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My Treadmill Selection

Updated on August 22, 2019
Bob Schroeder profile image

I hate walking in bad weather so I use my treadmill to give me a great indoor workout. I can use it rain or shine any time of day

No bad weather when I exercise on my treadmill

A Treadmill Might Be One Answer To Your Exercise And Health Problems

If you want to exercise, but you don't want the expense of a gym membership then maybe having a home gym might be your best bet. You can avoid trying to walk during bad weather, driving a long distance to your nearest fitness center and spending 2 hours away from home just to work out.

Of course we all know that regular exercise will improve your health problems, joint issues and improve your overall mental attitude.

Maybe you have bad knees, an artificial hip, or other joint problems, or you don't have time to go to the gym. You may be thinking that your days of being able to walk or run for exercise are over. I have an artificial hip so I know what limitations this can present.

You could be trying to walk in the neighborhood on the concrete or asphalt, and this might be making every joint in your body hurt. Many people I know have been taking pain killers, using hot patches and even cold patches to ease their sore and aching joints.

I can truthfully say that I feel your pain, because all of the above applies to me. I am a senior citizen and I still want to exercise, but I sure don't want the pain and soreness.

I finally gave up on the walking outside and went to a gym to use the treadmills. This made all the difference in the world to my poor old body.

Even though I could now get a pretty good workout accomplished, some of the machines were very hard to program, jerked a lot when changing speeds and the walking base was pretty hard.

Many times the machines were all being use and I had to wait a long time to get my turn to exercise. I got fed up and decided that I could do all this and more in my own home. That's when I made the move to get my own treadmill and set up my home gym.

Do your work outs at home on your own personal treadmill that you can program to your specific requirements and no one will change them

There are many great machines out there.  I found the one I like to use and so can you.
There are many great machines out there. I found the one I like to use and so can you. | Source

Walking for exercise and weight control is the best for me. Doing it at home makes it even better

Why Should You Use A Treadmill For Walking

In spite of what many exercise Gurus say, walking is still considered to be the best and easiest way to get your exercise especially as you get older. It is generally agreed that walking is one of the most beneficial cardiovascular exercises for people of all ages.

I am in the "older person" category and would not be getting any exercise if I couldn't walk. Most people and exercise instructors will tell you that walking is good for all body types, and levels of fitness.

Walking on a treadmill will provide you with the ability to get an extremely good cardiovascular workout. What I like about it, is the fact that nothing hurts when I have finished my exercise routine.

If you use walking as major part of your health and exercise program you will get many great benefits for your heart, lungs, and circulatory system. In the process you will be increasing muscle tone and burning fat calories. Burning those fat calories will help you lose weight and keep it off.

Treadmills provide a convenient way to regularly exercise in all weather conditions and in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Exercising Is Good For All Ages

Even if you are just starting an exercise routine, treadmills will give you the most flexibility of any other machine.

You can set your own pace, distance, and what you feel your own needs might be. Most machines will offer you the opportunity to track your calories, check your heart rate and some even have hookups for music players and TV's.

  • Not that I do a lot of TV watching, but, I can get all my exercise done while watching television. If I need to,
  • I can talk on the telephone
  • I can also read a book or magazine.

Because of my artificial hip and bad knees, my t616 gives me a great low-impact walk without the hard pounding contact of a concrete surface.

I used to walk on the roads in my neighborhood, flat and very hard. By the time I got home, my knees and hips were very sore. With the treadmill I no longer have this pain after a workout.

All in all, for people like me and maybe you, this type of exercise machine is the best way to exercise.

Having your gym equipment for home makes it much easier to schedule your work outs and budget your time

Running on a treadmill is very easy and convenient when done at home
Running on a treadmill is very easy and convenient when done at home | Source

Who Actually Uses A Treadmill

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I Found The One For Me

After doing a ton of research I finally settled on some equipment for my home

What made the Nautilus t616 so special that I decided to purchase it?

After a great deal of research, this is the machine I chose for my home gym.

Here are some of the great features that I discovered about this machine

This great treadmill has a 3.0 CHP motor

15 MPH maximum speed

15% incline

Cushioned walking/running surface area (20 x 60-Inch), softrak suspension deck to reduce impact to joints

26 Workout programs

Bluetooth LE connectivity to the Nautilus fitness app and NautilusConnect goal tracking and data export keeps you aware of your progress and focused on your fitness goals

USB charging port and data exchange to NautilusConnect and/or

Quick access speed and incline buttons

blue backlit LCD monitors so can watch your tablet or read a magazine while still tracking your workout time

9 time/distance courses

calorie goal settings

T616 features a backlit LCD monitor to track your key metrics while exercising.

SoftDrop folding technology for easy and safe storage

Magazine rack

Transport wheels

Integrated fan

Of course, this is just a small example of all the features this treadmill has, but it's a pretty good start to see just how good it really is.

I use as many sources as I can when I am evaluating a purchase. Get as many opinions as you can before making your decision

How Good Is The Nautilus t616 Warrenty

What Is The Warrenty

When considering the purchase of a treadmill, a couple of concerns come to mind. How long is the warranty and how good is the company at honoring their warranty and how big is it.


-10 years frame

-10 years motor

-2 years mechanical

-2 year electrical

-90 days labor

-User weight maximum: 300 lbs

Nautilus has a great reputation for honoring their warranty.

You need to get answers to questions such as, how large is this treadmill. Make sure you have the room for a piece of work out equipment

I found the size to be just about perfect for the room I was going to use as my "home gym". There was no point in having it in a room that was so small I couldn't have a TV or small fridge for my cold water.

About 78" length, 35" width, 58" height, with level deck height of 9".

Measure your exercise room carefully and have a helper come to help move the Nautilus t616.

Get all the facts about equipment and how to use it, then Go For IT. Purchase your machine and have a great time.

Now you know why I bought my own treadmill. Safe workouts, no waiting, programming just for my own needs, no huge gym membership fees and ability to do the best workout for my goals. Now it is your turn. Have a great workout!


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