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Why Is My Poop or Stool Always Bright Green?

Updated on April 22, 2021
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What Does Green Poop Mean?

If you have been asking yourself lately - "why is my poop green?" then the good news is that you need not get too worried about your situation.

Green poop in adults is fairly common nowadays. It's the condition where your poop appears bright green in color other than the usual brown. There may be a number of reasons why your feces are colored differently.

Most often than not, bright green poop or stool can be attributed to the food that you have eaten. Have you been eating too many greeny leaves as of late? Or are you taking some supplements or pills?

All these can be factors that can lead to green poop or green feces. By finding out what exactly is the reason for green poop, you can treat it effectively. It's always best to consult a doctor or an expert if your condition extends for more than a week.

What Causes Green Poop?

1. Eating too many greens or leafy vegetables - Who thought eating greens would cause so much alarm right? Apparently one of the main reasons for green poop occurrence is this! The discoloration also occurs if you have drinks or food items that have an artificial green coloring to them.

2. Side effects of medications - Are you taking prescription pills? Supplements that contain iron can induce a bright green color in feces.

3. Physical reasons - The bile which is secreted from the small intestine is green in color. When it passes to the large intestine, the bile becomes brown in color and mixes up with the stool. This is why stool normally appears brown in color. Sometimes this process of digestion does not get completed normally and the bile is passed through quickly to the large intestine without a change in color. Due to this reason, feces appear bright green. This condition is called 'rapid transit.

Other reasons for green poop include -

  • Crohn's disease - Inflammation of the intestines.
  • Diarrhea
  • Cancer

The last three reasons are extremely dangerous for your health and it's recommended that you consult a doctor immediately if you excrete green poop for a longer period of time.

Green Poop Cures and Preventions

The best possible solution for green poop can always be attained from an expert. Consult a doctor immediately if you encounter fever, body pains, and any other physical pain or illness along with green poop.

In order to prevent any such unnecessary changes in your body, you can opt for colon cleansing. This dishes out unwanted substances from your body and makes your system clean. Colon cleansing also has proven beneficial for normal bowel movements.

Some Recommended Products

1. Colon Cleanse Cleansing Tea- Take a colon cleansing green tea each night and the toxins will be flushed away from your system in no time. It contains only natural, vegetarian ingredients.

2. Read the book - "The 28-Day Cleansing Program" - Learn how to repair your digestive system in a drug-free manner in the comfort of your own home. Another colon cleansing product (a book this time) that has received an overwhelming response from readers.

Another interesting read is "Inside Poop" by Scott Webb, a colon hygienist, who offers a personal, humorous as well a professional outlook towards colon cleansing.


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