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Tips For Getting a Great Butt!!

Updated on October 27, 2014

Lunges and Walking Lunges

Two of the very best exercises for the butt are Lunges and walking lunges. I have a video below demonstrating good form on both. The butt is a muscle called the glute I'm sure you've heard! By knowing that the butt is a muscle, what this means is that by adding weight and completing full range of motion on these exercises, they will develop the glute muscle very nicely! Start out with your own body weight, but after about a week or two start adding weight and playing around with double dipping at the bottom of the lunge! What I mean by this is, right when your knee is a couple inches away from the floor and your thedeepest into the lunge possible (whether it's walking lunges or regular lunges) come up a little and then go back down and then come all the way up. Do that move for an entire set and it's like doing double the lunges in the same amount of time. Master these moves and your glutes will never be the same!

Here's an extra tip! You can do walking lunges or regular lunges with dumbbells by your sides, or for an extra core hitting bonus, you can hold a bar across your shoulders behind your neck. By having the weight above your torso, this will activate the abdominal muscles and force you to use them to balance your body while performing the lunge! For an even extra hard-core hitting workout, do crunches or your favorite ab routine before doing lunges with the weight on your shoulders! By pre exausting your abs, you will get so much more out of your walking lunges!

Squats for the butt!
Squats for the butt! | Source

Squats and Split Squats for the Butt!

Besides walking lunges, squats and splits squats are some of the best moves for the glutes as well! You can start out with your body weight, and then add dumb bells as you get stronger and stronger. Remember that the more you feel it, the more you are going to see a difference. When doing squats, squeeze your butt every time you get to the top of the squat. Also remember that your glute is a muscle and for it to grow, you must add some weight. Be very carefull! Remember that your spine should always be as strait as possible (a slight bend at the lower back is fine as long as spine is not arched), and your knees should stay behind the toes whenever bending or lunging!

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