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Power Yoga: What It Is And How You Can Benefit From It

Updated on December 27, 2015

Power Yoga: What It Is And How You Can Benefit From It

Nowadays, people have grown more aware when it comes to staying fit and keeping in shape. Yoga is one of the breakthrough practices that many have adopted for its wonderful benefits. A branch of this practice, known as power yoga, is helpful in attaining a considerable level of physical and inner body well-being; and for this exact same reason, this particular branch of yoga practice is widely becoming popular.

What is Power Yoga?

Power yoga is among the fastest rising and most stimulating styles of yoga currently in practice. For its vigorous workout component, it is also widely known for the term Dynamic Yoga. The trend for this began way back during the mid-90's when it was introduced by two American yoga instructors.

As the name suggests, this type of yoga practice is not for the milder individuals since the exercise components can be quite intensive. One of the breakthrough aspects of the power yoga is that it has enabled yoga to be viewed as a fitness tool. This particular branch is a re-interpretation of the Indian practice of Ashtanga Yoga.

Therefore, power yoga creates its distinction from other yoga practices by stressing out on the fitness objectives. In fact, many fitness experts believe that it can fit in with your heavy workout routine, especially for those desiring to attain elasticity and strength in your body.

Power Yoga - Back Bending with Grace

Learning Power Yoga

As part of the power yoga objectives, one would be subjected to lots of stretching exercises and aerobic workout through this practice. If you are a beginner and would want to learn about the methods of power yoga, most experts would advise you to begin with the basic techniques first until you develop your skills for this advanced type of practice.

However, there are certain classes held for newcomers who are interested to learn about the core concepts of power yoga. There are several athletes who practice this method for the benefit of creating balance between different muscle groups. This helps prevent the possibility of acquiring any form of sports injuries or soreness. Hence, that clearly indicates the intensive nature of power yoga for more advanced workout schemes.

Power Yoga Class

What Happens During Power Yoga Classes

If you are interested to learn power yoga and have acquired and understood the basic levels of yoga practice, there power yoga classes available for you to enroll in. As compared to other types of yoga classes, they do not follow strict sequence. Most of the yoga poses taught in these classes are choreographed by the instructor himself. But the core components of the power yoga practice exhibits itself, such as lots of stretching and aerobic approach.

In comparison to Ashtanga Yoga (where Power Yoga is based on), classes are relatively shorter. In between power yoga classes, a few minutes are set aside for meditation. It usually begins with 3-6 minutes of sun salutations to prepare the body for the poses that are about to come. Most of the meditative process are done with seated pose. The warmup stage is one of the most essential parts of the practice as it conditions your body for the upcoming practices in your session.

Some other poses included in power yoga aside from sun salutations include warrior pose, balancing pose, and triangle pose. But unlike other yoga practices, it is not governed by strict sequence but allow practitioners to skip one aspect of the series for a different kind of focus. Hence, it really is more flexible as compared to other yoga practices.

Power Yoga Exercises

Some philosophies behind Power Yoga is closely associated with Bikram Yoga, wherein it entails brisk workout and vigorous fitness routines. It utilizes the basics of the asanas series but launches them towards new heights by polishing those practices for improved benefits.

Power Yoga typically includes a sequence of yoga poses. However, it is combined with breathing exercises that is paired with every specific move. Most movements therefore exemply grace and unity in them. If you were to examine them, it would appear to be a trancelike dance. It therefore contours and push each limb to its limit for a graceful movement. Power Yoga is also closely linked to the core practices of Sun Salutation. So, if you have knowledge of the latter, then it will greatly benefit your practices of Power Yoga.

Incorporating With Fitness Routine

People interested with attaining optimum level of fitness are gaining interest on the promising benefits of power yoga. One of the most appealing aspects of it that has gotten fitness enthusiasts interested is its combination of three different elements into one: the body, mind, and soul.

Its core performance rely on the asanas that incorporate exercises for increased physical strength and stamina, as well as improving one's flexibility. On top of the regular yoga asanas exercises, it incorporates cardio approach too. Hence, it can be easily incorporated into your existing fitness routine. If you were then to combine power yoga with your existing cardio workouts, then you will burn fat and calories at a faster rate.

How to do Power Yoga : The Downward Dog Pose in Power Yoga

Power Yoga Benefits

The health and mental benefits of yoga has been proven. But with power yoga, you are nurturing your practices for a more profound health benefit. The benefits here are suitable for individuals that are conscious about their health and fitness. Listed below are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy:

  • As you sweat while performing power yoga, you also eliminate body toxins.
  • It can help combat the effects of obesity and any weight-related problems.
  • When combined with your fitness routine, it can increase your body's metabolism and ability to burn calories.
  • It has shown significant capacity to fight diseases like bronchitis, certain types of cancer, asthma, insomnia, and sinusitis.
  • You can increase your level of stamina, muscle strength, and flexibility.
  • It caters to a healthier blood circulation and boosts your immune system.

10 Min Power Yoga by Wall Yoga

Practical Tips During Power Yoga Sessions

  • When choosing the venue where you'll perform power yoga, opt for those with ambience that encourage you to practice. Open areas are more preferable for power yoga.
  • For more effectiveness, it is important to wear comfortable clothes during your practice. Opt for sweat-absorbent ones too.
  • Always ask for professional assistance and never perform it on your own, especially if you are new to the practice and lack substantial knowledge. Doing so will put you at risk of acquiring injuries.
  • During performance of poses, concentrate on every single one before thinking about your next set of moves. This will enable you to retain the level of concentration and avoid complications.
  • For better results, practice power yoga at least 45 minutes a day, three times a week.
  • When performing certain moves, do not overextend yourself. Eventually, your body will adapt and you need to take things at a slow but gradual pace.


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