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Let's Build Your PMS Survival Kit

Updated on September 11, 2015
Nightcat profile image

Nightcat is a Jane of all trades and likes to pass on tips she’s found useful around the home.

My daily shake, especially great for pms, includes whole milk, a banana, peanut butter, cocoa butter and spices.
My daily shake, especially great for pms, includes whole milk, a banana, peanut butter, cocoa butter and spices.

I Feel Your Pain

Ah, the monthly gift from Mother Nature. Sometimes we gals don't even notice it. Sometimes we are curled in the fetal position panting like a dog and praying for Death to come on swift wings. And the whys and wherefores of why it varies so much from female to female and month to month can be a bit of a mystery. Is it all just diet and activity level as some articles suggest? Or is it the raging storm of hormones hitting you hard when underlying conditions also jump up to join them?

I rarely get debilitated, but this month my fibro decided it did not like me getting a little more serious about my exercise and teamed up with my PMS to make me wish voluntary euthanasia existed. But with some recipes, a few videos and a whole lotta exercise I'm fighting back and putting together a kit for both myself and other women as well.

Please note that this article is friendly advice only. I can't diagnose PMS, only your doctor or health care professional can do that. And every body is different, what works great for me may not scratch the surface of your symptoms.

Ah, before I forget, male visitors are certainly welcome. You also cycle, believe it or not, and yours runs on a daily basis, so if you are feeling symptoms and thinking you have PMS, you do, the male syndrome. You are free to dig around in this bag of tips and tricks and see what works for you.

As this deals with the subject of a phase of human reproduction (that nesting material mama nature put in has to go somewhere) I'd advise mature readers only. I've kept the videos fairly clean and tasteful, but this is a Hub on PMS.

As always, all writing and photography are my original work as are all recipes. All videos are used for educational and informational purposes only. If you hold the copyright and want credit and a link or something removed, please contact me.

I eat this all month long, but with a whopping 17 grams of protein and 24 percent of my daily iron it has the tools to soothe my symptoms.
I eat this all month long, but with a whopping 17 grams of protein and 24 percent of my daily iron it has the tools to soothe my symptoms.

Ten Signs You Are PMSing

Ladies (and guys) this is meant to put a smile on your face. You can Bing PMS and Bing it hard.

1. You could sing lead in a death metal band without trying. Seriously, Ot3p has nothing on you.

2. You cry for no reason, like the touching ending of A Haunting in Connecticut 2. Or the moment when Hannibal Lecter touches Clarice's fingertip when handing the files back.

3. You cry watching NFL ads. Let's face it, there will be crying.

4. You just destroyed a treasured memento for no go reason. Well, there was a reason. It made you angry.

5. Rage building to thermonuclear in three, two....

6. You no longer have FB friends because you unfriended them all. (Been there, done that.)

7. You wouldn't just be Survivor Girl, the movie would be roughly five minutes long, or however long it took for you to put a beatdown on the monster.

8. There is so much water in your body right now that the ocean has self image issues.

9. You just ate a whole pizza. And a box of chocolate. Now you're watching the birds outside your window and wondering if they are really all that different from chickens. Meat is meat and a woman's gotta eat, right?

10. You're beloved is currently hiding. For good reason.

OK, obviously a teeny bit overstated, but right now your hormones are going crazy bonkers and so is your brain. You add in any other conditions you have, especially us fibro gals, and you have, as the popular happy period letter says "an inbred hillbilly with knife skills." Wrong Turn, anyone?

I am a coffee gal, so I put nutmeg on top of my tea.
I am a coffee gal, so I put nutmeg on top of my tea.

PMS Super Tea

Until they legalize ganja tea in the US we women will have to do what we can. The following tea combine herbs know to ease PMS symptoms, raspberry leaf (also fights PMS) and sugar which can help settle your tummy and makes this strong blend a soothing treat.

you will need:

Three Tea Bags of Women's Cycle Tea

Three Tea Bags Raspberry Green Tea

Ginger, about three shakes

OneTablespoon Cane Sugar

Large French Press

This is one strong tea but it get the experience over quicker, unless your a gal who loves her herbal tea. But to make, brew those teabags and ginger about six minutes in your French Press. Remove tea bags, add sugar. Stir, serve either piping hot or option two.

