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Power Wheelchair Lifts Solve The Problem of Transporting Electric Wheelchair

Updated on December 7, 2012

A power wheelchair is a very convenient way for a mobility impaired person to move around. Compares to an ordinary wheelchair, a motor powered wheelchair provides more freedom and ease of use to the user. All he needs to do is just move the control device that attached on the hand rest area on the side of the chair.

Having a power wheelchair is great, I mean to the person that faces mobility challenge. However, unlike an ordinary wheelchair which can be folded and put into the compartment or boot area of a car, this one cannot be done such a way. It cannot be taken apart for transportation and if it does, it would have defeated the purpose of ease of use. So for transportation purpose, the user needs to install a power wheelchair lift onto the vehicle.

External Power Wheelchair Lift
External Power Wheelchair Lift
Internal Power Wheelchair Lift
Internal Power Wheelchair Lift

There are two types of power wheelchair lifts; external and internal. The external power wheelchair lifts are the ones that fixed to the outside of a vehicle. It looks like a special hanger that attached to the vehicle and it will hold the wheelchair all along the way. The frame is made of strong steel and the wheelchair is secured when locked into it. Besides, it is also rust free so that it won’t wear down easily and this makes it durable and worth of investing for the long term.

The internal power wheelchair lifts, on the other hand, are fixed inside the vehicle. It will lift up the wheelchair and pull it into the vehicle compartment. If you are getting one of this, you need to pay attention to the van opening so that the wheelchair can go in easily and with some spaces for the lift installation. If you are buying a wheelchair lift that is pre-installed in the van or separately, you need to know if your wheelchair fits to the size of the platform.

Power Wheelchair Lifts Usage

The power wheelchair lifts are made functional by electricity and hydraulics. So getting one of this does not come cheap but it surely will guarantee to give satisfaction and added independence to a disabled person for any travel by vehicle. A power wheelchair lift cost at least four to five hundred bucks and that’s the cheapest. Anyhow, you can do your own research over the internet for better deal and bargains.

Whatever type of power wheelchair lift that you choose, make sure that it is made from quality materials so that it last long and safe to be used. Besides, make sure that your wheelchair fits onto it; else (for external wheelchair lift) it might pose danger to other road users.


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