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I Quit Smoking Journal

Updated on April 28, 2011

Today I don’t smoke. Two days ago I did. I can’t quite make my mind up whether I’ve quit for financial reasons, health reasons, a combination of both or simply because I wanted to.

I’ve decided that to analyse what underpins my decision will probably cause me to furrow my brow. When my brow furrows, I like to smoke. Therefore analysis will be done at a later date.

I decided not to make a big deal out of it. I’m not the kind of woman that’s easily swayed by others, least of all myself, therefore sneakery was called for. I slowly reduced how many I smoked, quietly, cautiously, so as not to alarm the diaphanous fronds of addictive intangibles that rampaged around my circulatory system.

I think my plan worked. So far I haven’t wanted to kick the cat, abuse a random passer by or – smoke something. Anything. So long as it constitutes a lungful of something noxious.

I can’t promise my self-ambush will be successful but I’ll sure give it a shot. It’s called quitting cold turkey. Let’s talk about that.

Quit Smoking Journal

My quit smoking journal is supposed to help me, not you. Not that I'm selfish. If anything I write strikes a cord and you go on to quit, woot woot for us.

I just figured I'd journal my way from A to cleanlungsfatterass for two reasons:

  • I love to write for the sake of writing
  • Whinging my way through the process publicly seems way better than whinging through it privately

So let's talk cold turkey. Wassup with that? It's not clever, cool or even slightly halfway towards having a good time. So why am I doing it this way?

Simple: I really can't be bothered attending the quit smoking clinic. I can't abide platitudes and words from another that sound right - but aren't meant. Of course they'll want me to quit, that's the point of the clinic, the objection on which these damn places are built.

But there's marked difference between say my sister saying 'please please quit, it's killing you, you'll be so much healthier and happier!' and a faceless quit smoking nurse. Besides - my sister doesn't say none of that crap to me.

How vile does this look? Help put you off?
How vile does this look? Help put you off?

How To Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

Want to know how to quit smoking cold turkey? Ya just don't smoke another cigarette!

No secret, no inside info, nothing hidden. You smoke one - you don't smoke another. You quit. Unfortunately the crux of the quitting cold turkey is the really tough part.

Because you want to have another. And another. And another. That's the addiction part. Your job is to fight the urge - regain control. Not easy I know but then - good things in life never are.

Plus like many folks, most of us quitters worry about other consequences:

  • becoming more ill temporarily
  • weight ... ohhhhhh the weight gain
  • failing to quit

The last one tickles me. No one loves a quitter. Except when it's a reformed smoker. Generally, quitters suck, they're unrealible, never finish what they start. Yet becoming an ex-smoker is something to be proud of.

An achievement. Ohhhh the irony.

To quit ... to quit

is terribly shit but

for an ex-smoker

no longer a croaker

To quit ... to quit

Makes you a big hit!

Frog Log Weight Chart

Current Weight : 62 kg
One Month
Two Month 


This is me now. Actually a photo CrisA used for a hub he did. But that's me, the size I am, and want to stay. I wasn't posing by the way. I'm scratching my head.
This is me now. Actually a photo CrisA used for a hub he did. But that's me, the size I am, and want to stay. I wasn't posing by the way. I'm scratching my head.

The above is my current weight. It's somewhere just beyond nine and a half stone. Mark Knowles tells me not to worry about the weight gain. I decided I would. Being Hypothyroid is difficult enough, without gaining weight, accidentally or otherwise.

Not that I disagree with Mark. I don't. And his endeavour to regain his former svelte self is certainly upping the anti re his personal fitness level. More than anything, I admire his tenacity. I know just how much crap life threw at him, right when he needed it the least.

But he stuck it out. Mark's a quitter and proud of it! In fact - there's a few quitters among the site, all that are recent. I'd love to gather a Quitters Hall Of Fame!

