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Buy a Patella Knee Brace Online

Updated on June 9, 2011

How Does A Patella Knee Brace Work?

A Patella Knee Brace is used to correct the abnormal movement of the kneecap as it glides up and down as we bend and straighten our knee.

The patella has a tendency to drift towards the outside of the knee, leading to pain and inflammation. This condition, known as Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, is a common cause of knee pain and can occur without injury or be a secondary complication of another knee condition.

A Patella Knee Brace is designed to push the kneecap back into its desired position, relieving the symptoms while the underlying cause is address by physical therapy.

It is also commonly used by those who benefit from patella taping but are unable to use or continue this treatment due to skin irritation.

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Patella Knee Brace

Types of Patella Knee Brace

Patella Knee Braces can be divided into two main categories. Those that only resist the outward drift of the kneecap, and those that actively push back in the other direction.

The simple braces that only resist the outward movement are commonly called Patella Stabilizers. A brace that actively pushes the patella towards the inside of the knee are known as Patella Knee Braces.

As a general rule, only mild cases can be treated with a Patella Stabilizer. Anyone with moderate to severe pain is better off using a Patella Knee Brace.

A Typical Patella Knee Brace

The Donjoy Tru-Pull Lite
The Donjoy Tru-Pull Lite

Treating Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome is a very common condition but thankfully one that responds well to treatment. Physical Therapists can determine the underlying cause of the pain and develop an exercise program to restore balance to the quadriceps muscle that supports the knee.

Taping is often used to push the kneecap back towards its desired position but often causes skin irritation and can be expensive for medium to long term use. Patella knee braces do the same job as tape but are easier to apply and can quickly become an economical alternative.

Choosing a Patella Knee Brace

Before you select a patella knee brace you need to consider you requirements. How bad is the pain in your knee and what level of activity do you intend to do in the brace?

For mild or occasional pain and modest sporting requirements, a Patella Stabilizer such as the McDavid Patella Knee Support is a reasonable and economical choice.

Intermediate Patella Knee Brace

For moderate pain when the ability to run as part of sport is required, the Donjoy Lateral J is a good brace that combines a corrective force with a functional brace.

The "J" shaped buttress grips the kneecap and the strapping applies the force pushing back towards the inside of the knee.

Patella Knee Brace for Running

For those looking to run over medium to long distances, one of the most popular braces is the Tru-Pull Lite. It is smaller than most patella knee braces but applies a solid corrective force while still allowing a high level of functional mobility. It is also much cooler to wear than most other patella braces and so is good for use in hotter climates.

Patella Brace

Patella Knee Brace


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