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Quick natural remedies for everyday problems

Updated on November 12, 2008

Quick, Natural remedies to help with everyday health issues.

You will be surprised at how easy it is for you to treat yourself for colds, trouble breathing, fatigue, weight loss and insomnia. Here are some natural alternatives to over the counter medications.

The Common Cold

In early spring, a particular strain of the cold virus called the coronavirus starts making its rounds. Researchers have discovered that when a womans immunity is lowered due to a winter spent fighting off other viruses, a spring cold can drag on for up to 2 weeks. It can also include some pretty vicious symptoms. So what is the natural way to fight off this common cold?


Blueberries potent antioxidants block the formations on inflammation triggering cytokines, helping to ease the symptoms is as little as 72 hours. Blueberries also increase the production of virus fighting antibodies, so eating one serving a day could boost your resistance to springtime colds by 33%. If your supermarket doesnt provide fresh blueberries, then frozen blueberries will provide the same benefits.

Difficulty Breathing

Chilly nights cool the ground and surrounding air quickly, while the air above stays warm. The warm air acts as a lid, trapping pollutants close to the earths surface. This atmospheric phenomenom is called temperature inversion. This can cause breathing difficulties for millions of people. So what is the natural way to help reverse this affect?


Snack on an apple several times a week, and you could slash your risk of developing respiratory problems by 32%. This is due to the fruits powerful flavonoids. Flavonoids are lung nourishing anti inflammatories concentrated in the fruits skin. You can substitute and apple with apple cider. 6oz of apple cider contains twice as many flavonoids as regular apple juice.

Waking Up Tired

Women can lose more than an hour of sleep when clocks are reset for daylight savings time. In fact, studies show that some people never adjust to this forced time change. This can result is irregular levels of the sleep regulating ceurtransmitter melatonin. Melatonin also causes disruptions in sleep - wake cycles, fatigue, brain fog, carb cravings and headaches. So what is the natural way to help.


A generous handful of cherries contain more melatonin than a persons entire blood supply. Research has proven that melatonin from dietary sources binds to sleep regulating sites in the brain, quickly normalizing the bodys circadian rhythm. Thus helping the body to get a better nights rest. If you cant find fresh cherries, than 20 dried cherries have the same results.

Losing the winter weight

Unfortunately, winters extra pounds dont just melt away like the snow. Thats because in cold weather, when body processes are slow, the liver accumulates environmental toxins like pesticides and preservatives. This results in a decline in the livers ability to burn fat for fuel, leading to stubborn weight loss issues in the spring. What the Natural way to cleanse the liver?


Dandelion tea is rich in phytomutrients, which increases the livers production of detoxifying enzymes by as much as 244%. For optimal results, sip one to two cups daily. This could spur a weight loss of one to two pounds a week without exercise or strict dieting.

Restless Nights

Women are twice as likely to suffer from restless nights when the temperatures are cooler. The reason is delayed sunsets and warmer weather can interfere with the bodys natural nighttime drop in core temperature, which is essential for a sound sleep. How can help your self sleep better?


Wearing socks to bed is a simple trick that quickly prompts small blood vessels in the lower extremities to widen, thus diverting body heat from the core. Plus, it keeps the feet from becoming chilly during the night, which can trigger a wake up signal to the brain. By slipping on a pair of socks you will drift off to sleep about 20 minutes sooner, plus you will be less prone to nighttime wakeups.

Heading Off a Cold

Everyone around you has a nasty cold and there is no way you can avoid being around them. Its the people at work, the kids and pretty much everyone else. You know that its inevitable the your going to catch it. What can you do?


To ensure that you dont catch the nasty cold, cut an unpeeled grapefruit into 4 sections and place it into a pot. Fill with enough water to cover and heat to a simmer. Let the mixture cool, then add 1 Tbls. of honey and drink like tea. The heat releases the fruits vitamin C and flavonoids, immmunity boosters that hide between the rind and the flesh. They honey not only sweetens the drink but its properties will help soothe a sore throat.

Bedtime Worry

When you just cant let go of your day, try this. Fill the bathtub with about 3 inches of cool water. Wrap the top half of your body ina warm towel and immerse your lower half into the cool water for about 30 seconds. Get out and dry off. This is called hydrotherapy, or water healing. This technique helps you release the days tension by drawing keyed up energy away from from your racing head.

