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Online Therapy - Finding a Dream Translator

Updated on January 21, 2015

Sound Mental Health

I know you are desperate, and you don't trust anyone. You are lucky because my work is ready and you can immediately understand the meaning of your dreams. You will immediately verify the value of this information.

Since you don't know the dream language you need a professional dream translator. Later you'll learn the dream language yourself. In the beginning I will translate your dreams for you.

I will also provide you with psychotherapy after my scientific translations. You will surely find peace and sound mental health thanks to the unconscious guidance in your dreams.

I accurately translate the meaning of the dream symbols, relating this information to your life story. This is why your short life biography is indispensable. Otherwise, I cannot clearly understand why the unconscious mind is sending you the messages I read in your dreams.

You will verify from the beginning that the unconscious mind knows everything about you and your life.

Carl Jung discovered the right method of dream interpretation, as I prove with my research. I followed his steps. At a certain point, I could better understand the dream language.

I continued Jung's research, making new discoveries. Before publishing my ebooks online I cured many people through dream therapy for two decades.

My work is not theoretical. It is clinical; in other words it is practical. You will immediately understand the unconscious messages in your dreams, and how this knowledge can help you in your life.

I wouldn't dedicate my life to dream interpretation if dreams were not so powerful. I had no intention to work treating horrible mental illnesses. I'm an artist. I have an extraordinary literary talent.

I became a psychiatrist and psychologist because I had the moral obligation to transmit my knowledge to the world. I only wanted to find the cure for my own neurosis, but I discovered the cure for all mental illnesses thanks to my obedience to the unconscious wisdom.

After continuing Jung's research in the unknown region of the human psyche, I discovered the roots of human absurdity.

At the same time, I discovered the unconscious sanctity.

Carl Jung discovered that the unconscious mind was the voice of divine providence, but he was a cold scientist. He couldn't perceive the unconscious sanctity like me, who was an artist.

The unconscious psychotherapy in dream messages is a true blessing. The unconscious mind will show you the truth about yourself, and about your environment.

Everyone has dreams about their main problems. For example, some people have frequent nightmares because they are neurotic. Other people have recurring dreams about their relationship and the person they love because they have a problematic relationship.

There are also many people who have constant dreams about their past. This happens because they repeat an immature behavior they used to have when they were young.

Your dreams give you answers and solutions about your most important problems right now. The unconscious mind is a saintly mind that protects your sanity.

Thanks to the wonderful internet that unites the entire world, we can instantly exchange many email messages. After my translations we will talk about your problems and the unconscious guidance until you'll feel that you have really found the support you were looking for.

Dream Therapy

Human Absurdity and Mental Stability

Dreams are very serious warnings that protect your mental stability. You already are absurd from birth, even though you ignore this fact. You can easily lose your fragile conscience.

You may work without problems and seem to be a balanced person, like many other people in your immediate environment. You may think that I'm exaggerating when I say that the human being is basically absurd from birth. However, even though you do a few things without problems, at the same time you are absurd in your personal life. Just because you do a few things normally, it doesn't mean that you are balanced all the time.

On the other hand, the others around you are actors. You are an actor in your social environment too, even if you cannot admit this truth. Your lack of intelligence prevents you from understanding your own absurdity, or the absurdity of those around you.

Through dream translation you'll learn all the revealing details that reflect absurdity. I will give you some basic guidance here.

You are absurd whenever you are dominated by:

* Anger and hatred

* Selfishness

* Indifference to human pain

Thus, whenever you have recurring nightmares, which basically indicate that you are making serious mistakes, this means that you must pay attention to your behavior. You must be a sensitive human being who always shows compassion to others. Forgiveness is your antidote against craziness and terror.

You are also absurd whenever:

* You care only about your own ideas, without paying attention to what other people think.

* You follow your feelings, without thinking logically and analyzing all the dangers that are threatening you.

* You care only about material pleasures, without paying attention to anything else in your life.

* You care only about your imagination, your fantasies, your visions, and whatever your intuition can guess.

You should be very careful and always follow the guidance of the unconscious mind in your dreams.

Get rid of nightmares, recurring dreams, mental illnesses, and unbearable symptoms naturally and effectively through dream therapy.

