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Nutrisystem Cost

Updated on March 31, 2015

Nutrisystem is a diet plan weight loss product and who system that has been around for a good 35 years now. They base their diet plan on a series of pre-packed, calorie controlled meals that are delivered to the door of those who purchase the plan. So what is the actual cost of this diet plan?

I'm not necessarily talking about the cost in monetary terms, as prices for anything can vary from day to day. I'm more interested in the cost in terms of health, confidence, ability to lose weight and success to the people who choose to take up their offer.

This hub will take a look at how the Nutrisystem diet works and how successful it can be for the dieter when used correctly.

Additionally, I'll look at what what is involved in the Nutrisystem diet and how easy it is to stick to once you replace your regular diet with theirs and if it really works. Apologies in advance if the tone of this Hub seems a little more harsh than my usual kind, but getting people to lose weight can be a really tough thing to do sometimes and you have to be a just little tougher to get the message across...

How Does the Nutrisystem Diet Work?

The Nutrisystem diet works by replacing your three regular meals in a day with three meals that they deliver to your door. Those meals are low in calories, sugars and bad fats, high in nutrition and are designed to improve your health while helping you to lose weight.

What will help to keep you with the diet is doing some things for yourself, which you may not be aware of. Most people believe that they should simply take each meal from their freezer, pop it in the microwave and then eat it. That's only half the story and I've heard of plenty of people who have complained about feeling hungry too soon after eating one of those meals.

What you should do is to add some freshly prepared and cooked vegetables to the meals in order to increase their volume without adding any calories. That way you will feel full for longer after eating one of the meals.

So you might say, "But doesn't that sort of defeat the object of having an easy to make, ready meal?"

Quite right it does, but remember what you're on this diet for? Not to be lazy, but to lose weight! If you really want that to happen, you have to do some things for yourself. One of those thing is adding fresh vegetables to your meals in order to make them bigger without adding calories or fats.

You can do that with fresh vegetables, like carrots, broccoli, peas, green beans, asparagus, turnips, cabbage, parsnips... there are plenty of them to choose from to add interest to your meals and bulk them out with extra nutrition but empty calories.

If you like, by following that advice, the Nutrisystem cost ( in terms of simplicity goes up a little, but you have to ask yourself if your goal of losing weight is worth that extra cost.

Does Nutrisystem Really Work?

The first thing you have to ask when questioning whether a diet plan such as Nutrisystem's actually works is more like, "Does Nutrisystem work for those who play by the rules?"

That's because you'll get a false stack of statistics from thousands of people for whom it failed, not because the product or the diet was flawed, but because they cheated (but they won't tell you that). Think about it from this angle.

If you were on a diet that you paid good money for, but part way through you got a craving for some chocolate cake while you were out shopping one day. You just happened to be passing a confectioners at the time, so you went in and blew the diet with a large helping of cream filled chocolate cake topped with a thick layer of gorgeous, smooth chocolate sauce.

Oh yeah...

Would you tell anyone who was counting on you to succeed in your diet? Would you hell! You'd lie like the devil and swear that the diet must have been at fault. That's pretty much the way most people would be and that's the truth!

So you can't really rely to heavily on statistics to gauge whether or not a particular diet is successful or not. But you can certainly look at the diet itself and get a good idea whether it has the potential to help someone lose weight who sticks to it. A diet that is restrictive on daily calorie intake, low in all the bad fats, low in sugars and low in high GI carbs will be pretty successful if the person on a diet such as that sticks to it.

It will be even more successful if the person on the diet is properly informed that they also need to do some daily exercise in order to burn off the calories they are consuming. That's because no matter how restrictive a diet is on calories, if your body is not burning more of them than its assimilating, then there is no way on earth that you will lose weight.


Why is this? Well, in order to lose weight the formula is as simple as it gets and it is this:

You must burn more calories than you consume to lose weight.

So what that is saying is if your diet gives you 1000 calories in a day but you do no exercise and your body only burns 1000 calories through its normal functions, then you will not lose weight. If you restrict it further to only 800 calories a day and you still do no exercise, your body will slow down its functions including your metabolic rate to compensate and you will still not lose weight! Take it to extremes and you risk damaging your health.

Better is to do some daily exercise like walking, swimming, playing some sports or whatever is enjoyable for you. Then your body will burn more calories because it has to in order to carry out the extra work imposed on it by the exercise. Then of your calorie controlled diet restricts you to 1000 calories in a day, but because of the exercise you burn off 1200 calories, you will lose weight.

So under those circumstances, by purchasing the Nutrisystem diet and following it for a month, you will lose weight as long as you don't bust the diet. A good tip would be to stay well away from shops that sell chocolate cake...


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    Janice White 8 years ago from England

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    Great hub Janice!