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Nasal Surgery and Recovery

Updated on November 10, 2017

Nasal Surgery

Nasal and Sinus Surgery is a procedure done to relieve congestion and breathing difficulties by opening the airways on both sides of the nasal passages. A Septoplasty which is part of the surgery is done to repair a blockage inside the nose caused by a deviated septum. The septum will be straightened. The Bilateral Endoscopic Sinus procedure helps to relieve chronic sinusitis congestion; it opens the airways. These two procedures are the most commonly done with this type of a nasal surgery. My Doctor says they are less evasive than others procedures you can have. I have had both of these nasal procedures done and recovered from both.


About Nasal Surgery

This surgery is outpatient and takes about 90 minutes long. You are given anesthesia to keep you asleep for the whole surgery and won't know anything until you are brought to in recovery. When you wake up you will feel groggy and have gauze taped to your nose for the drainage. Your mouth will be dry feeling from the breathing tube. The nurse will bring you water to sip on and Popsicle's. Popsicle's will become your best friend during recovery! Your nose will feel stuffed up due a stint in each side because of the Septoplasty done to straighten the septum. You will have some packing inside the nose as well. The stints and packing will be removed one-week after surgery. You may need some pain medicine during recovery as well. After you've been watched for a few hours after surgery you are then sent home to recover.

Recovery is very important so follow all directions!

Info on Surgery


My Decision

I had this surgery because I've had a lot of problems with chronic sinusitis and allergy's. This last year was the worst it's ever been for me. It was first suggested to try allergy shots but that would only be helpful during spring and Fall season. My doctor then suggested this nasal surgery; Septoplasty to straighten my septum and endoscopic sinus surgery to open the airways. This would be the most beneficial for my all the time chronic sinusitis symptoms. As I researched and looked into it and asked questions; everyone had all positive end results afterwards. That made me feel very hopeful about it. I decided to go ahead with it.

The surgery itself isn't so bad because are asleep for it. The recovery has been a little rough for me. Although I am sure everyone tolerates pain differently than the next. I am, however, very sensitive to pain so I've been resting the whole time until it time for the stints to come out which is soon. The stints put a lot of pressure in your head, nose, eyes; my ears at times. Pain medication has been very helpful during this time. So for the first week you do nothing by take it easy and rest!

Septoplasty Procedure

ME Right After Surgery

Me Right After Surgery
Me Right After Surgery | Source

After Surgery - Nose Sling

Symptoms to Expect

During Recovery

  • Watery eyes
  • Dry mouth
  • Headache
  • Achy in teeth, nose and jaw
  • Swelling or discoloration nose and eye area
  • Small amount of bloody mucus drainage
  • Packing and stints will be removed in one week by Dr.

Week 1


  • Keep head elevated. Use recliner or propped with up pillows in bed.
  • Avoid bending over as this increase pressure in head
  • Avoid any strenuous activity
  • Rest, Rest and Rest!

Resting With My Nose Sling Bandana

Resting With My Nose Sling Bandana
Resting With My Nose Sling Bandana | Source

Care Instructions

Follow Dr's Orders!

  • No blowing nose for a week
  • Sneeze through an open mouth
  • Mustache Gauze is a taped gauze pad under nose to absorb drainage. Change as needed
  • Nose Sling is sling to put gauze in if don't want to tape for a little more comfort.
  • Nose Rinse 2 times a day after at least the first day home.

Neil Med Sinus Rinse


Week 2

Nose Stints

The stints were in my nose for one week; then removed. It felt weird when they came out but very relieved. My taste and smell slowly came back. I could taste jello once again along with everything else I ate. My smell was a little icky coming back but it did. Since there was packing still in my nose I smelled that a lot at first but with doing the nose rinsing twice a day that got better. It is very important to do the nose rinsing!! My headaches calmed down and my energy level started to return as well. I could get back to what was normal for me slowly.


Diet and Meds

Eating soft food will be soothing to your throat. Your teeth may be achy and eating harder or crunching foods will hurt. Popsicle's will become your best friend. They were really great the dryness and needing your throat soothed.

Take your pain medicine as needed and directed by doctor is important.

  • Soft foods and drink plenty of fluids.
  • Resume regular foods as tolerated
  • Popsicle's are super important!
  • Take prescribed pain medicine are directed; take with food.
  • No driving or drinking alcoholic beverages with meds

Popscicle's - Your BEST Friend!

Pop-Ice Freezer Pops, Fat Free Ice Pops, Assorted Flavors (100 - 1 oz pops)
Pop-Ice Freezer Pops, Fat Free Ice Pops, Assorted Flavors (100 - 1 oz pops)
These are especially good for your sore, dry throat after surgery and during your recovery at home. I lived on them for a few weeks. Assorted flavors help break the monotony of one having one kind all the time.

Keep Recovering!

Week 3 and 4

My Doctor says I am half-way through my recovery which means I am in my third week. He was very impressed with my latest recheck appointment. I did my nose rinsing twice a day like a good girl which rinsed all the packing out and didn't have to have it removed. He said it looked good in my nose; just a little crusty but that would heal up over time during the rest of my recovery. The sutures meaning stitches have dissolved nicely.

So a few more weeks of recovery for me yet. I am getting back to normal now which is exciting. The end result of having this surgery is what I've been waiting for. I'm looking forward to my sinuses being much better and manageable.

Until the next Dr check-up.....


6 Months Recovery

I'm at my 6 months out on my recovery and doing well. I've had one sinus infection so far. So for the next year I am to continue with daily nose rinses, take allergy medicine and nasal spray once a day. If I do feel a sinus infection coming on I'm suppose to call the office and they will treat over the phone. The goal is to only 2-3 infections if I have to any at all. If I do have more than other options will be discussed at my next one-year appointment.

So far I think the surgery has helped. Allergy's will always be high during Spring and Fall seasons. So cross your fingers for me and hope it goes well for the next year!


2 Years Later

I'm at two years now since my surgery. I have been doing better than before the surgery. I still continue to have sinus and allergies. I guess there's no way of getting around not having them but at least it's not as severe as it was before. I still get a few infections and I do still use the rinse because it helps a lot; maybe every few days but often during the seasonal times for sure. My 2 year check-up is just around the corner so we'll see what the Doc thinks.

© 2013 Cheryl Fay Mikesell


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