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pregnancy and chiropractic

Updated on May 8, 2011

 Chiropractic care is possible and safe throughout all stages of pregnancy.

As you can imagine pregnancy can put a lot of stress on the mother’s spine and body. Her centre of gravity shifts forward so that the low back can take a lot of strain. Not only is the weight increased for her body to carry but hormonal changes begin to relax the supporting tissues of the spine which may make the spine and nervous system vulnerable to injury.

Chiropractic can help to maintain the stability of your pelvis and balance of pelvic muscles, this in turn may help you to have an easier, less painful and less traumatic delivery for both mother and child.

Chiropractic adjusting techniques are adapted to suit the stage of pregnancy.  Some chiropractors have a special table which can fit a pregnant tummy in to minimize the strain on Mum

To learn about how chiropractic can help the different stages of pregnancy. Read more...

Pregnancy and Chiropractic


      Preconceptive Care: this is the time immediately before prenancy. This unique time offers the mother-to-be an opportunity to assess her current health status and optimise it for her pregnancy and future developmental status of her child.


      Preconceptive care is an individually customised strategy bases around the needs, choices and cultural issues affecting intending mothers to be.


      The Pregnancy Period: is the time from conception to delivery. As is the case for any patient attending our clinic, a detailed health history, physical examination and clinical investigations are undertaken. In the pregnant patient there are a number of special clinical considerations to also take into account; this may include separation of the pubic symphysis.


      The Perinatal Period: is the third trimester and is the time when a chiropractor may assist the expecant mother to prepare her body for the impending birth. Due to the change in posture and laxity of ligaments, the chiropractor’s role is to help the mother maintain a healthy structural balance. The will not only help her pelvis function better, but also allow her to be more mobile and more comfortable.


      In the birthing room:  the chiropractor may be able to assist you in your chosed birthing room if you request this, or the chiropractor can show your birth partner some simple techniques to help reduce your pain during labour.


      The postnatal period: is the perod immediately after the birth of the baby. The mother may need chiropractic care at this time to help address issues which may arise in her pelvis and surrounding structures.



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