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4 Simple Exercises You Can Do Everyday to Build Strength and Conditioning

Updated on September 3, 2008

Don't have a whole lot of time to exercise everyday? Want to build muscle and conditioning? Don't want to have to learn have to invest any money in equipment or clothing? Want to not have to put a lot of time into working out? Don't want to have to learn any new moves? Want to spend the least amount of time, the least amount of money, and the least amount of time to build strength of conditioning? Then you should do the following exercises everyday of the week: push-ups, crunches, walking, and climbing.

I do about a hundred half push-ups about every single day. Mind you, I'm 50 + years. What I do is very simple. I place my toes under my living room sofa and I start crunch. I pump out 100 crunches a day with my arms stretched across my body. Doing those 100 crunches takes me less than 2 minutes to perform. And what do I have to show for my effort? A flatter stomach.

Next, I get in position to do my half-push-ups. I push out 100 of them just about every single day. I get down on my living room floor and commence to count 1, 2, 3...until I have performed 100 half-push-ups. And how long did it take me to do the half push-ups. Again, less than 2 minutes. What benefits have I received from doing 100 half push-ups a day? A more muscular figure! Many of my friends thought that I had been lifting weights. "No", I would tell them, "I am just doing push-ups".

The third thing I do is I leave my house and go to work. I head towards the train station which is about a mile away from my house. I walk a mile a day. Sometimes I walk slowly. Other times I walk briskly. Still at other times I follow a more medium pace. What rate I walk at, I walk one mile each day on my way to work.What health benefit did I receive by performing this natural exercise just about everyday? I develop both strong lungs together with a strong heart. In addition, I improve both my fitness and conditioning somewhat.

Last, I climb just about every single day. That is to say that instead of taking the escalator, I almost always take the stairs. While most people are riding and not exerting any effort, I am doing the opposite: exerting myself by climbing the stairs. What a wonderful way to improve your heart, your lungs, and your level of fitness and conditioning.

To recap, I just discussed four simple, non-time consuming, and non-monetary ways to get build strength and fitness without having to expend a whole lot of effort. They are as follows: crunches, push-ups, walking, and climbing.



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    • profile image

      free 6 years ago

      suddenly im not as enthusiastic about gettng a membership@the local gym..thanx for sharing a very basic routine

    • jstelletello profile image

      jstelletello 6 years ago

      Great points to maintain a generally normal level of health. A bit of exercise a day goes a long way!

    • T_Augustus profile image

      T_Augustus 8 years ago from Detroit, MI

      Very inspirational hub my friend. I admire the 100 crunches a day...whew! I need to buckle down and do that myself.

    • T_Augustus profile image

      T_Augustus 8 years ago from Detroit, MI

      Very inspirational hub my friend. I admire the 100 crunches a day...whew! I need to buckle down and do that myself.

    • izettl profile image

      Lizett 9 years ago from The Great Northwest

      Good info for people who are misled and think they have to spend an excess of money and time to get good exercise- the basics are what get you the most fit. I've read a lot of books on the old school bodybuilders and they didn't have fancy routines just the basics and variations of them. It's most important to find what motivates you. I'm a mom and my whole gym routine is based on basic moves that I do with my kids.

    • Constant Walker profile image

      Constant Walker 9 years ago from Springfield, Oregon

      Good, common-sense advice, Hubby7- I'm already right there with you on everything except climbing. I have a problem with heights. But, I think I might like to try a climbing wall... with a line attached and an expert standing right there, just in case.

    • jim10 profile image

      jim10 9 years ago from ma

      These are all great suggestions. Do you do 100 of the same push-ups? I always vary it a little. At Karate I learned to do push-ups making a diamond shape by putting my hands together straight down touching my thumbs and pointer fingers together. Then I will spread my arms out wide for some and also do regular push-ups.

      Walking is a great exercise. I used to travel into Boston by bus and train to get to school. My classes would also be in different building all across the Boston Common area. So I would be lugging a heavy pack pack up numerous flights of stairs and all around the city. That was always a huge workout. Now I have to drive to work since it is far away and can only be reached by car. So I try to exercise whenever I can. But, I'm pretty busy with work and 3 young boys.