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The Quickest Way to Lose Weight This Season

Updated on August 5, 2011

Losing Weight Quickly

Even though your weight gain may have occurred over a span of years, it is most desirable to shed it quickly, to avoid frustration and dismay at a lack of results. Do not throw away your dollars and risk your health on dubious chemicals and unproven plans. There are methods to shed weight expeditiously and not gain it back. Herein is revealed the fastest way to loose weight and not have it return.

Quickest Way to Lose Weight

Ten Steps to Quick Weight Loss

1. Take in plenty of water. Ideally, you should imbibe half your body mass in H2O daily. Why is this? First of all, because the liver is the organ that regulates your metabolic activity. But, if you become dehydrated, which most Americans are most of the time, the liver must partially leave off this job to aid the kidneys. Take in plenty of water, and the liver can fully occupy itself with what it was designed to do. Water removes toxins from the system and gives the cells hydration. Many people are actually mistake their thirst for a sign of hunger. If you have a gnawing hunger and it's not meal time, try drinking eight ounces of H20.

2. Have vegetables and fruits close at hand in small portions, to snack on rather than sodium or sugar laden junk. Eating fruit or vegetables in in the afternoon low energy period can boost your mood and metabolism

3. Eat plenty of protein. Time is required for the body to break down protein, so that full feeling stays with you longer. Protein grants energy, so you will want to move more, accelerates the metabolism, all of which is beneficial to the burning of calories. Protein also aids in the regulation of blood sugars.

4. Do not miss meals. Your goal is to maintain your metabolism in high gear. When you miss eating, your metabolism winds down and your system begins to store fat instead of burning it. Once again, try to consume six or so small meals per day.

5. Be conscious of your salt intake. Removing the shaker from the table is a first step, but not sufficient alone. Read labels religiously. Many frozen meals for instance, can have one quarter to one third of your daily salt recommendation in them.

6. Select natural and/or organic foods. Fast foods and pre-packaged dinners often contain mono-sodium glutamate, which enhances the the appetite, "hidden" levels of sugar and salt, chemicals and preservatives.

7. Pass on the artificial sweetening agents. Studies indicate that these products sometimes increase your desire for sweet foods.

8. Shun soft drinks, even diet soft drinks. Studies indicate a link between carbonation and belly fat. Sodas of the caramelized variety are especially a no-no. In any case, you need to be imbibing water.

9. Make use of natural substances, to be sure of taking in all the nutrients required by your body. When the body's need for these things is satisfied, you will be more energetic and crave food less.

10. Last and most importantly, exercise! Moving around forces your body to burn energy. Your body will first burn the limited amount of energy it has stored in the blood, and then begin burning fat. Exert yourself for at least half an hour per day, taking the time to stretch well for injury avoidance. Try to exert differing muscle groups every day, such as switching between upper and lower body work. Begin with aerobic activity, working your way up to include resistance training.

ABC News Quick Weight Loss

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