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Professional Dream Translation


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Help and Support

You can be immediately relieved from depression and despair by translating the meaning of a single dream through dream interpretation according to the scientific method.

Many people send me their dreams for translation everyday to find immediate help and support in the dream messages.

If you are depressed and you have suicidal thoughts, don't let despair control your behavior.

You will be immediately helped online. You'll easily understand what is happening to you and what you have to do thanks to the unconscious guidance in your own dreams.

In 2008, I offered free professional dream translations to the public on the internet, with the condition to be allowed to publish everyone's dreams and life biographies anonymously so that I could give practical lessons to my readers. This was how I created the ebooks

Dream Interpretation as a Science and Interpreting Dreams about the Person You Love

This means that you not only have proof that my instant professional translations are real and helpful, but you can learn how to translate yourself all types of dreams thanks to real examples as well.

My professional translations are exactly like the professional translations from the words of one language to the words of another language, only that I translate dream symbols into words.

Now that you are desperate and you still ignore the meaning of the dream language I will help you by showing you what the unconscious mind is explaining in your dreams, so that you may find the solutions you need without delay.

You will find immediate support thanks to my instant translations.

Later you will study the meaning of dreams with enthusiasm. After my professional translations you will have proof that the meaning of your dreams is very important and really works like free psychotherapy.

Dream interpretation according to the scientific method is mind development.

At the same time it is a process of spiritual evolution that transforms you into a sensitive human being.

You become really balanced and wise.

You make only the right decisions, and you always triumph.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

Click Here to download a Free Sample of the eBook Dream Interpretation as a Science (86 pages!).


Mental Health Therapist and Counselor

Dynamic Psychotherapy through Dream Translation

I became an expert on dream translation according to the scientific method discovered by Carl Jung because I was cured from a serious neurosis.

My neurosis would surely become schizophrenia. I had inherited too much absurdity into the wild side of my conscience.

After finding sound mental health, I managed to continue Jung's research. However, the unconscious mind obliged me to cure many people through dream therapy for two decades before publishing my work.

I had to simplify Carl Jung's complicated method of dream interpretation and transform it into a fast method of instant translation from images into words.

Otherwise, the world wouldn't be able to find salvation like me.

Jung's method was too complex and time consuming.

I cured many people entirely free of charge, like a nun. I was also passing through a process of spiritual purification.

I had to sacrifice my time and abandon my own obligations in order to provide them support.

Their unbearable problems were very serious.

They suffered from severe mental illnesses, or they were victims of tragic situations.

I had to give them my support all the time, and not only once in a while, like common psychiatrists or psychologists do. I had to go to their houses, meet the other members of their family, live with them for a while, or be with them for many hours and days per week, while passing through various life experiences with them. I was constantly observing their reactions, and helping them in all fields of their lives.

My psychotherapy is totally different from the cold and indifferent psychotherapy you are used to. There is a religious side in my work, besides the scientific one.

All mental illnesses are cured when we obey the unconscious guidance. This happens because the unconscious mind is the voice of divine providence. In other words, the unconscious mind is God's mind.

I'm a mental health therapist and counselor who works based on a dynamic psychotherapy through dream translation. At the same time, I'm a nun who helps you purify your spirit and believe in goodness.

You can send me your dreams for a detailed professional dream translation and free psychotherapy after my translations, or just for a fast interpretation. I will immediately translate your dreams for you, relating this information to your personal life. You'll understand what you have to do in order to solve your basic problems.

I could say that 80% of the dreams I receive for translation every day are based on love relationships, or somehow related to the dreamer's feelings.

Other people send me their dreams for translation because they suffer from a severe mental illness, but they cannot find support anywhere. Only the scientific method of dream interpretation can help everyone without distinctions.

The dream messages clearly reveal to all dreamers what is happening with the person they love, showing them many details about the special person's personality. The information given in dreams helps all dreamers avoid bad relationships, or avoid conflicts.

The dream messages also explain why someone suffers from unexplained symptoms. The vision we have through dream translation helps us understand why all problems are generated, and how they can be solved.

You will abandon the narrow-minded ideas of your historical time when you'll learn the meaning of your own dreams. Your dreams save you mental stability, give you extraordinary brain power, and help you find authentic happiness in life.

Nothing can be compared to this special knowledge.

