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Mudras for Good Health

Updated on December 26, 2015


A bit of study into mudras will have you realizing that they are extremely powerful. In fact, there are great health benefits you can experience, as well as mental benefits, if you practice mudras on a regular basis. They are extremely powerful and can bring good health and various benefits to your body. However, if you are not familiar with mudras, you may be wondering what exactly mudras are, so let's take a closer look at mudras, what they are, and some of the best ones to use for good health.

Mudras (Hand Formations)

What are Mudras?

Essentially mudras refer to certain positions that you put your body in that can have an influence of the energies that are in the body as well as your mood. Usually mudras only engage the fingers and hands, but in some cases you may get the whole body involved with mudras. Mudras are often used during meditation and unknowingly, many people use mudras, such as while praying, in Indian greetings, and simply by touching fingertips together, which is often an unconscious gesture.

For thousands of years, mudras have been used in eastern cultures as a part of Buddhism. Often you will even notice that statues of Buddha have the hands in particular positions and today and many years ago they are seen and used as a way of spiritual practice. However, although they are very spiritually oriented, they are also used for treating a variety of physical and mental problems as well.

Tips for Using Mudras

Wondering how you can use mudras? Here are a few important tips to remember so that you can reap the best health and mental benefits from using these mudras.

- Tip #1 - Hold the Position - If you want to get the most out of a mudra, you'll want to hold the position for a few minutes at least, but holding them for about 15-20 minutes will provide the best results. You may want to make this a part of your meditation, which will help you get the time in you need.

- Tip #2 - Use Both Hands - It is important that you make the positions with both of your hands and you hold them with both at the very same time. This is far more powerful than trying mudras with one hand only.

- Tip #3 - Do Them Anywhere - Many of the mudras are very simple and you can do them anywhere. Do them with your hands inside of your pockets or you may want to do them where your hands are not seen when you feel the need to.

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Simple Mudras to Try for Good Health

There are many mudras out there that can help to improve your health. However, here are some of the easiest and most effective ones that you may want to try yourself.

- Gyan Mudra - First of all you have the Gyan mudra, which is probably one of the most important ones to try. It is used in many meditation practices and is done by joining the tip of your thumb with the tip of your forefinger. Gently press them together for 15-20 minutes. This helps to purify your mind, make you feel joyful, increases your intelligence, and also helps to get rid of habits that are addictive.

- Abhaya Mudra - Another great mudra to try is the Abhaya mudra. You simply take your hands and put them to the sides of your hand and then touch the tip of the thumb and forefinger together like you're doing the Gyan mudra, but keep your hands vertically straight right by the side of your head. This can help to give you strength and courage.

- Purn Gyan Mudra - The Purn Gyan mudra was propgated by Buddha and includes a bit more of your body. You sit in a cross legged position, put the hands in the previous Gyan mudra position, and then put your left hand near yoru knee and the right hand near your chest. It helps to improve your memory, give you clarity, and make you feel much less irritable.

- Prithvi Mudra - To do this mudra, you simply take the fore part of your ring finger and touch it to your thumb, right at the tip. This is simple to do and helps to make you stronger physically. Also it can help give you more equilibrium and improves your patience as well.

- Vayu Mudra - The Vayu mudra can be done by taking the index finger and folding it right against the base of your thumb. Then gently press the forefinger on your pad keeping all the other fingers distant. This mudra can help to get rid of aches and pains, gets rid of nervous problems, and can also help people who are dealing with Parkinson's and Cerebral Palsy.

- Mritsanjivini Mudra - Simply take your forefinger and fold it on the thumbs' base. Press on the pad and touch the middle and ring fingers to the fore area of your thumb at the same time. This helps to increase the strength of your heart and lowers your blood pressure as well.

- Pran Mudra - Last of all is the Pran mudra. Simply take your little finger and touch the tip of it to your thumb and the fore part of your ring finger to the thumb as well. This helps to get rid of fatigue in the body, improves your circulation, and also helps to enhance your eyesight.

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