  • Mark Knowles - confirmed quitter
  • Sandra Rinck - confirmed quitter
  • Dale Mazurek - wannabe quitter
  • Me! - great quitter potential

Anyway - I ain't adding to my waistline. I have had a few moments today when I coulda ... so I drank water instead. As a bonus, this gives me a certain amount of unlooked for exercise, due to the amount of time I spend dashing to the loo/john/dunny.

I will keep an eye on it and add it to the chart, whether it goes up or down. I am aiming for the same. I'm not greedy - even stevens will make me happy.

Quitting Smoking - Frog Log

Here, some random rubbish I have discovered or felt since my last cigarette.

  1. drank several litres of water. Discovered my bladder can only be stretched so far
  2. I possess a natural abilty to drive like an old woman or alternatively, a demon that owns the road. Smoking is irrelevant. I always thought my driving mood swings were related to having cigarettes to hand - or not. Not sure whether I'm happy about this one. I don't like the thought that I actually drive at 20mph because I can and not because I've had a cigarette and chilled out
  3. telling random strangers you're a quitter and proud of it only makes them move away from you
  4. my sense of taste/smell is the same. My hearing doesn't appear to have improved this last 24 hours either
  5. it's harder driving/walking past shops and not buying cigarettes - than it is not to smoke them. That revelation freaks me out
  6. I found the definition on quitting smoking. It made me laugh. So damn pompous: process of discontinuing the practice of inhaling a smoked substance - and not quite so simple as that statement would suggest.

Marlboro Red

The best. Poison :(
The best. Poison :(

Quit Smoking Tips

I guess some quit smoking tips are called for. Not sure I'll be using them - I just tend to ignore smoking urges because I'm stubborn, than because it's greatly beneficial.

Still, most folks don't think like I do and for their benefit, a few handy hints may well make all the difference:

  • invest in playdoh - or nab some from your kids. Great for when you just have to have something in your hand. Tastes vile too and absolutley can not be smoked - no matter what shape you roll it into
  • avoid trigger beverages ... you know, coffee, tea, alcohol. Drink lots of water instead. It's really very boring taste wise, more so if you don't normally drink it. And the taste will piss you off. You'll sit musing on why anyone ever bothers drinking it and forget about smoking. If you're lucky, you could start an interesting debate about why water is shit - further diverting your attention away from your cravings
  • top tip - you will want to eat stuff. It's the natural alternative to smoking. Throw out anything that tastes great. Honest - if it tastes good then it's bad for you. Think of it like this: great = weight. Simple. And you will eat crap. You'll chew your fingers if there's nothing else you can get your hands on. That said - if eating takes your mind away from sucking on a cigarette like a hoover sucks carpet - knock yourself out.
  • the craving for a cigarette lasts ... three to five minutes. Lock yourself in the bathroom. Count to 100 slowly. Occupy yourself - the urge to smoke will pass. If you can't occupy yourself, perhaps you have deeper issues, going back to your childhood, none of which are helpful to discover right around the time you decide to quit smoking. Think about that one ;)
  • don't hang around with your smoky-joe mates. Right now, they're gonna smell so damn good. Two or three days in you're likely end up hanging round them ... breathing them in.
  • As and when I think of any further, practical and altogether useful quit smoking tips, I'll come back and add them. I suppose I'll have a little spare time on my hands now. No trips to the shop for a packet of Malboro' ... yep, I'm a fan of cowboys and dirty tobacco ;)

I'm going to go have dinner now. I am genuinely hungry. So is my daughter. I will let you know if anything strange comes over me or if I end up buying a tub of playdoh whilst out.

I will also be adding to it as the days pass. How I am or aren't doing, that kind of thing :)

The Quitting Smoking Journal

27th May - No more smoking. That's it. My relationship with cigarettes is done. All that's left is the grieving. I suppose I could go outside and have a burial or some such, to give it some closure.

I won't bother. A) I'm not a shrink, interested in closing doors behind me, bringing closure, drawing a line etc etc and B) I don't think my friends want me burying packets of Marlboro under their lawn.

I also suspect my good friend Kieron will dig them up again - and cremate them properly by smoking them.