You receive the right guidance, without facing frustrations.

You doctor is the saintly unconscious mind that knows everything.

The divine words are totally different from the hypocritical words of selfish human beings.

This is why the divine unconscious mind speaks with images instead of using human words. Words can be logically distorted by your anti-conscience.

The meaning of the dream images cannot be distorted because it follows the unconscious logic, and not the logic of your ignorant human conscience.

You verify into practice that the meaning of your dreams fits with your reality, with your personality and with the issues you are facing in your daily life. The information you have in dreams is basically about yourself and your life. You verify from the beginning that you are helped with the knowledge you have when you translate the meaning of dreams with the right method.

You can learn how to become a professional dream translator like me if you'll follow my lessons. However, if you have psychological problems and you need fast help, you should submit your dreams for professional dream translation and psychotherapy. You will be cured in a few months, and you'll also become self-confident. You won't be forever dependent on your psychotherapist like you do when you trust doubtable psychotherapeutical methods.

The unconscious mind helps you solve your problems and finish your treatment at a certain point. However, as an intelligent person, you should understand the value of this knowledge. You should always translate the meaning of your dreams, without stopping the dream therapy only because you will solve your basic problems.

Through dream translation you can have information about all matters. You'll know everything about the person you love and about those who are around you. The precious unconscious guidance in dreams is always helpful.

A Free Sample

One of my regular patients (who also is my student) just sent me a question.

Sometimes she sends me her dreams for a professional dream translation because she is in the beginning of her studies and she didn't learn the dream language yet.

I don't charge anything for answering a question.

I'm giving you an example of the process of dream translation online, so that you may understand how it works into practice. The dreamer is a 20 - 30 years old woman. This is a private dream translation. Of course, the dreamer's name won't be published. I cannot reveal the dreamer's personal details. However, the information I'm giving is very helpful for everyone, and it doesn't expose the dreamer in any way.

Here are our messages:

Hi Cristina,

How do you do?

I would like to update you on my progress.

For the past two nights, I had two similar dream scenes. Goes as follows "I'm walking to a train station but when I get there, I miss the train" what could the unconscious be trying to pass to me in these dreams?

I look forward to your response.

Warm regards

Dear dreamer,

The train follows the rails, without having the possibility to go anywhere else. To travel by train is a bad sign. It indicates that your life is following a route without any new alternative.

So, the fact that you lost the train twice is good, since if you would travel by train you would follow a known route that is the repetition of the routes followed by all human beings who never find happiness in life.

However, the fact that you went to train station is bad. This means that you want to follow a known route without any possibility of salvation, but in the last minute you do something right and you don't follow this route.

Be careful, Dear Dreamer! You are about to follow a route without any hope of salvation. You are saved in the end because you are studying the meaning of your dreams, but you must stop wanting to follow this route. A recurring dream is a serious warning. It means that you will have serious future problems if you won't solve your problems now and do something very important that you are not doing.

Read this lens in order to learn more about the meaning of recurring dreams:

How to Stop Having Recurring Dreams

Read again the dreams I translated for you. Read my ebooks with seriousness. Your age is very, very dangerous!

You are a young adult who is still a child (forgive me if you don't like my sincerity, I'm opening your eyes as if I was your mother) but now you have to make important decisions that will define your life. Now you are going to get married, now you will begin to work, now you will begin to live like an adult, while you are very ignorant, you are still a child, and you live in a hell. Our world is very dangerous. Everyone can be your enemy.

Be very, very careful. Don't get involved in a sad situation now. This will ruin your life.

Be a good student and the unconscious mind will help you find solutions. The most important of all is to write down all your dreams everyday, whatever you can remember from a dream, even if it is only a scene. At least write down all your dreams, and when you have time, read everything and try to translate everything you can LEAVING THE PARTS YOU CAN'T TRANSLATE FOR LATER.

As you will translate more and more dreams from your dream collection, when you will go back and examine your first dreams again, you will understand the unconscious intention. Then, you will be able to translate the missing parts of the first dreams you couldn't translate.

If you don't know the meaning of a dream symbol, don't invent anything. Write down what you suppose that this dream symbol means with an interrogation mark. Look for the meaning of the most important symbols at the glossary you'll find in Craziness Prevention. Read my lessons many times. I do teach you how to translate your dreams and follow the unconscious guidance.

