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The Power Slim Diet

Updated on March 2, 2016
The Power Slim Diet consists of proteins and vegetables!
The Power Slim Diet consists of proteins and vegetables!

How does the Power Slim Diet work

The Power Slim Diet is based on replacing meals with protein-rich foods.

This is not a crash diet of less than 1000 calories per day, you're not hungry and because you learn what foods are healthy, you don't have to deal with the yo-yo effect.

The diet is based on changing unhealthy eating diets consisting mainly of sugars and fats with a healthy diet consisting of mostly protein.

With the Power Slim Diet you could achieve a weight loss of 6 to 9 pounds within four weeks!

The Power Slim Diet knows six goals

1. Reducing intake of fats and carbohydrates

2. Extra intake of proteins for maintaining muscle

3. Increasing the metabolism of the body

4. Trimming of the stock of sugar in the body

5. Using fats as energy source

6. More muscle growth by exercising

The base of the Power Slim Diet

The Power Slim Diet was developed by the company Power Plate Netherlands and is based on protein-rich meal substitutes. By eating much proteins, the stomach will be full much longer. This makes you less hungry, which makes you automatically eat less, and sugar intake will decrease.

Your body has only a small supply of sugar stored in muscles and liver. When you do not eat extra sugars ​​for about three days, this stock of sugar will be gone. Your body is then forced to replace sugars with fat and will use fat as a fuel.

Because you are eating lots of proteins during the diet, you prevent muscle breakdown.

The Power Slim Diet consists of three phases

Phase 1, the strict phase

In this phase, you may only use Power Slim products, supplemented with vegetables and lean meats. This phase lasts 2 times 21 days and you must continue until you lost 80 percent of the weight you eventually want to lose.

Phase 2, the transition phase

During this phase, you may use vegetables, lean meats and eat some carbohydrates such as bread and fruit next to Power Slim products. This phase takes at least 52 days and must be continued until you have reached your target weight.

Phase 3, the stabilization phase

During this last phase, no more Power Slim products are used. You have developed a healthy lifestyle with a varied diet. This phase takes at least 10 days, during which your target weight stabilizes.

Which products may be used during the Power Slim Diet

During the Power Slim Diet for each time of the day, a wide choice of various products is available;

• The Power Slim Breakfast, where you can choose from toast, oatmeal, hot or cold beverages.

• The Power Slim Snacks, these are tasty snacks, from which you can choose between cakes or cocktail nuts in various flavours.

• The Power Slim Bars, these are for some extra energy. You can choose from coconut, chocolate, caramel, nougat and honey flavour.

• The Power Slim Soups, as starter or main course, where you can choose between vegetable soup, chicken soup, tomato soup or mushroom soup.

• The Power Slim Meal, consisting of for example an omelette, a pancake, spaghetti or mashed potatoes.

• The Power Slim Drinks, which you can drink all day, with the flavours orange, mango or grapefruit.

• The Slim Power Desserts, for after the main dish with a choice of vanilla, chocolate, pear or caramel.

The Power Slim Diet prevents the yo-yo effect from happening!
The Power Slim Diet prevents the yo-yo effect from happening!

Benefits of the Power Slim Diet

  • The diet is easy to maintain, because you’re not hungry.
  • Because you consume many proteins, you minimize the amount of muscle loss and your metabolism stays as high as before, which will make you burn more fat.
  • The diet is not tasteless, you have lots of meals and flavours to choose from.
  • Due to the long phases of the diet you learn to develop a healthy diet, by which your target weight is easier to maintain and you don’t have the yo-yo effect to deal with.


The Power Slim Diet is actually nothing new. There are many diets based on eating lots of proteins and decreasing the carbohydrate and fat intake.

I think protein diets could work, because your stomach will be filled longer (protein digestions start in the stomach), therefore you will eat less other things. If that is less sugar or less fat doesn't really matter, you will consume less calories. In the end this will make you lose weight.

Good Luck!


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    • lilalollie profile image

      lilalollie 5 years ago from The Netherlands

      Thanks thanks very much, loved your mail also!

    • Vin Chauhun profile image

      Vin Chauhun 5 years ago from Durban

      at risk of turning many of your followers green with envy....i can eat whatever i want and not put on challenge is to gain wait...serious.....don't laugh :)......i can muscle but...i don't want to look like a short neanderthal :) :).....great article !!!!voted up

    • lilalollie profile image

      lilalollie 5 years ago from The Netherlands

      Thanks for your nice comment!

      Indeed restricting carbs and lower your fat intake works best to lose weight!

      Thanks for following me! I love to read your Hubs!

    • profile image

      ExoticHippieQueen 5 years ago

      Interesting diet plan! Restricting carbs always works the best..........welcome to Hubpages!