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nSuns 531 Weight Training Routine

Updated on November 27, 2017

What is nSuns 531 LP?

NSuns 531 is a Linear Progression (LP) weight training program created by Reddit user nSuns (formerly known as 2Suns) and also originally published on Reddit. in the r/fitness subreddit. It has received positive reviews from a number of Reddit users for rapid strength progress in the four main powerlifts as well as improvements in aesthetics.

The focus of the program is on improving overall strength by increasing numbers in the 4 main powerlifts (Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift and Military Press) via weekly linear progression.

The program is loosely based on Jim Wendler's original 531, however has been modified to have increased volume for the main powerlifts, which makes the program superior for overall hypertrophy (muscle building).

Who is nSuns 531 LP for?

Anyone can do the program, however it is best suited for those who are of beginner to intermediate experience who still have the ability to progress linearly.

Basic familiarity with the 4 main powerlifts is recommended, so this program is not well suited to absolute beginners who have no weight training experience - if you are in this category are better off developing good technique on these lifts using light weights before beginning this program.

Conversely, advanced lifters who have exhausted their ability to progress linearly would be better suited to cyclical progression programs such as CAP2 or CAP3 (which were also created by nSuns).


The nSuns 531 LP program

The link below contains downloadable links to the spreadsheets to be used for the program - refer to the "2_Suns 531LP" section:

There are 4 main variations of the program which have been written by nSuns depending on how many days per week you can or want to train as well as certain lifts you might like to emphasise:

  • 4 day program
  • 5 day program (this is the most popular version of the program as well as the one which was originally used by n-Suns to improve his lifts)
  • 6 day program with either Squat or Deadlift emphasis

The program requires you to maintain a spreadsheet which you can do by downloading the spreadsheet of the program variation you will be using from the link above. Alternatively, you can download a smartphone app which contains the nSuns 531 LP program such as one of the below:

You must enter your training maxes for the 4 main powerlifts into the spreadsheet or app to calculate all the weights you will use for each set you will perform during the week (note: your training max is not your 1 rep max, as a starting point nSuns recommends you use 90% of your 1RM for each of the main lifts). This is then updated on a weekly basis for the following week based on your performances in the 1+ sets for the T1 main lifts for the week just completed i.e. if you performed 5 reps on your 1+ set for the week completed it is generally recommended that you increase your training max for the lift by - refer to the table below for further details on recommended progression.

Accessories and T2 lifts (i.e. the second lift you perform on each day) are customisable to the user depending on your individual strengths, weaknesses and/or goals. The T2 lifts which are programmed are those which were used by nSuns based on his individual weak points in the T1 main lifts. There are no hard recommendations however it has been suggested by nSuns as well as other users of the program to focus upper body accessories on pulling movements given that the program includes substantial volume for pushing movements (e.g. bench press variations and overhead press) and lower body accessories on hip dominant and hamstring dominant movements given the program includes substantial quad dominant movements (e.g. squat variations).

The T1 and T2 lifts typically take 1 hour altogether to complete however this may vary depending on how long you need to rest between sets to recover fully i.e. deadlift and squat days typically take longer as greater recovery is required. The general recommendation for rest times between sets is around 1.5 to 2 minutes.

Training Max (TM) Progression Guidelines

Repetitions achieved on 1+ set in current week (reps)
Recommended increase in TM for subsequent week (lbs)
Recommended increase in TM for subsequent week (kg)
This table shows the recommended weekly progression for the T1 main lifts by nSuns.

Where can I find out more about the program?

The nSuns subreddit contains a wealth of information regarding the nSuns 531 LP program (as well as other programs and applications created by nSuns such as CAP2, CAP3 and TDEE Calculator), people's results from using the program, FAQs and being an active discussion board where you can ask questions to those who have and are also running the program:

Additionally you might like to check out my nSuns 531 training log below where I have documented my weekly training logs and progress using the program:


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