Take dream interpretation very seriously because you are passing through a very challenging period of time.

All the best!


Hi Cristina,

Thanks so much. I always feel relieved after chatting with you.

I will digest your messages with open arms.

Much Love

Another Example

When you translate the meaning of dreams, you are enlightened by a superior mind.

Dreams are not wish fulfillments.

They give you information that you can trust.

For example, here are a few sentences from a dream dreamt by a patient who has many psychological problems. I cannot give you more information about the dreamer and his case, or publish his entire dream. However, these sentences will surely help you understand the importance of the unconscious messages.


I walk passing a cafeteria. It serves lunch and dinner at fixed hours. People come down to have dinner at the cafeteria but I don't. I want to eat a little later because I have eaten something and I am not hungry. It's too early for me to have dinner now. The problem is that I won't be able to have dinner then because the cafeteria serves dinner only now. The dinner menu is beef. It is two chucks of meat in a black earthen pot.

Dream Translation:

I walk passing a cafeteria. It serves lunch and dinner at fixed hours.

The cafeteria is a place where you drink coffee. Some cafeterias serve also food, depending on the hours you go there. At morning and at afternoon the cafeteria serves coffee and snacks. Around 12 o'clock it serves lunch, and at night, it serves dinner.

Coffee represents the acceptance of what is bad. Therefore, the cafeteria is a place where you learn how to accept what is bad for some reason.

For example, you may have to learn how to accept what is bad because one of your relatives will stay in your house for a few days and his presence is bothering you. However, you understand that you have to be tolerant and friendly. You won't have to bear his presence forever. Besides that, he is your uncle, your mother's brother. He is a member of your family.

Sometimes, accepting what is bad is necessary, so that you may show goodness.

Other times accepting what is bad is negative because you accept what is bad without criticizing your actions.

Reading God's Words in Dreams and Finding Protection

Finding Protection

My work proves to the world that Jung was a special scientist. The real importance of his work was not properly evaluated by the ignorant, superficial, and hypocritical world. My work proves to the world that Jung discovered the right code for the comprehension of the real meaning of the dream language according to the meaning given by the dream producer; the unconscious mind.

Only Jung didn't distort the meaning of dreams with his suppositions, like all the other dream interpreters and scientists of the world. Everyone must learn his method of dream interpretation based on my simplifications, after continuing his mission.

The real translation of the dream language accurately transcribes God's words. This is an important scientific proof of God's existence, which can be verified into practice when you learn the dream language and you start understanding the meaning of your own dreams.

You verify that your dreams talk about your past and about all the details that were important for you. You understand from the beginning that your doctor already knows everything about your psychological system and how you can be cured. God is an excellent psychiatrist and psychologist; the only one who can cure invincible mental illnesses.

The Dream Language and The Unconscious Psychotherapy

An Answer to One of My Patients that Might Help You Too

Dear Dreamer,

You have a certain difficulty on putting into practice what you learn.

For example, you may learn that it is wrong to eat something else before having dinner because you won't be hungry for dinner, but you still keep eating something right before dinner and you never enjoy your food, even though you know that this is wrong.

You are a slave of your habits.

(I gave you a very simple example. Unfortunately, your mistakes are quite worse for you and your future than what I'm showing you with this example.) Keep translating the meaning of your dreams with seriousness. The unconscious mind will help you change your behavior, become very intelligent and identify who is a good person, who is an actor, and a lot more.

It's very difficult to find the right person. Most people make serious mistakes when they get involved with someone of the opposite sex. Then, they get married, they have children, and they live suffering forever. Or, they get divorced, and they face more problems. At least, you didn't make this mistake yet.

The unconscious mind will help you correct your behavior and find your real perfect match when you will become a mature and self-confident person. Take dream interpretation very seriously and keep translating the meaning of your dreams everyday. You already know the basics. You can send me the dreams you won't understand, and soon your life will change.

If you care about the meaning of your dreams only once in a while you don't follow the unconscious psychotherapy; you are merely helped somehow, without solving your basic problems. You have to really follow dream therapy and put the guidance you have into practice.

