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Cure Rhinitis with Neti Pot

Updated on April 12, 2011

Neti pot is good for many nasal problems

One of my friends who was suffering from rhinitis recently went to the doctor and got prescribed only neti pot as a treatment. The usage of neti pot to perfrom nasal irrigation has been one of the routine kriyas performed in yoga for hundreds of years. In India, neti pot is being used routinely along with brushing the teeth early in the morning. With yoga becoming popular in the West, the benefits of neti pot in treatment of sinonasal symptoms have gained popularity and the modern world has accept nasal cleansing by netipot as one of the best ways to maintain nasal hygiene. Neti pot is being prescribed by physicians to treat allergic rhinitis and other types of rhinitis.

Sinus problem has become one of the main reasons people see their physicians. With the increasing environmental degradation and pollution, sinonasal passage irritation has become very common and neti pot usage has become a necessity now more than hundreds of years back when it was introduced. Net pot is just a small little pot with a spout with a smooth bulging tip to accommodate in your nostrils and plugs them preventing spilling of water. Net pots are made up of ceramic, glass, plastic, and metal. Net pots of different shapes and with beautiful carving are available in the market. Using this technique cleanses to nasal passage and effectively alleviates irritation from sinusitis and rhinitis.

Warm water in neti pot mixed with common pure salt is used for irrigation. Care should be taken in selecting the type of the salt and amount of salt used in neti irrigation. Traditionally, only pure salt is recommended to be used in neti pot. Water should be warm as it effectively stimulates the nasal passage than cold water. It is dangerous to use hot water and it can burn the nasal passage. One teaspoon of salt with pot full of water or 5 g of salt in half a liter water can be used in netipot. Pure salt is recommended by many yoga gurus. They do not recommend even the iodised salts. But in spite of strong recommendation of only pure common salt available in nature, there are may teachers who are not are not strictly against the other type of salts used in netipot nasal cleansing. The other types of salts used in neti pot include macrobiotic salt, vegetable salt, rock salt, kosher salt, and table salt.


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