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Organic Living: Health is Wealth

Updated on January 26, 2017

Living the Organic Life

Health is wealth. If you can eat and live healthily, then you may consider yourself wealthy. However, it does not necessarily follow that you must be already wealthy to become healthy. There are a lot of ways to become healthy without having to spend too much. Organic living is one of them. Watch what you eat, the clothing you wear and the environment where you live

Natural life is defined as being able to live without the use of products that are not organically grown. This includes eating produce that is devoid of chemical pesticides. This also includes eating protein from animals that are raised in a completely organic way. Another way to live organic is only to use products that are organically made.

Organic Produce

Organic foods are those grown by farmers using practices that are designed to conserve soil and water as well as lessen pollution. Examples of these organic practices are mulching or crop rotation to manage weeds and diseases. Although they were usually found only in health food stores, organic food are becoming more and more available in supermarkets in your areas. This is because people are also becoming more and more health-conscious as well as environmentally aware. The prices of organic food have also dropped considerably making them more affordable than before.

Organic Clothing

Because more and more people are clamoring for more environmentally-friendly products, a lot of companies have also joined in the organic bandwagon producing products that are free from chemical usage which includes herbicides, pesticides, and genetically modified seeds.

Most organic clothing is made up of fibers coming from organically grown plants such as cotton and jute. Their fibers may also come from silk, wool or ramies that have been harvested in compliance with organic standards. Although organic clothing may be more expensive than regular clothing, they offer the following benefits:

  • They are environmentally friendly since no chemicals were used in their production, harvesting, and post-harvesting. Since no chemicals were used, the chances of these chemicals seeping into the soil and affecting our water system are lessened. Also, the likelihood of these chemicals being ingested by other beneficial animals is also lessened.
  • Since organic farming does not use genetically modified seeds, there is no risk for humans and other animals that would eat the produce to have mutations in the future.
  • Cotton that has been organically grown emits lesser carbon dioxide emissions that could affect global warming. Organic farming also reduces the amount of water being used by up to 60%.
  • Humans who are working on an organic farm are not exposed to harmful chemicals.

What about your Health?

Do you choose organic product because they are good for your health?

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Go Organic for Health

Where to Find Organic Products

Although organic clothing does not necessarily mean a 100% organic fiber composition; purchasing organic clothing and products will make you feel better since you know that you are doing your part in ensuring that our world will stay healthy a little longer.

If you want to do your role, there are a lot of stores and online websites that offer certified organic products. Shopping online is an easy as doing a Google search. This way you will know that you can count on it for your biological needs.

Shopping Organically

Cook Organically-Choose Natural Cookware

In the not, so distance past people lived organically on a daily basis. Do you ever wonder why we see so many illnesses now? Well since we have so many choices as to how we cook our food many of us choose fancy cookware.

Natural cookware for example cast iron was a staple of the past. The pans were seasoned to perfection and cleaned carefully to prevent rusting. This meant hand washing pots and pans. Cast iron cookware is easy to clean and is non-stick when seasoned and cared for properly.

Cast iron cookware is relatively inexpensive and can be purchased preseasoned. Seasoning a piece of this cookware is as easy as rubbing oil onto it and heating it in a warm oven until the oil becomes part of the cookware. The cleaning of a seasoned pan is a simple wiping of the contents, rinsing and reheating it on the stove to sanitize it for the next meal.

Cast iron is good for health. The fact that it is made from cast iron means that a trace amount of the iron is added to every meal. The iron added is good for our health. Unlike Teflon where carcinogenic chemicals get leeched into our food causing illnesses and end up causing certain types of cancers.

Cast iron cookware is heavy and sits perfectly flat on the stove. It is easy to cook in and conducts heat evenly for perfect meals every time. There is no warping and clean-up is relatively easy.

Things to Do

Choose food grown organic

Choose clothing made from organic fibers.

Cook in natural cookware like cast iron

Drink filtered water

Bottle or Filtered Tap

Filtered Tap Water
Bottle Water
up to 1000 time more
1 cent per gallon
More stringent
Less stringent
Regulated By

Bottled water v.s. Home Filtered

Some of us depend on bottled water as a staple. Due to an environmental issue where we live bottled water is our only choice. However, if you happen to live in an area where the water is relatively safe a water filter system may be right for you. The initial investment is usually under $200 and will certainly save you the time and energy of recycling those bottles.

An Osmosis water filter is easy to install. If you are handy, you can tackle the job yourself. Most people choose to install the unit under the kitchen sink. It is easy to use and usually has gap offset from the main faucet. It is handy and makes cooking and drinking easy.

If you are used to carrying water bottles with you daily. Opt for a BPA free drinking bottle or glass and refill it from this tap. The cost of bottled water over a years time can be significant, and the filter system will save you money over time.


Overall the choice is yours. You must make a conscience decision whether to choose an Organic or non-Organic product. Think about the health implications and compare it to your budget. Organic may cost a bit more but isn't your heath and the health of your family worth it?


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