Many people don't see positive results because they don't take dream interpretation seriously. They buy my ebooks but they don't read them, or they read them only once.

These ebooks are complicated because they deal with your mental health. In order to understand these books you have to study them the same way you used to study various subjects at school.

Only by reading both ebooks Dream Interpretation and a Science and Craziness Prevention only once you won't learn everything.

I give you many lessons.

You have to read and re-read my ebooks many times as you translate the meaning of your dreams in order to really absorb all the knowledge I'm giving you in my work, after 19 years of studies, research, and impossible cures.

I learned how to cure impossible cases into practice. My work is not theoretical.

Most people buy my ebooks and read them just once. They write down a few dreams. Then, they forget about this matter.

When they remember their dreams again, they ask me: 'When will the unconscious mind solve my problems?'

The unconscious mind is your doctor and teacher. It is not your slave. It shows you what is going wrong with you so that you may correct your mistakes. You have to participate of your psychotherapy. The unconscious mind waits until you will discover the right answers by yourself, after giving you many clues.

Your own intelligence must be developed. This is why the unconscious mind waits for your collaboration.

You have to take dream translation seriously and put the unconscious guidance into practice if you want to see positive results. If you have the behavior of a tourist who is merely seeing what is happening with you without really caring about putting the guidance you have into practice, you cannot find sound mental health and happiness.

In the beginning I was like you. I started caring about the meaning of dreams in 1984. I read many books written by Carl Jung and by many other psychologists, but I was not really learning anything. In 1986 I concluded that I should follow Carl Jung's method of dream interpretation because this was the only one that worked for all dreams.

Everything became very clear for me once I started writing down ALL my dreams in a dream journal, and not only the impressing ones. This was when I finally started to understand the unconscious psychotherapy and I started to perceive a certain progress in the way I was feeling.

Before taking it seriously, I was basically wasting my time.

The unconscious mind is very generous and repeats the same messages in various ways, in many dreams. Even when you don't understand the meaning of a dream, keep writing down your dreams, and wait for more explanations in the next dreams.

You will see the difference when the meaning of your dreams will be the most important thing for you and you will write down all your dreams. You have to care about the meaning of your dreams everyday.

You can translate the simple dreams by yourself, and send me only the complicated ones. If you have no time but you can pay the necessary fee for my translations, you should send me all your dreams for translation. Most people send me all their dreams everyday because they have serious problems - your problem before their problems is NOTHING in fact. They prefer to send me all their dreams for translation. We exchange many email messages. I really help everyone understand what to do.

Most people don't have time or courage to translate their dreams after work. They prefer to rest, watch TV, etc, then to spend two hours to translate a short dream - because they don't know the dream language and they have to look for the meaning of the dream symbols, etc. Even when they buy my ebooks, they prefer to have my fast translations and my advice.

I like to teach everyone how to translate their dreams themselves but I see that mainly only teens and a few patients who have serious problems and understand that dream therapy is their salvation are good students.

Everyone else has so many daily problems that they don't have any disposition for studies and translations.

Most people prefer my instant dream translations and fast psychotherapy.

Since you don't have a family, kids, etc, you have time to study the dream language and translate the simple dreams yourself - I presume.

So, you can save money on translations instead of sending me a dream everyday, unless you prefer to have my professional translations everyday or day by day because this helps you more.

In any case, your dreams will SURELY help you if you'll take dream interpretation seriously. This is guaranteed; you are not wasting your time. Take it very seriously, and you will surely become a wise and mature person. Then, you will surely find the right partner for you.

Everyone finds salvation through dream translation, but everything depends on your obedience. You have to follow the guidance you have without ignoring this guidance. You have to work and change your behavior. This is not easy. In the beginning you will find it too hard because you are lazy. However, you must stop being a slave of your bad habits.

If you understand that you are doing something bad for you, you have to stop doing it. Change your behavior. Don't simply recognize that this is bad, without doing anything about this matter.

Many times you will tend to say "I know that this is bad. The unconscious mind is not showing me something I ignore about myself." You know that something is bad but you keep doing it anyway because you find many obstacles in your way when you try to stop doing what is bad for you.

In order to stop doing what is bad, you have to change many things in your life, what means that you have to work. So, everything seems to be impossible for you. You accept what is bad while knowing that this is bad because you have no time and no courage to stop doing what is bad.

