.

King James Bible Truly the signs of an apostle were wrought among you in all patience, in signs, and wonders, and mighty deeds.


The miracles are too numerous to enumerate, e.g. The Creation of the World, the Ten Plagues, Fall of Jericho, Crossing the Red Sea, Story of Esther, etc.

MIRACLES IN NEW TESTAMENT: Miracles performed by Jesus: Jesus turns water to wine (John 2:1-10). Christ cleansed the leper (Mt 8:1-3), healed the centurion's servant (5), Peter's mother in law (v.14), many other diseases (v.16); stilled the tempest v.23); raising Jairus' daughter (Mark 5:22, 35-43); healing of withered hand (Mark 3:1-5).

© 2008 einron


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    • einron profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

      Thank you for being the first to comment. Many people do not believe in miracles today and therefore do not comment on miracles. They disbelieve because they have not encountered miracles.

      Bless the Lord. Spread the good tidings.

    • profile image

      heart desire 

      8 years ago

      So amazing just hearing of this awesome manifestation, of the power and glory and mercy of God.


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