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Pill Dispenser - A Medication Reminder To Make Life Easier

Updated on August 30, 2011

Using A Pill Dispenser

If you're someone who takes medication on a daily basis, a pill dispenser is a good investment. I take various vitamins everyday and up until I got a pill dispenser, there were always days when I never got around to taking all of them. For me, it just meant that I wasn't getting my vitamins, but if you're on medication for a serious health problem, forgetting pills is a dangerous thing.

Using a pill dispenser means that it takes the heat off of having to remember to take your pills. With me it was a case of too many bottles and keeping track of what I had taken, and what I hadn't. With a pill dispenser, so long as it's filled correctly, all your medication is in one place and you don't need to worry.

Talking Pill Dispenser

If you need to take medication more than once a day a pill dispenser with an alarm would probably be advisable.

The alarm is in the form of a voice that tells you when you need to take your pills. Once you have taken your pills you push an acknowledgement button that lets the pill dispenser know that you have taken your dose. The pill dispenser will then let you know when your next dose is due and will remind you accordingly when the time comes.

This kind of pill dispenser are especially good for elderly people who may find taking tablets throughout the day a problem.

Alarm Pill Dispenser

This portable pill dispenser will provide doses up to 28 times per day.

An alarm will sound and you simply turn the pill dispenser upside down to receive the dosage in your free hand. Once the pill dispenser is turned, the alarm will stop.

This pill dispenser is great for travelling as it's so portable. There's also no buttons or displays which may be better for someone with memory problems who might otherwise get confused. The dispenser is also locked with a key after it is filled, so there is no danger of overdose. Would also be good for children who need medication..

Vitamin Pill Dispenser

This dispenser has larger boxes to fit vitamins and has dates numbered on top of the individual boxes.

For someone who takes a lot of vitamins on a daily basis, this pill dispenser is great for being organised and aware of what you've taken. It's easy to lose track if you have lots of bottles, especially if they look the same.

Basic Pill Dispenser

The basic pill dispenser is what I'm currently using and for me it is working a treat. Though I only take 6 vitamins a day so basic is all I need, but I have noticed a real improvement in taking all my vitamins daily. It's so much easier to keep track due to the compartments being marked with days.

You probably want something a lot less basic for someone who is older and on medication, plus the snap close lids on the compartments would be hard for them to open and close without spilling pills. But if you're like me and just take a few vitamins a day, the basic pill dispenser works a treat!


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