28th May - Day two. This is the day that I wrote this no fog frog log. I've discovered at least one thing ... I'm managing to write without filling an eashtray full of ash and tab ends. Oh and I'm ever so slightly contributing to a greener lifestyle. Cool. I'm fairly sure I've contributed a fair amount of non bio-degradable trash to the dump for the last few years.

Now I'm paying back :) Does it feel good? No, not really. I quite liked smoking.

29th May - Day three. I doubt I'll do this day after day. Partly because writing about not smoking kinda makes me want to smoke. Other than that, I've had an ok non-smoking day. No bruised cats and my daughter is still happy in my company. She's yet to notice though ;)

30th May - Day four. Uneventful I did have a moment where I wanted one but I started wondering what the trigger was. I hadn't had a coffee (something else I've weaned myself off), I hadn't eaten. No one had annoyed me, I wasn't on the phone or socializing. In the end I was a little pissed at the urge for taking me by surprise when there was no real need. I thought it sneaky so was evem less inlcined to gibe in than I may have usually been.

31st May - Day five. Spent a few hours with my friend Carol. She was smoking. We were indoors. She smelt soooooo good. I had a half litre bottle of water with me so I steadfastly kept drinking from it. After two hours I'd filled it three more times and emptied it. Consequently I semi-distracted myself by having to dash off to her bathroom every 15 minutes. Anyway, I survuved, unscathed. As did Carol. I don't think I'm above a snatch, light and run. An urge is an urge, after all :)


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    • profile image

      stop smoking 7 years ago

      My guess the easiest way to quit smoking is to use NRT or other natural products, most people will fail going cold turkey.

      NRT is however no magic cure to stop smoking and although the patch, gum, inhaler and spray may work for one smoker they will not work for every smoker. For some people finding additional support in the form of group counseling or one-on-one counseling can make a big difference between giving up smoking temporarily or permanently.

      For more advice, one should talk to their doctor and he or she should be able to direct you to a group in your local area.

    • profile image

      SB 7 years ago

      Thanks for posting your thoughts folks. Its been 17 days since I quit smoking. I am on Nicotine gums now, 2 a day, and they have made life easier. Looking to stop the gums too, but I am giving myself another two weeks before doing that.

      Have had some crazy urges and wild mood swings, from happiness to sorrow. But I do read all these blogs everyday to keep me going. My biggest trigger is alcohol, which I have not been drinking. But I am going to start drinking soon, though a little amount at first. I guess I am taking it on a day to day basis.

    • sheenarobins profile image

      sheenarobins 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Seriously, I'm thinking of quiting now. lol. I think the journal helped a lot. I cannot smoke without coffee so I guess I have to give up the coffee too. Quiting smoke is a bummer because I like smoking but I really, really, really have to quit. this is interestingly funny and useful. Not like the other how to quit smoking articles. I like you, frogdropping!

    • BigSerious profile image

      Christen Roberts Comer 7 years ago from Harrisburg, PA

      This is really great. I found it by searching under "journal" to link back to other hubs in my journaling post.

      You're doing really great and it's admirable! I hope others can follow along. How are you doing these days? I smoked for about 2 years and quit just before finding out I was pregnant. I didn't quit on purpose, I just didn't have cigarettes before a long trip to see family who didn't smoke, so didn't buy any, and then being pregnant really helped. Of course, after he was born I wished for some, but did not (by then, nursing helped since baby can get the nicotine)...

      Great hub! Linked it.

    • gmann46 profile image

      gmann46 7 years ago from Phx., Az.

      Well written hub. Nice job. It was a struggle @ first but after a while it becomes so much better. You no longer smell like an ash tray, you no longer have to go outside in the middle of winter to have a smoke, and yes you no longer are contoled by cigarettes.

      My quit smoking date is 12/30.2008.

    • tiffany delite profile image

      tiffany delite 7 years ago from united states

      hey frog...i really liked this hub, and i enjoyed reading all the comments from the others who have quit as well. congrats. i'm joining the world of quitters next week during the great american smokeout. it's time and i'm ready. blessings!