This is a dramatic situation.

You have to face this battle and accept doing what seems to be impossible. Since you know that it is a bad habit to eat something before dinner, stop eating before dinner. Accept suffering because you like to eat something before dinner in order to better enjoy your dinner in a while.

You have to accept suffering because you'll stop doing what is convenient for you. It may seem to be convenient, but what you are doing is bad. Whatever is bad, is destructive. You have to definitively stop doing what is bad without ignoring this matter. You have to change your behavior after seeing that you are making mistakes.

If you never change your behavior thanks to the knowledge you have, all this knowledge goes wasted. Nothing will magically change in your life if you'll keep making the same mistakes forever.

You must use the tools you have at your disposal and build a better life. First of all, you have to rebuild your personality.

The beginning is difficult, but the beginning doesn't last forever. When you'll understand what to do and you'll reap all the benefits you'll have thanks to dream translation, you will feel grateful because the unconscious mind helped you correct all your mistakes and improve your life.

* Free eBooks


Relationship Advice

Dear Dreamer,

Let me answer your questions:

If he is divorced he could help you get used to the fact that you should have a love relationship, even if he won't be the ideal partner yet.

Perhaps he is a preparation for the real perfect match. Perhaps he is a good partner. We don't know yet. However, everything basically depends on what you feel for him.

If he doesn't attract you, don't get involved with him.

You must never 'try' to like someone you don't like from the beginning when you are looking for love.

This is OK when you are looking for friendship. Many times you discover that a certain person can be a good friend even if you don't like this person from the beginning, but if you don't feel attracted by a man from the beginning this is a sign that he is not the ideal partner for you.

Be careful so that you won't get involved with the wrong partner before finding your perfect match. A free man can be a wrong partner too, if he is not the ideal type for you.

Don't approach him if you believe that he could help you stop feeling so alone just because you want to be with someone, or because you want to remember how it is to date someone again.

You should approach him only if you really like the idea of having a relationship with him.

All the best!


Hi Christina!

Thank you for the BEST advice I have ever received about dating. You hit the nail on the head in every aspect once again. Awesome!

Success Stories

One of my patients was in a challenging situation for a certain period of time.

She had many nightmares and warnings for months, but she managed to avoid all dangers. She was able to attain her goals and triumph over life's challenges.

Now she has only positive dreams.

Here is one of her last messages:

Thanks for the translation,

Very positive dream indeed. I'm glad my being is beginning to evolve in spiritual consciousness so as many others.

I began a deep research in truth of humanity in general and finding some very hidden knowledge.

I thank you for translating my dream.

The interesting thing is the truth is out there but so many wish to hear lies. I'm so glad I met you, my dreams are indeed from my unconscious guiding my every step.

The Positive Results of The Obedience to The Unconscious Guidance

I'm glad with the progress of one of my patients and students. Her last dream showed her that her victory is guaranteed. She is a very obedient patient who has a difficult mission. I cannot tell you more about her life biography.

I will publish a few sentences from her last long dream. Wish I could publish the entire dream and also tell you all the details about the dreamer. This way you would be able to really evaluate the power of the unconscious guidance in dreams. However, I cannot expose my patients without their permission.

You have the chance to learn all the details of the dreamers' life and their dreams by reading the ebook Dream Interpretation as a Science, where many dreamers gave me permission to publish their dreams and details of their life biographies (anonymously) in order to show you how the process of dream therapy works into practice, by using real cases from internet users of the entire world.

I offered them free dream translation and free psychotherapy in exchange for the right to use their cases in my ebook to give you my lessons, without exposing them in any way. You don't learn their names, real ages or the country they are from, but you can understand that these dreams and life stories come from real people of various parts of the world. Each one has a different style, and a totally different story.

I also professionally translate dreams for the public and the example I will use is from a private dream translation. So, I cannot tell you all the amazing details of this dreamer's story and show you exactly how the unconscious mind helped her attain a higher level of knowledge and special sensitivity. She was transformed through dream translation.

I will only use a few sentences of her last dream to give you a lesson and show you into practice the value of the obedience to the unconscious guidance in dreams:

They were waiting for me to count so they could start dancing. I counted 'One, two, three, four' and they started dancing.