Your Green Intellect

We have all been there. Your stuck in a rut at work and seem to tap into your creativity. To get your groove back, wear something green. It can be a green bracelet, skirt, blouse or other green attire. Practitioners of the ancient healing art ayaurveda attest that green is the ideal color for inspiration. Thats because the electromagnetic frequency of the hue perfectly balances your tejas, the mental fires that fuel your cognitive efforts.

A Sounder, Faster Sleep

I am sure you have heard that a glass of warm milk will help you fall asleep and sleep sounder. Despite its reputation for a natural sleep aid, milk can cause insomnia when consumed to closely to bed time. The reason is that the drinks protein stokes alertness, plus the fat in milk slows down digestion, making it harder to fall alseep. So what do I reccommend?


Instead, toss a bag of light popcorn into the microwave. The healthy carbs in popcorn optimize the brains uptake of tryptophan, a critical building block of critical sleep inducing serotonin. Snacking on 3 cups of unbuttered popcorn 30 minutes before bedtime can help you drift off to sleep 54% faster than usual.

Fighting Cavities

With everything on the market today, how do you choose the best cavity fighter? I am by no means, telling you to stop brushing and flossing. The information I have is an all natural way to prevent cavities between meals. You ask how?


Swishing with black tea for just 30 seconds between meals halts the proliferation of cavity causing S. mutans bacteria for two hours. The credit goes to the black teas polyphenols, plant compounds that disable or destroy S. mutans on contanct. And for even better results, sweeten your brew with a spoonful of unpasteurized honey. Studies show that the darker varieties like, tupelo, sage, buckwheat and wildflower blends, have an antibacterial action that can clear the mouth of decay causing microorganisms for up to 48 hours. As for alcoholic mouthwash, two recent studies suggest that it doesn't reduce cavity risk at all and can trigger annoyances like a dry mouth and morning breath.

I look forward to hearing from you. Stop in and say Hello.

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    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Hello, this is a nice lens you've put together. I just "liked" it. I am strong believer in natural cures for common health problems as they are much less expensive and can prove quite effective. I have recently joined Squidoo and published a few lenses on treating hemorrhoids naturally. You could pay me a visit if you like

    • A8ch profile image

      A8ch 8 years ago

      Five stars! Very useful tips for dealing with those health-related annoyances that we all experience at one time or another.

    • monarch13 profile image

      monarch13 8 years ago

      Congratulations, you were nominated for The Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Group Excellence Award!

      Good Luck and Good Health!

      Monarch 13 (Michelle)

      5 stars too...

    • monarch13 profile image

      monarch13 8 years ago

      Congratulations, you were nominated for The Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Group Excellence Award!

      Good Luck and Good Health!

      Monarch 13 (Michelle)

      5 stars too...

    • SandyMertens profile image

      Sandy Mertens 8 years ago from Frozen Tundra

      I really learned something. Great lens!

    • Wendy L Henderson profile image

      Wendy Henderson 9 years ago from PA

      Wow! I really enjoyed this lens. Lots of information. 5stars

    • profile image

      Big_Bubba 9 years ago

      hmmmm. Tea for fighting off cavities, I have never heard that one. 5*

    • profile image

      military_grandma 9 years ago

      You continuously add more remedies to the site. I will check back often for more updates. I love black tea with honey, I did not know that I could use something I love to fight cavities.

    • kathypi lm profile image

      kathypi lm 9 years ago

      great lens, i did a lens roll to my got a question? lens, thank you kathy

    • profile image

      RinchenChodron 9 years ago


      I love blueberries and am fighting a cold today - guess I try to pick up some frozen blueberries and see how that works. Thanks, great ideas in this lens *****

    • GiftsByDiana profile image

      Diana Burrell-Shipton 9 years ago from Hubbard, Ohio, USA

      Good ideas !

      Yes, that time change messes me up. Instead of waking a 6 - I now wake at 5am. I just love getting an hours less sleep - LOL

      Organically Yours,


    • BartonMurray profile image

      BartonMurray 9 years ago

      Excellent advice. Straight forward info for solving my health needs. Just the right amount of words. Great Lens!

    • profile image

      military_grandma 9 years ago

      A great array of ideas. 5 *

    • monarch13 profile image

      monarch13 9 years ago

      Great info! I used to be a pharma rep and natural is always better! 5 stars and thanks for joining The Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Group!

    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago