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pumped arms and how to get ripped faster

Updated on December 30, 2010

How to get ripped fast? One thing is for a man to increase his testosterone. I'm not saying steroids but this process can be natural. Basically it will increase but not to the levels of extreme. Being angry/mad or doing physical activities will slightly increase ones testosterone whether male or female. The best way and first step is to eat foods that are testosterone based. Yes there is both testosterone and estrogen in foods we all eat. Flax seeds have both but many body builders consume this because it regulates the body. Most high testosterone foods are also rich in zinc. Here's a list, first meats/proteins: oysters, lean red meats, poultry, beans, eggs and fish especially salmon. Fruits and vegetables: banana, avocado, asparagus, celery, cabbage, broccoli, red potatoes, yams, various whole grains (like brown rice) and nuts (almonds seem to be the most popular & there are almond milk products to sub in for soy and regular milk (both estrogen based). The second step with that is of course are the various kinds weight lifting or strength training. Other exercises like running or any thing with cardio is not needed if one does not wish. The 2 basics, push ups and sit ups, i know it works because that's what many inmates in jail/prison do and they can get ripped even without power lifting. Well and again they also have more time on their hands too. Even if one has not that much time this 2 can be done easily because no equipment nor much room is needed. I would do this every day but don't over work oneself, do them until you are tired as much as you want be take breaks. The minimum in my opinion is to them until you ache but not too much from one set.

Now for pumped arms. This actually could depend on ones activities and work but I'll just be general. Push ups are also great to pump the arms but it will only do this the best for men who weigh more. Men who are lightweight or skinny they will just have toned arms. For all the key is lifting and to have it set to heavy, the heaviest one is comfort with. Bench presses are good for the arms but also core, chest, latissimus dorsi (or lats for short, to a degree) and deltoids. Military press builds arms and trapezius. Dumbbell curls or do same but with elastic bands. I would do at least 3 sets of these a day, since its on heavy you won't be lifting that many times then stop that set and rest when you had enough. You should not keep lifting because you'll strain yourself and/or get injured. If you are easily lifting too many times then the weights or resistance is not heavy enough. You'll just get toned arms from this. To pump up you'll need to put on heavy weights its the only natural way.


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