Dream Translation

The happy parts of your personality respect the command of your ego, and this is why they were waiting for you to count to start dancing.

Patients' Comments

Hi! Christina,

Thank you for the detailed translation and your precious advice! It's been very helpful.

I think I have grown up a lot since I wrote the previous mail.

My pride didn't allow me to show my vulnerability to any of the mental health professionals I've seen. Thanks to your help, I have become more knowledgeable about what has been going on in my mind.

Dear Dreamer,

If you want to recover fast, you have to do what the unconscious mind shows you in your dreams without being lazy, and without being attached to your old ideas.

Dream therapy is real transformation, and real salvation.

Take care!



Hello Cristina,

I thank you so much for the wonderful dream interpretation. I have never ever imagined that my dream can be translated in such a deep meaningful way. It seems to me that this translation alone already gives me a very deep insight in my personality and problems.

I sure would like to continue the psychological therapy with your help.


Hi Cristina,

Thank you for your explanation! I am grateful. I will continue to send you some more dreams. Your cost is worthwhile.

Thank you for the good translation. It is very informative. I would like to purchase your book. Does the book have to be purchased from my home computer or any public computer with internet access? Because I also use other computers.

I'm starting to feel more calm and peaceful at home, even when things don't go as planned. I am getting along better with my children. I understand how to be firm with them, without getting angry. I don't even have to try. I just seem to handle things better at home.

I have a feeling it has to do with my dream therapy. So, thank you! I never imagined it could help without my realizing it. I'm just starting to notice.


Hello, Christina!

Thank you very much for interpreting this dream! In fact, I was amazed to read the interpretation: it is so very true!

Hi. I haven't talked to you in a couple of months. And I'm sorry. I should have listened to you. I went to...

I should have listened to you and not...

You given me good advice, and I failed to listen to it. I haven't had any dreams since any of this has happened. But I haven't really been sleeping much either. I feel so weak and broken. I will send new dreams and listen to you this time.


Hi Christina,

I will cherish this email for all your explanations of what I am going through. You don't know how much I needed this translation and insight. It's unbelievable that someone else understands what is going on in my mind. I agree with everything you said here.


Dear Christina,

Thank you for interpreting my dream. This is too much information for such a small fee. I am excited to send you my next dream because I feel it will be a better approach than the way I have been interpreting them which has been more literal.


Hi christina

I've read the translation and a lot of things come into place.

I must say that these translations really are the most useful advice of my life. I'm glad i know where i stand in life.


Christina, I do respect, to the utmost, what you do for the piddly amount of money you charge. To me, your translations are worth more than gold.



An Interview about The Scientific Method of Dream Interpretation

Christina Sponias Interview on Askimo TV

How To Be Mentally Healthy And Happy In A Dangerous Planet

Your dreams help you understand the instinctive animal behavior you have inherited. Then, you learn how to control various automatic reactions that are not controlled by your conscious mind. You understand how to control your behavior, without acting mechanically, only because a certain behavioral pattern starts automatically working in your cognitive mechanism when it finds a certain stimulus in your environment.

The food you eat in a dream feeds your psyche; not your body. Your attitude depends on what you eat. When you eat meat in a dream this means that you give to your psyche a violent attitude. Meat represents violence because you have to kill an animal to eat its meat (or eat the meat of an animal killed by someone else).

The dangerous animals that kill their prey give us examples of the level of violence existent into the wild side of our conscience, which I named anti-conscience because it is always trying to destroy our human conscience through craziness.

We can relate the dangerous animals found in forests with the dangerous fishes found in the ocean. Sharks represent schizophrenia in dreams. Many other dangerous species, like the stonefish, the most venomous fish of the bottom of the sea, reflect the danger existent in the bottom of the human brain.

Safe Guidance

I surely can help you solve your basic problems thanks to the translation of the wise unconscious messages contained in a dream.

The scientific method of dream interpretation is not based on opinions like all other types of dream interpretation.

You have very clear answers, and you really understand the unconscious messages in your dream.

All dreams contain special messages sent by the wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams. Dream interpretation is a very serious practice that saves your mental stability and happiness, giving you information that you can trust.