You really have to see this foam up in person. 'Tis awesome.
You really have to see this foam up in person. 'Tis awesome.

PMS Super Tea Lady Shake

You'll Need:

PMS Super Tea

Whole Milk


Large Blender Cup

Put Eight Ounces of moo juice in your blender cup (yes, you can sub in lactose free or nondairy) put on the lid and shake like a barista until nice and foamy. Remove lid, pour in tea, replace lid and shake gently. Enjoy! Not only do you have the PMS fighting properties of the tea, but calcium which can also ease your symptoms.

Super soul soothing
Super soul soothing

PMS Burgers

Not only does iron help soothe symptoms, but the addition of corn and hominy make for a soothing, soul-filling meal.

You'll need:


One Ear of Corn (Canned is fine)

One Cup Hominy

Prepare burger as desired. I used ground chuck as that is what I can afford with salt substitute and black pepper. Meanwhile add hominy to a bowl, and take the kernels off the corn cob with a knife, going slow and using a tea towel to catch them. Add to bowl, put on desired spices if any. Again, I used salt substitute and pepper.

For the dinner shown I'd made burgers earlier and had tossed the hominy in a little beef juice. But toss hominy and corn together. Top with finished burger. I have no idea why but meals with hominy seem to soothe my tummy and lessen my cramping.

It does contain iron and is a form of corn (a step before making masa) so you're getting a good source of animal and veg iron sources, plus protein and other goodies.


Bush's Best, White Hominy, 15.5oz Can (Pack of 6)
Bush's Best, White Hominy, 15.5oz Can (Pack of 6)

I love this versatile form of corn. The classical preparation involves lime water and yes, it is a step towards making masa, or corn dough, so it has that corn tortilla flavor I crave. This versatile beauty can make anything from soup, to side dishes, to gruel and even beverages and is used globally.


Do Periods Actually Make Women Moody? Ft. iiSuperwomanii

For women who have never experienced the symptoms or those of us who grew up being told even a tiny bit of nausea during PMS was unheard of, this is a great video. I know for me this month the nausea has been tremendous, especially in the mornings, but do most sites about PMS talk about it? Nope! And if either the words PMS, period or menstruation make you uncomfortable, you are likely too young to be here.

Mary J Blige - PMS

I love this song! Sometimes you feel like you are the only woman who has ever felt ugly. Or had her clothes not fit, or brain fog. I love the lyrics and the 'yeah, I'm PMSing, what are you gonna do about it?' attitude. And it is also rather soothing and can relax even the angriest female. Well, it works on me and I go thermonuclear some months over anything. If Mary J. Blige should ever see this? Thank you so much for writing this song! When I first put it in my stereo all those years ago I though: "She gets it, someone finally understands me!" Ladies, it is off a killer album.

(CD Album Mary J. Blige, 17 Tracks)
(CD Album Mary J. Blige, 17 Tracks)

Love this album! Shows a great artistic range and it's always wonderful to hear a woman sing about empowered women.


What if Men Knew the Feeling of period pains, very funny commercial by Libresse

No dialouge here, but none needed. We've all seen men get injections and go through labor pains, but what if men had PMS every month? I think they'd have the exact same symptoms as we do, which this poor fellah does in this funny ad. Sorry, guys, but the idea of you sharing our pain is funny.

Got Milk?

It not only does our lady bones good by providing calcium, but it also helps soothe PMS symptoms. I know I love it in my daily training shake, or just straight up. I loved this commercial when it came out, and as a practicing witch myself, no, I don't find it offensive. Blessed Be!

7 Ways To Stop Menstrual Cramps

Short but sweet and many of these methods can provide relief. But as she suggests if your cramping (or any other PMS symptoms are severe), and only you can make the judgment call on that, please see your doctor. There may be simple changes or medication you wish to discuss and please bring up other chronic conditions that PMS seems to be exacerbating.

