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preparing your lovely wife for her first pregnancy and childbirth

Updated on June 17, 2011



First pregnancy and childbirth can be challenging and tasking if not properly prepared for and managed. The thought of the pain that goes with childbirth/ child delivering alone can give one a lot of trauma and sleepless night.

First pregnancy and childbirth needs to be planned for just like every other facet of our life. Though, technology has virtually taken away the pains that comes with not only first pregnancy but subsequent pregnancies and childbirth as women now have the option of being operated from the word go and the foetus or embryo  placed in a life-machine for a certain number of months. As true as this may be, there are people who still believe in the advantages of natural process of childbirth and pregnancy.


The tips in this article are personal experiences of people that are close to me (spouse, sisters, in-laws, etc). They are simple things that can help reduce the pains, stress and fears associated with first pregnancy and childbirth.


Anticipating mothers should register with a good maternity home as soon signs of pregnancy are noticed. A lot of people make the mistake waiting till the sixth to seventh month before registering with maternity homes for quality attention.


This is one aspect of pregnancy facts that many couple always neglects and later pay heavily for it in the long run. Men are most guilty in this regard; they tend to avoid sex with their wives as soon as they become pregnant. Sex during pregnancy is good for this one reason; IT WILL HELP KEEP THE CERVICES (THE FLIP THAT COVERS THE VAGINA) OPEN. This is evidenced by the fact that cervices are elastic by nature and would contrast over a period of time if it didn’t get adequate penetration. One word to the men; if you are in the habit of avoiding sex during pregnancy with your wife, please do her a lot of good and quit that habit of yours today. All you need is to learn the art of doing it right (i.e. getting the position right to avoid causing miscarriage). And to the women, try seducing your husband to make love to you on a regular basis while you are pregnant.


Dieting simply means giving your body what it needs in the right proportion and at the right time. So, proper dieting in this context can mean eating good and nutritious foods during pregnancy. Fruits and vegetables are very good for pregnant women as they are sources of vitamins that will give the necessary energy and vitality to push in the labour room. Also, proper dieting during pregnancy can help mould the baby well while at the same time not letting the baby to get too big.  


Engaging in suitable exercise during pregnancy is one sure fire way of getting rid of all the unpleasant complications that comes with first pregnancy and childbirth. Strenuous exercises should be avoided. Stuffs like dancing, clapping, walking and gardening can do. I recommend that primers (first timers) go for regular massage in addition to suitable exercise. Note however that hand massaging is preferred in this case.


People get stressed up while trying to get all that they need for their baby at the eleventh hour. You don’t have to wait in your house for the light to go green before you set out for your journey. You have to get prepared before hand. Gone are the days when excuses are given that the gender of the unborn child is not yet known, now, gender scan centers are everywhere to help you find out the gender of the baby inside the womb.


This hub will not be complete without talking about the psychological, mental and spiritual aspect of first pregnancy and childbirth. The help of counselors and motivators have to be sought. Doctors, nurses and other health workers will be handy in this regard. Certain fears have to be removed from the mind of first time mothers. A lot of misconceptions about first pregnancy and childbirth abound that it will only take the advice of a medical personnel to clear from the mind of people.

One fact remains that the joy of being a mother cannot be compared to the sometimes perceived pains of pregnancy and childbirth. So, women should let the joy of being a mother act as a motivating factor that helps overcome the fears and pains of childbirth and first pregnancy.

Happy mothering!


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    • chinweike profile image

      Chinweike 7 years ago from Glasgow, UK

      Great Diadem, To answer your question; yes. In fact, she contributed in this hub.

      Yes, much activity can cause problems and complications. And that is why I emhpasised on the phrase 'learning the art'. maybe i will have to produce another hub that will elaborate on that.

      A big thanks for the almost simulteneous response to this hub.


    • Great Diadem profile image

      Great Diadem 7 years ago from Nigeria

      Chinweike you seem to be thinking of going forward for a "nwa ada" in your life. I am amazed you have this much healthy knowledge of pregnancy, I agree with is healthy in pregnancy but at the first trimester(first 3 months or so) care is advised. Much activity can trip off the foetus. It's refreshing to hear a man advise his fellow men on how to take care of their wives.