As a professional dream therapist with 19 years of experience, I will show you the secret to healthy living. I will heal your wounds through the scientific method of dream interpretation first discovered by Carl Jung. I continued his research and through research of my own I discovered the perfect dream therapy. I've cured many people from severe mental illnesses, depression, and even physical diseases through dream therapy, since 1990.

You will learn to live the wonderful life you were destined to have, without the costly therapies and numerous interventions on the market today, which cannot help you in any way. They are based on the theories of ignorant "human minds". Your own dreams will lead you to the superiority and the wisdom of the unconscious mind.

Due to the great demand and success of my practice, due to my responsibility, and due to the time I spend with each case, I am not able to provide free dream translations, as you'll certainly understand.

However, the psychotherapy you receive after my translations is unlimited and free.

You can ask me many questions; you'll always have my answers and my support.

This part of my work is free because I believe that I have the moral obligation to really help you solve your problems with the knowledge you'll acquire for learning the meaning of your dream. I'm not going to give you empty and vague interpretations that won't help you in any way.

I will really help you find solutions and feel better with the knowledge you'll have.

I provide a comprehensive service.

I begin by analyzing your life biography and the dream symbols that will appear in your dream,

I make the various correlations between the dream and what is going on in your life.

Then I will have to give you many explanations and provide sound advice. I will faithfully dedicate all my attention to your case.

I charge what a professional translator charges in order to translate simple languages made only by words, like translating a document from English to Spanish. My prices should be higher because I translate the symbolic dream language made by images into words.

However, I want to help the public. I'm not a marketer.

For a nominal fee of 0.12 Euros per word for a detailed dream translation or only 0.07 Euros per word for a fast dream interpretation, I will gladly take the time necessary to provide you with your dream interpretation, analyze, and professionally guide you so that you can live your live as it was meant to be; free of depression, neurosis and unwanted obstacles.

For example, a detailed 100-word-translation will cost E12 (approximately $16.34), while a fast interpretation will cost E7 (approximately $9.53) as explained at Scientific Dream

Just tell me if you prefer a detailed dream translation or a fast dream interpretation and I will give you a quote based on word count. If you agree to the price I will send you a Paypal invoice. Once I receive your payment I will prepare your dream analysis and get it out to you in a timely manner.

You pay me only for professionally translating the symbolic dream language. After my translations we exchange many email messages. I answer all your questions, giving you clear advice. Dream therapy is a very serious and important practice that saves your mental health, helping you in all fields of your life.

Please note: You will need to send me a few details about the issues you are facing or want answers to because your life biography is absolutely essential for a perfect dream analysis.

If you remember what had happened to you the day before you saw this dream, please tell me so, because many times the dreams we see give us answers for the problems that troubled us during the previous day.

In case you see other people in a dream, please, tell me how you characterize all the people who appear in your dream, according to your opinion, or according to what they remind you of. For example, if you saw a friend in your dream, tell me how you would define his or her personality, or what you remember when you think about him or her. If you don't know the people who appear in your dream, you must tell me so.

Dream therapy is far superior from any other kind of psychotherapy existent in our hypocritical world. You will immediately be able to evaluate it. You'll see that your dreams talk about you and your life, giving you solutions that you could not find by yourself. You will learn the truth about yourself, and about the world where you are.

The unconscious mind will correct your mistakes and transform your personality. You'll see that by interpreting a single dream you will already learn many important things about your psychological world, enabling you to solve at least one of your basic problems.

Professional Dream Translation


How to Be Extremely Successful in Life

I'm curing many people through dream therapy into practice since 1990, after continuing Carl Jung's research and discovering how to prevent or cure any mental illness by obeying the divine guidance in dreams. My work relates science to religion, giving you all the answers you need.

Nobody knows how to be successful in life before living. If everybody knew the basic aspects they must pay attention to, they would be able to avoid suffering.

I decided to write an ebook with basic life lessons to help everyone learn how to find happiness in life and achieve their goals based on the unconscious guidance to all dreamers.

My clear and simple lessons help you put the unconscious guidance into practice.

After reading this ebook you will know what to do in order to surely be successful in life, even if you are afraid that this is not possible for you.

This is a Kindle ebook, but you can read it on your computer by downloading the free Kindle reader for PC:

How to Be Extremely Successful in Life


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