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What is Noni?

Updated on July 31, 2008

Origins and Desiny of the Noni fruit.

The discovery of Noni

It's all started in the year 1955, when a man by the name of Dr. Ralph Heinicke was researching the benefits of the pineapple, and discovered the beneficial properties of the fruit which we have all come to know as Noni.

Then in 1993, a man by the name of John Wadsworth discovers the reaseach that Dr. Heinicke had layed out, so he traveled all the way to Tahiti to confirm the existence of the abundance and commercially viable resource of the Noni fruit.

After conducting interviews with government officials and the natives, he searches the libraries for historical documents left behind by the ancients. The claims were true, all the research indicates the properties of the noni fruit are astounding.

Then, in 1996 with the coming together of all the partners, which each had expertise in there pertinent industry: Science, Industry, Business, and Marketing, the foundation for Tahitian Noni International was laid.

By 1997, Tahitian Noni International had posted $33 million in sales, and this was only the first year in business.. then the real expansion begins.

By 1999, the company reaches a new milestone by hitting an total annual sales of $300 Million, with $30 Million in sales the first month. Their growth was international, taking over Japan, Mexico, and even Hong Kong.

Not only was Tahitian Noni International building a solid foundation and business, but they also met with the government of French Polynesia to bring the country new jobs and investment opportunities.

By 2001, Tahitian Noni Internation ranked #26 on Inc. 500's fastest growning companies in the United States.. They also opened a 150K sqt office building in Provo. Utah.

Now hitting $2 Billion in sales by 2003, and $1 billion of that was paid out in cumulative commissions to the Independent Product Consultants, or IPC's.

Now by 2004, Tahitian Noni International starts to introduce more products, which contain the key elements of the Noni plant, fruit, and seed. French Polynesia benefited greatly from this venture and awards Tahitian Noni International for the economic growth and impact that the company has had on their economy. Also TNI releases TAHITIAN NONI™ Equine Essentials™ which was the first liquid supplement for all horses and helped maintain their health and endurance.

By 2005 TNI opens up what they call the Lifestyle Centers and this gives the public a place to interact with the new Tahitian Noni products. Provo, Dallas, Atlanta, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Tokyo, Japan get the Tahitian Noni Cafés™ as well. Their goals is to open 100 cafés by 2010.

In 2006 6,000 Tahitian Noni International Indepenant Product Consultants fill Universal Studios in Hollywood to celebrate Tahtian Noni International's 10th Anniversary.

Recently, in 2007, 8,000 TNI IPC's traveled to the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for the launch of HIRO™. This energy drink of sorts comes in a variety of flavors, and has the Noni fruit in it.

Noni is a great fruit, and I'm speaking from experience. I drink Noni everyday, and I love the protein power made from Noni. This my true testimony, and I would like to just share with you some the great success that this company has had.. I hope that this helps alittle with explaining what Noni is and where is came from.. and if your interested in reading more.. you can visit my website at

The noni plant
The noni plant


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