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Prenatal Cradle - Review

Updated on November 8, 2011

A prenatal cradle is designed around an expectant mothers’ natural posture. As your pregnancy progresses, your overall weight will follow suit – due to the growing baby that you’re carrying in your womb.

As the weeks pass and your uterus begins to tilt forward and out, you may start to experience lower back-pain and - without realizing it – it's likely that you'll regularly link your hands underneath your pregnant belly. You are inadvertently supporting your baby, your pregnant belly and possibly easing your aching back. And that's where a prenatal cradle comes in.

There are several different designs currently on the market – all aimed at and designed for expectant moms. The five best prenatal cradles are featured below - each one is highly rated, popular and will give that much needed support. 

This is the best selling prenatal cradle that fully supports the back, upper and lower abdomen, and the pelvis. It's design will also reduce the pain that many pregnant women experience in the upper thighs.

It's extremely well padded, lots of extra cushioning and comfort for the wearer - which comes in during the later stages of a pregnancy. As many women that have already been through the experience will know - the later stages bring lots of little cramps, twinges and ligament pains. This cradle addresses those issues incredibly well - you will find if gives lots of relief when you need it the most. Available in a range of sizes, lots of support - and excellent value for money.

Soft Form Maternity Support Belt, Universal Medium

This is the best prenatal cradle that will fit across a wide range of sizes - from a size 6 up to a size 14. It's a latex free product and is designed to fit beneath the abdomen, with a smaller strap that's meant to be used as an additional means of support, as it has a lift feature the supports from above.

The rear and side part of the belt are extra wide - which helps take a lot of the pressure off the lower back and abdomen. Again, due to the design it's a good choice for those that are carrying more than one baby as it's a belt design rather than a full body cradle. If you buy this whilst in your second trimester it will adjust and grow with you as your pregnancy advances - which is why it's such a popular choice overall.  

This is the best selling prenatal cradle that has a simple yet supportive belt design - and it's also incredibly cheap. Many women have found it to be a wonderful source of relief, especially if pregnant with twins and triplets.

It's fits nice and snug beneath the lower abdomen, offering lots of support for the lower back, hips and uterus. The fastenings are hook and eye, which are secure and keep the cradle in place - without damaging clothing. It's a breeze to fit and you can position it as low or as high as is comfortable. An awesome product that does exactly what you need it to - om a budget. Recommended purchase.

Loving Comfort Maternity Support

This is another best selling prenatal cradle that offers support across the lower and upper lumbar region, as well as the hips, pelvis and abdomen. It's based - pretty much - on the Mother-To-Be design and to be honest it's almost identical.

If you want this type of design and you're looking to save a few dollars - this one's the most obvious choice. It does everything that the previous product does, for around 5 bucks less. As with any maternity support belt - there is never a 100% reduction regarding back pain but - what you do get is a far more comfortable pregnancy and a much better quality of life - especially in the 2nd and 3rd trimester. Definitely one to consider.

Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Belt, Strong Suppor

This is the best prenatal cradle if you're looking for some really strong support around the back and abdomen areas. Supporting your growing belly and helping to reduce stress upon your back is no different to the attention we, as women, pay towards maternity bras, which is why any of the featured products will help you during your pregnancy.

Most women find that during pregnancy, any help and support is always gratefully received - especially when it comes in the guise of a well designed maternity support belt. This one also comes with a pocket in the rear that will allow you to make use of heat as a means of further reducing/coping with pain and discomfort. An excellent product, well made and designed to offer all the support you will need.


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    • profile image

      lauren 5 years ago

      wow. thank you so much for this. i need a support belt for hip pain but was having trouble determining which would be best since the selling points mostly focus on back and abdominal pain. thank you thank you!