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Outdoor Stair Lift Provide More Accessibility For The Elderly and Disabled People

Updated on January 16, 2013

For people that have physically limitation or disabilities, having a home stair chair lift installed will definitely be a great help. It makes moving between floors in the house much more easier and without the assistance from some other. That's about the indoor type of stair lift but how about an outdoor stair lift? Has that come into your mind about this exterior stair lift?

Well, if it not, that doesn't mean that they are of any less important than the indoor type chair lift, and as a means of getting up and down the stairs that happen to be outside of the house. For example, on a patio or even just a few steps leading up to a front door that is elevated above the level of the sidewalk. Having an outdoor stair lift installed outside will definitely help them to regain their independence and not also to mention about the convenience of going up and down the stairs.

Outdoor Stair Lift
Outdoor Stair Lift

An outdoor stair lift is very similar to the one that used in the indoors on a residential flight of stair. The biggest difference between these two is that the outdoor stair lift is built to be weather proof and to endure a tougher working condition. It is designed to protect the chair and its drive assembly (the rails and other outdoor installation) from the worst weather condition.

Other than the different purpose of this lifts built for, they are just the same. Just like the residential stair lift, the outdoor stair lift has a padded seat, back and armrests. The working mechanism is also the same where the chair is mounted atop the motor and drive assembly which powered by an electric motor that moves the assembly along a fixed rail. The rail is constructed and anchored to one extreme side of the step risers and so modifications would have to be done to enable the rail installed correctly.

The chair is very easy to be operated. All the user needs to do is just push a button or the lever attached or mounted on one of the armrest with position for 'up', 'down' and 'stop'. The exterior stair lift will perform the action as according the input from the user.


The cost of installing an outdoor stair lift is not cheap. The cost of the chair itself might cost at least few thousands dollars and that might not include the cost of installation. The cost of the installation depends on the build up of your exterior stair and it definitely costs higher for longer stair and cheaper for the shorter one. So in order to reduce the price, you may want to consider getting a reconditioned unit but be warned that they might not work as well as a new unit. Make sure that the recon unit that you buy has some sort of guarantee as fixing them might not be cheap.

Whether you need the outdoor stair lift or an indoor stair chair lift because you are elderly or perhaps you have some sort of physical limitations, the result is the same. Trouble free ascent and descent of stair and the means whereby you can enjoy your home fully is what an outdoor stair lift will be able to do for you. Outdoor stair lift is just as necessary for a person to enjoy their home and garden to the full for many more years to come.


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