    • profile image

      jodi 7 years ago

      tomorrow makes 1 month i have been smoke free. I am very proud of myself to make it that long usualy i cant make it over a week without smoking. I have been offered a cigg from family i think they were testing me but i turned them down i dont wanna start back kids are even proud of my cause im not outside smoking im in the house playin alot more with them. an it didnt get replaced with eatin like most people either cause where im still sick i can hardly eat. so losing weight also.. if i can stop smoking anyone can.

    • frogdropping profile image

      Andria 7 years ago

      Hey eve - good luck, you will get there. I miss them a little here and there but mostly I'm fine. It hasn't been a major struggle, I had a very good reason for given them up for one thing! And yeah, the cravings sure do suck but keep at it and you'll manage to quit smoking successfully, honest!

    • profile image

      Eve8 7 years ago

      i am currently on my third day of not smoking. my reward is my favorite perfume. however, as i am typing, my mind has only one thing in mind : ciggarettes. i have stopped, and can already feel my lungs clear themselves out. good feeling. cravings really really suck!!!

    • frogdropping profile image

      Andria 7 years ago

      Hey there gc :) I don't really need the help though, I'm a full blown quitter lol!

    • gckaz profile image

      gckaz 7 years ago

      Cold Turkey is doing it the hard way, but could work the fastest for you. I found this new product that reduces the stress of your quit smoking withdrawal symptoms, its a natural supplement

    • frogdropping profile image

      Andria 7 years ago

      Well thankyou both - I'm still a non-smoker as of today. I have the odd moment when I do want a cigarette but generally I have officially quit smoking :)

    • profile image

      jodi 7 years ago

      just tuesday morning u was a smoker when i went into the hospitial. While i was in there i was diagonsted with bilateral pneumonia at age 25 on both lungs. It scared me cause i have 3 kids a 5 yr old a 4 yr old an a 9 month old I want to see grow up. Dont get me wrong I have had an urge to smoke since I have been back home but i go to think about bein in the hospitial again away from my babies. it has been 3 days. an 3 hard days. since i have quit.

    • frogdropping profile image

      Andria 7 years ago

      Hey ladyjane - thankyou very much for your encouragement, it is appreciated. I have had a few moments where I could have eaten a cigarette, never mind smoked one but I have not succumbed, not once. I'm fairly proud of myself and it's been a week now, I'm doing fine.

      Congratulations on becoming a Quitter - you've a lot to be proud of! And ... thankyou :):)

    • ladyjane1 profile image

      ladyjane1 7 years ago from Texas

      Quitting smoking was the hardest thing that I ever did and boy was it hard. I wrote a hub about how I quit. I did try to do it cold turkey but my addiction was that of a drug addict and I couldn't handle it so I had to ween myself off 0f cigarettes and it did work for me. I haven't smoked a cigarette for 5 years now and I never felt better. My father died because of his cigarette adiction and I didn't want to go down that road. I applaud you for wanting to quit it will be the best thing that you can do for yourself. Cheers.

    • frogdropping profile image

      Andria 7 years ago

      suny thankyou for your encouragement, it is gratefully received. It isn't the easiest of tasks but I am getting along fine. Good to hear you've quit for life, well done!

    • suny51 profile image

      suny51 7 years ago

      hello-I quit on 23rd May-04 and never even touched one since,have courage,just quit it and stay quit,in one go thats the catch,if you smoke even one after quiting,no way. I suggest attach it with some one you love.

    • frogdropping profile image

      Andria 7 years ago

      Hey Wesley :) I will definitely add you to the Quitters Hall Of Fame! I'm fine so far. It's not the easiest thing to do but it isn't impossible either. And love the quote - so true huh?!

    • wesleycox profile image

      wesleycox 7 years ago from Back in Texas, at least until August 2012

      I guess you can add me to your confirmed quitter list. A few more days and you'll be in the land of butterflies and buttercups. One day at a time and you'll be fine.

      One more stupid quote to finish this off with:

      Nothing worth doing is easy.

