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Updated on January 17, 2020


Hi again, ADHD is attention deficit hyperactive disorder. It means that a person had trouble with attention staying on something. Usually, a person is really hyper as well. I have this disorder and the doctor will not medicate me for it. She treats the anxiety and the depression thinking that will help the ADHD.

My friends when they found out I had the disorder were not surprised at all. I had one friend who loved the fact that I was hyper. She is disabled and would ask me to help her clean her apartment so a one-bedroom apartment would take maybe two hours to be cleaned. I would vacuum and she would be doing the dishes so I was done and ready to wipe up her kitchen and bathroom floor on my hands and knees. I would clean her tub and bathroom floor and she would just be getting done with her dishes. Everything would be clean but I just did everything so fast. I didn't think anything was wrong. I was just always doing something.

One of my girlfriends would have me help her in her and her husband's small business and I would organize the watermelons by size. Not by prize but by size. The husband asked one time what I was doing with the watermelons and I explained like it made sense to me. He looked at me and said he had never thought of doing that before. I did that to everything with size.

I changed counselors and still not treated for ADHD. My poor husband thinks sometimes I have really got problems when I decide to do the housecleaning at three am because I can't sleep. Thank heaven I don't vacuum at that time, but he has found me cleaning the walls or the kitchen, the bathroom or doing the dishes.

My husband didn't realize that when we got married that he had the perfect cure for my ADHD. He asked me one time if I wanted some coffee. I said sure I would have a cup. He drank coffee I had never drunk before; Yuban. It has a high caffeine content so it was so high it brought my ADHD down. I would get tired. I had noticed a few years before we married that I could take Excedrin for a headache and I would fall asleep. I could drink Dr. Pepper and it would make me tired which didn't help if I was drinking it because I thought it would wake me up. Then my husband bought some BIG RED soda. I had never drunk it before. It tastes like bubble gum the first time you drink it. It also calmed me down.

I told my counselor my finding of the coffee and the soda. Funny as it sounds my counselor said for me to tell my husband that between appointments that if I got hyper to give me two cups of coffee or some of the soda. My husband found it funny but I know when he offers me some coffee that I am hyper and don't know it. The doctor when I told her she didn't seem to understand how it could help but she said if it worked to do it.

I find it hard to sleep because I suffer from insomnia as well so Nick will get me a cup of coffee and it will start to make me tired. After the second cup of coffee, I am out for at least four hours. My therapy cat doesn't understand the ADHD either but he enjoys it when he can play during this time till he gets tired and I could still play with him.

Nick notices when I get a call from the nursing home my Dad is that I get hyper as well and really get uptight so he without asking me gets me a cup of coffee. After I calm down again I can figure out what to do about the fall or the fight Dad had gotten into.

It has turned out that just to keep me on an even keel I have two cups of coffee a day and always have a stock of BIG RED on hand. We also found recently at the Philippine Food store some G7 coffee and that is good instant coffee so we have that on hand. Someone who is not used to the high caffeine content may get the shakes from the high caffeine but not me. I just take a nap.

BIG RED is good for kids to calm down if they have ADD. Tried and tested on one of the stepkids who have ADD.


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