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Prognosis, Symptoms and Treatment of Stage four Brain Cancer

Updated on November 4, 2012

brain tumor

brain tumor at the early stages
brain tumor at the early stages | Source
the human brain. it is a mass of jelly like substance. when a tumor develops and continues growing, it puts pressure on the brain tissue. this affects normal bodyfunction.
the human brain. it is a mass of jelly like substance. when a tumor develops and continues growing, it puts pressure on the brain tissue. this affects normal bodyfunction. | Source

Prognosis, Symptoms and Treatment of Stage four Brain Cancer

Stage four brain cancer is the last stage of brain cancer. The symptoms, prognosis and treatment of it are a process that is both emotionally and physically disturbing to the patient.

Prognosis of Stage four Brain Cancer

The prognosis for stage four brain cancer is so grim that doctors offer little hope for surviving for more than year. This is despite the fact that the medical field has undergone major advancements over the years. This should not make stage 4 brain cancer patients sad as they can lead a quality life even with the diagnosis. At this stage 4 of brain cancer main organs of the body are affected. This is because the cancerous cells in the brain have spread so much that major functions of the brain are affected. These cells also spread to other parts of the body such as the spine and the liver.

Symptoms of Stage four Brain Cancer

The symptoms associated with stage 4 brain cancer are diverse and in fact they can be confusing as other ailments also share the same symptoms. With careful observation and testing then the diagnosis can be made early before the stage 4 brain cancer is reached. These symptoms include headaches, vomiting, fatigue, and other general symptoms. These symptoms usually develop over time and depend on the location of the malignant tumor in the brain. The tumor damages the neurological pathways and will often squeeze the brain tissue thus inhibiting functions. What makes the symptoms of most cancers unnoticeable is that only these symptoms will express themselves mildly. As the tumor grows then the pressure in the head increases as the space in the skull is limited. The symptoms will gradually express themselves as the disease spreads and by the time stage 4 brain cancer is reached then these symptoms will be clearly visible and noticeable medical professionals will be able to give a diagnosis.

Treatment of Stage four Brain Cancer

The treatment for stage 4 brain cancer includes sessions of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, biological therapy, surgery and other non-medical interventions. Hormone intervention might also be useful to keep the hormones balanced. There also diet and lifestyle interventions. These though they will not treat stage 4 brain cancer they will extend the life and increase the quality of life one leads. They will also reduce the pain that a stage 4 brain cancer patient goes through. In the treatment process for stage 4 brain cancer, doctors will first remove the tumor through surgery. As much of the tumor is removed though this is usually a challenge since the tumor will grow fast.

During stage 4 brain cancer most patients will suffer from high blood pressure thus adding to the already bad condition. At this stage the cancer will be aggressive and could cause memory impairment, paralysis and a patient might even go into a coma. This might even led to part of the brain being removed and even the skull. This treatment may at times cause serious side effects and some patients will often give in to the disease while receiving treatment for stage 4 cancer. It is important to keep a positive attitude in life even when suffering from stage 4 brain cancer and always try to keep faith.

Stage 4 brain cancer is the last stage of brain cancer and often many brain cancer patients will be treated before they get into this stage. For those not lucky enough, the medical interventions available


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    • bonface profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      Peter, Its true even with all the medical advancements we have that cancer has still been a pain to many families. however, with good palliative care, we are able to make sure cancer patients live a quality life.

    • Peter Geekie profile image

      Peter Geekie 

      8 years ago from Sittingbourne

      Thank you bonface,

      This is a very well written and researched article on such an important subject. Whilst great advances are being made in the treatment of cancers, some still remain untreatable except for palliative care.

      Kind regards Peter


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