Are you having an UGLY DAY?!

Oh, yes, I have my ugly days too, my sweet sisters! So I love her positive and upbeat message. And please remember ladies, PMS does not last forever, and this is not the time to judge ourselves or even look in the mirror if we feel bad about our appeaance. When I feel like a hideous shebeast I remind myself the feelings are only temporary and people who judge me only by my looks are not worth knowing anyways.

Super Vega

Why, yes, that is the original name of my favorite Street Fighter boss. Anyhoo, his American name would be really confusing on a vegan dish. And this stir fry old a lot of surprises for the lady who is PMSing so badly that she could take the general down herself. Celery which acts as a natural diuretic and soothes the nerves, peanuts to get you that all important iron, clementines and more. This sweet and sour dish also contains no added sugar and is made entirely from whole foods. Power up, my vegan readers!

You'll Need:

Three Celementines

One Small Red Onion

One Celery Stalk

One Green Bell Pepper

One Portabella

One Serving Peanuts

Sesame Seeds

Ginger to Taste

Liquid Woodsmoke (check the label for vegan status)


Prep your veg, dicing as desired, peel and separate clementines into sections. Add your prepped fruit and veg along with the peanuts, ginger and sesame seeds to a large nonstick skillet. Add enough water to cover the bottom of the pan, and cover with a lid, setting on to come to a simmer, stir occasionally, cook until the veggies reach the desired consistency, serve.

I love that this dish skips the oil (saving it for popcorn later) and doesn't rely on any heavy sauces. You will get a light broth at the bottom of the pan, make sure to pour on your dish before serving. And I have to say, as an omnivore, I was ready to cry happy tears. The tastes of the best Oriental and African dishes you've ever had, all rolled into one.

Ten Thing I Do That Work

I lie on my belly some nights. Yeah, it sounds silly, but the warmth radiating back up to my bely helps ease those tensing muscles.

I wear heat pads. Yeah, those heat pads you see targeted to women or anyone with belly or back pain? Open the package to activate and you've got a portable and discrete pad you can wear to work, the gym, etc.

Exercise! Even when it doesn't seem to help I do it, paying extra attention to tighten up that belly as applicable. It really does help!

OTC for my PMS. I take either a pain reliever or otc store brand for multi-symptom relief aimed at PMS.

I eat to ease symptoms. I'm not perfect, trust me, I seem to get salt and caffeine cravings right when experts say no. But I do the best I can to eat foods that help alleviate symptoms.

I distract myself. I suffer from chronic pain, so unless I want to be tanked up on meds like House, I distract myself. Writing, walking, lifting free weights, cooking, reading, movies, games. There are plenty of ways to help take our minds of our bodies.

Hot baths. They work. I will even flip over and lie on my belly, do light movement in the water, etc, to soothe my body all over.

Tea! Yup, herbal teasans work, so do chocolate based teas. I do use sugar to sweeten as it also soothes nausea and giner for the same reason. A little of both go a long way.

I withdraw for a bit. There is nothing wrong with spending time alone if your symptoms have you bouncing off the walls. People who truly care will understand it is as much to spare them your mega angry side as it is to soothe your frazzled nerves.

I pray. To my pagans gods obviously, but yeah, I pray. It doesn't hurt and it can only help. I find male deities are just as sympathetic as females, especially if you are acting like a lioness with 'roid rage. They know what it's like to be ready to fight the world, especially the warriors and war deities. And don't forget your ancestors, angels, etc.

The Remarkable Story of Ernestine Shepherd

I wanted to leave you with one woman's inspiring story. It doesn't matter where you are in life. There is always a way to make things better. And as I firmly believe good health plays a role in managing my PMS I wanted to share Ernestine Sheperd's amazing story. I hope you get inspired too, and remember ladies, PMS is only temporary. Don't let it stop you from living the life you want to live!

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