    • frogdropping profile image

      Andria 7 years ago

      Moonvine lol I only have one approach in life ... I err on the side of reality. After that, everything's easy! I wish you the very best of luck when you decide to stop smoking, it is tough but I'm positive you'll also be joining the Quitters!!

      Jai I thankyou. I just enjoy writing (mindlessly!) and this was a way of releasing my inner idiot - always helpful at such times! Thanks for the good vibes ;)

    • frogdropping profile image

      Andria 7 years ago

      lol Sandra you reckon I'll get some? Be good to see those with a mean spirit. Maybe they'll have something valid to say, who knows. Quitters Rock!!!

      Pollyanna - I'm good. I know it's not easy. I'm simply ignoring myself everytime my mind wanders the wrong way. I'll be fine. I've got taps full of water and am pretty certain I can start a heated debate about water and it's (boring) properties ;)

      Thanks for the encouragement, it is helpful and motivating and that is (of course!) half the battle!

    • Jai Warren profile image

      Jai Warren 7 years ago from Dallas, Deep Ellum, Texas

      I think the public journal is helpful, it shows your commitment to quit. Good luck Froggy! Ciao!

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 7 years ago from US

      I did quit after many years and I won't lie it is not easy but the secret is a get some new ones! Habits that don't kill. Something for that right hand to hold, roll, chew, whatever. Second get no fat ice cream or no fat anything to replace the cigarettes. I didn't know no fat was good, so I gained weight but when I found out I could have brownie fudge or all flavors sherbet fat free I lost.(I got the little cones too so I could eat four and still not get much and all that crunch..just helps. You don't wanna break your teeth so maybe a straw cut to cig size, to replace cig in mouth or candy cigs if you can find them, they call them something else now but still around.. The first two weeks is hardest get past that and you will only crave them two more years..really but it doesn't mean you have to start back.I quit in 2002, 4th of July. Right now you could not pay me to go back on them, for about a yr I loved walking by the smokers, but it is all worth it in the end. My husband didn't quit so you know how hard that was, but he is not allowed to smoke anywhere but at a window with a small fan pulling smoke outside. My clothes all smell so nice and my hair and my breath and I don't wheeze! I don't base my whole life on the next cigarette, they are just like drugs! You can do it! I am so happy now!

    • profile image

      sandra rinck 7 years ago

      Wont say much... loved #5, made me laugh out loud! Just wait till you get your first hater. You will really get a kick out of that!

      Congrats, you look fabulous. I don't think a couple pounds could spoil your figure. Loved the weight chart too! I am proud of you... that or I am just happy that there is another quitter out there to relate to. :D

    • frogdropping profile image

      Andria 7 years ago

      Well earlier I was reading the stats. I may survive a bit longer by not smoking than if I continued to smoke. Reading that kinda thing is fairly off-putting. I'm going to avoid reading the opinions of folks that have never met me ;)

    • suziecat7 profile image

      suziecat7 7 years ago from Asheville, NC

      Good for you - I keep quitting than starting again when I gain weight. It's a tough battle. Hang in there - you seem determined enough to succeed.

    • frogdropping profile image

      Andria 7 years ago

      Hello hello - ahhhh it's not that clever. What IS ... is not starting in the first damn place ;)!!!

      drbj - love the ditty, aboslutley fabulous. Abbie hasn't noticed yet. I haven't said anything. Funny how folks

      notice when you've a cigarette in hand, but when you don't ... Anyway, thankyou. I will quit 'em. I have already ;)

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 7 years ago from south Florida

      Froggie - you are strong, you are powerful, you are the mistress of your future, you CAN DO IT!

      Post this on your bathroom mirror so you see it first thing in the morning, and any other time you "do the loo."

      Cigarettes will kill me. If not sooner then definitely later.

      I have stopped because I oughter. For me and for my daughter!

      I know you will succeed. Trust me.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      Anyone who can manage to quit smoking deserve the full respect. It really must be a struggle and if you can manage to do so, you can be proud of your self.